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Pre visit card pp - vmh

  1. 1. Virginia Mae Hope lived 60 years How do you think the world ago. The different 60 years in will be world has changedways she could no have imagined. from now?
  2. 2. Virginia do you think the world will ago. How Mae Hope lived 60 yearsstay the same 60 years the same in The world has stayed from now? many ways since she lived.
  3. 3. Virginia Mae you like to do to What would Hope joined the seek adventure? Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASPs) to seek challenge andadventure, among othergo? Where would you reasons.
  4. 4. Are women paid less than menBecause she wassame jobs in for doing the a woman, Virginia Mae Hope was paid less than your time? male pilots. Why or Why not?
  5. 5. Childrenyou play these games? time Do in Virginia Mae Hope’s played kinds of games marbles, jacks, What games such as do you play?Have you ever made up your own game? checkers, and hopscotch. If so, what was it?
  6. 6. The Women Airforce Service Pilots What is your favorite song? (WASP) made up songs to sing as they marched. Some of the If you changed the words in yoursongs were based on their daily lives, favorite song to make it be about like Zoot Suits and Parachutes,your life, what would Song, and be? The Mess Hall its new title Yankee Doodle Pilots.
  7. 7. Do you know what you wantVirginia Mae Hope knew she wanted to do when you are older? to be a pilot. To become one, she studied mathematics, physics, Are you studying any subjects navigation, meteorology, in school that will help you prepare and even Morse Code. for what you want to do when you are older?
  8. 8. What kinds of Hope had you like Virginia Mae things do to work verydo in your spare time? to hard during flight school,but she are your favorite to have fun. What also made time activities to do when you are not pilots liked Virginia and her fellow in school? to sunbath on the lawn, listen to music and go to dances.
  9. 9. Have you ever kept a scrap of paper or photo from a trip or vacation? Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) kept scrapbooks to If so, what was it?remember their time at Avenger Field. Why did you decide to keep it? Where is it stored?
  10. 10. While Virginia Mae Hope was aDo you ever write letters orPilot Women Airforce Service emails to your friends or family?(WASP) she was away from her friends and family who lived Who do you write to? in Winnebago, MN. She wrote many letters home to updateyou tell them about? What do them on her many adventures during the war.
  11. 11. Do you belong to a team,organization, or group of people?Fifinella, or Fifi, was the WomenAirforce Service Pilots’ (WASP) What group do you belong to?mascot. She was a feisty female gremlin who had wings and Does your group have a wore goggles. favorite mascot? What is it?Fifi brought the women together asyou could create a mascot If a team and made them for yourfeel likewhat would it be? group a family. Draw your idea.
  12. 12. Fifi’s job was to protect the Women Airforce Service Pilots you are Is there anything that (WASP) from evil male gremlins that were scared of? known to break a pilot’s airplaneWhocause trouble during a flight. or would you ask to help protectSome pilotsfrom your fears? scared you may have been of the damage that the Gremlins could cause.
  13. 13. Do you have a nickname? If so, what is it?Many of the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) went by nicknames. If you could choose a nickname Virginia Mae Hope’sbe? what would it nickname was “Ginny.” Why would someone want to go by a nickname?
  14. 14. Were you alive during an American tragedy?On December 7, 1941, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, an army What was it? base in Hawaii. Two thousand Americans died. Many people Do you remember where you were remembered where they were when they first heard the news. when you found out about it?
  15. 15. Radiosdifferent types of technology What were new technology during do you use today? Virginia Mae Hope’s time. They allowed people to listen What news, plays, the things that to are some of and music technology enableshomes. do? inside their own you to
  16. 16. Do any of your family members want you to act a certain way?If so, how do they want you to act? People in you thinkMae Hope’s Why do Virginia they want family thought she should act you to act this way? a certain way when she was growing up. Do you agree with their reasons for wanting you to act a certain way? Why or why not?
  17. 17. Are there things that you do forgood luck, or do you have any Women luck charms? good Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) would throw a coin What are they? in the wishing well for good luck before a flight test. Name a time when you needed good luck.
  18. 18. Do you recycle things today? Some materials were in short If so, what do you recycle? supply during World War II. Recycling old rubber, scrap metal, and paper important important. Why is it was very to recycle these things today?These items were reused for the war.
  19. 19. Virginia family suddenly lost during If your Mae Hope grew up mostthe Great Depression in the 1930s, of its money, how would it when many children did not have change your life? enough food, shelter, and clothing to live. Some children How would you feel about did not even go to school the changes? because they had to work.
  20. 20. Duringthere been a war Has World War II many in your lifetime? people showed their supportfor the United States by donating Howtime or people show their might money and by support for their countryflag. flying the American today?
  21. 21. Do you have emergency drills at your school? During World War II it was What are they? very important to prepare for emergencies, such as attacks byenemy bombers. Children to do What have you learned learned if an emergency happens? how to protect themselves by practicing drills in school. Why is it important to practice for emergencies?
  22. 22. Are there any famous people Famous pilots like are that you think Charles role models today?Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart were role models for Who are they? Virginia Mae Hope. What do these people do?
  23. 23. In the 1940s many Americans worked for the war.Sometimestoday had to be awayWhat jobs they require peopleto say goodbye families families from their to their for and friends for aat a time. many months long time? Saying goodbye was a Does hard thing your family anyone in to do, and the work was sometimes have a job like this? dangerous. Many families did not know if they would see each other again.
  24. 24. Are there any things today that people think only boys go Virginia Mae Hope liked to or girls should do? horseback riding, fix cars,and hunt pheasants. In the 1930sWhat arepeople of these that only many some thought things? boys should do these things. Do you agree with this?
  25. 25. Have you ever worn a uniform before? The WASP wore uniformsIf so, why did on duty. one? while you wear They was it important that Why called their uniforms Santiago Blues. everyone dress the same?
  26. 26. During World War II the government rationed, or limited, the amount Do you ever have to share things? of food and other materials a person could purchase. Whom do you share with? The Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) sometimes had trouble sorts of shoes, What finding things have you shared? which wore out during marching. Only one pair of shoes was rationed it important to do this? Why is per person per year. Rationing allowed all people to have their fair share.
  27. 27. During World War II, many people began growing “Victory Gardens,” fruits andvegetable were hard to come by If you had your own “Victory because of rationing.things a Garden,” what are 3 With “Victory Garden” you it?” you would grow in could grow your own fruits andvegetables and not have to buy them at the grocery store.
  28. 28. During World War II, the United Does the government ask you to States government created do anything today? thousands of colorful posters to encourage people to do things for What are some issues that the the war. The government asked government might make a poster women to work in factories and about today?grow “Victory Gardens.”. They evenasked children to join the AmericanWhy would they ask you to do these Junior Red Cross. things?
  29. 29. Have you ever received anObamaIn 2009, President Barack award? awarded the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) the What was the award? Congressional Medal of Honor to What talent or skill do youways thank them for the many have they you think you should get that helped the United States during award for? II? an World War
  30. 30. Virginiayou have a role model? Do Mae Hope and the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) served have they encouraged What as role models to many women who later do? you to became pilots or joined the military.
  31. 31. We had all good friends. It wasWe had short partbeautiful “We’re the best of all worlds. such a all these of ourlives and we to fly, all our own diresctions,that we were airplanes all went these great people but I feel verycomfortable with them…It’s a network, and we can count associated with. on each other” -Barbara Jane Erickson -Margaret “Maggie” Gee IBehind me is my love my home, but Hello!of hometown I chose to leave it to go My name is Virginia Winnebago, Fieldin to Avenger MN in Mae Hope. 1925. Sweetwater, Texas