41 Quotes to Craft Your Habit Recipe and Live the Life You've Dreamed Of


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I've always loved quotes. A few timeless words can tell a very powerful story.

For months, I had this vision of telling a story about why habits are so important today - using just quotes. It took me weeks to select the quotes and put them in the right sequence.

Then, my daughter found the perfect photos for each one. We used Flickr Creative Commons licensed art so we could feature the work of other awesome artists too.

I'm so proud, especially because we did it together. And yet, I'm a little terrified too. Sharing these quotes is like exposing my deepest thoughts.

I know many people won't understand why I think this way. But I know a few will, and if that's you, I hope this project speaks right to your soul and inspires you to choose your habits and your life. I believe there’s a unique recipe that will allow you to live a life of freedom and purpose, and I’m here to help you find it.

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41 Quotes to Craft Your Habit Recipe and Live the Life You've Dreamed Of

  1. 1. Selected by:Kendra Kinnison, Habit Chef      Designed by: Mariah Fowler  
  2. 2. Step One: Recognize thePropaganda
  3. 3. “The conscious andintelligent manipulation ofthe organized habits andopinions of the masses isan important element indemocratic society... Weare governed, our mindsmolded, our tastes formed,our ideas suggested,largely by men we havenever heard of.”- Edward Bernays
  4. 4.  ”Unless you’re areal anomaly,your lifestyle hasalready beendesigned.”- David Cainphoto: flickr.com/justycinmd  
  5. 5. “All our life, sofar as it hasdefinite form,is but a mass ofhabits.”- WilliamJamesphoto: flickr.com/bethblank  
  6. 6. “People build up a life, it becomesunsatisfactory, and they want tofigure out how to change it like anoutfit on a doll. But you can’tchange life from the outside. Weall know this now.” - James Altucherphoto: flickr.com/shinyhappyworld  
  7. 7. “Instead ofwondering whenyour next vacationis, maybe youshould set up a lifeyou dont need toescape from.”- Seth Godinphoto: flickr.com/nelsva  
  8. 8. “The philosophy oflifestyle design isactually quite simple. It suggests that thereare limitless ways toarrange and configureyour life and that thelogistics of living aremuch more flexiblethan most of us canimagine.”- Clay Collinsphoto: flickr.com/stephenr  
  9. 9. “Change mightnot be fast and itisnt always easy.But with time andeffort, almost anyhabit can bereshaped.”― Charles Duhiggphoto: flickr.com/maxually  
  10. 10. “You cant makeyourself feel positive,but you can choosehow to act, and if youchoose right, it buildsyour confidence.”- Julien Smithphoto: flickr.com/sunstarrr  
  11. 11. Step Two: Understand the Powerof Habits
  12. 12. We arestereotypedcreatures,imitatorsand copiersof our pastselves.” - WilliamJamesphoto: flickr.com/jsmoorman  
  13. 13. “Nothing isstronger thanhabit.”― Ovidphoto: flickr.com/leftymgp  
  14. 14. “The chains ofhabit are tooweak to be feltuntil they aretoo strong to bebroken.”- SamuelJohnsonphoto: flickr.com/Pratanti
  15. 15. “If you are goingto achieveexcellence in bigthings, youdevelop the habitin little matters.Excellence is notan exception, it isa prevailingattitude.”- Colin Powell photo: flickr.com/pburch_tulane  
  16. 16. For God didnot give us aspirit oftimidity, but aspirit of power,of love and ofself-discipline. 2 Timothy 1:7photo: flickr.com/aigle_dore  
  17. 17. “Habit is a cable; we weave a thread each day, and at last we cannot break it.” - Horace Mannphoto: flickr.com/ChrisCampbell
  18. 18. “Mens natures are alike; it is their habits that separate them.”- Confuciusphoto: flickr.com/pennstatelive  
  19. 19. “Cultivateonly thehabits thatyou arewilling shouldmaster you.”― ElbertHubbardphoto: flickr.com/DainisMatisons
  20. 20. “We must make automatic and habitual,as early as possible, as many usefulactions as we can...in the acquisition of anew habit, we must take car to launchourselves with as strong and decidedinitiative as possible. Never suffer anexception to occur till the new habit issecurely rooted in your life.”-William Jamesphoto: flickr.com/andycastro
  21. 21. “Its easier toact your wayinto a new wayof thinking,than think yourway into a newway of acting.” - Jerry Sterninphoto: flickr.com/ponte1112through_my_lens  
  22. 22. “Character issimply habitlongcontinued.”- Plutarchphoto: flickr.com/ponte1112
  23. 23. Step Three: Design Your Recipe
  24. 24. “The best wayto stop a badhabit is tonever begin it”― J. C. Penneyphoto: flickr.com/sravishankar  
  25. 25. “You can’tread aboutpush ups. Yougotta do ‘em.” - GaryVaynerchukphoto: flickr.com/rob_nguyen  
  26. 26. “The law ofharvest is to reapmore than yousow. Sow an act,and you reap ahabit. Sow a habitand you reap acharacter. Sow acharacter and youreap a destiny.”- James Allenphoto: flickr.com/FindingJosephine  
  27. 27. “If you pick the rightsmall behavior andsequence it right, then you won’t have tomotivate yourself tohave it grow. It will just happennaturally, like a good seed planted in agood spot.”- BJ Foggphoto: flickr.com/zoomyboy1  
  28. 28. “Successful people are simply thosewith success habits.”-Brian Tracyphoto: flickr.com/siliconprairienews
  29. 29. Thesuccessfulman is theaverage man,focused. - Anonymousphoto: flickr.com/salendron  
  30. 30. “How we spend our days is howwe spend our lives.”- Charlie Gilkeyphoto: flickr.com/wwnorm
  31. 31. “Take fullresponsibility foryour environmentand behaviors.Everything you dosets you up forsuccess or putsanother obstaclein your way.”- Craig Ballantyne photo: flickr.com/mugfaker  
  32. 32. “Be regular andorderly in yourlife, so that youmay be violentand original inyour work.” - Flaubertphoto: flickr.com/lauramtportugal
  33. 33. “The habit ofbeing happyenables one to befreed, or largelyfreed, from thedomination ofoutwardconditions.”- Robert LouisStevensonphoto: flickr.com/niallkennedy
  34. 34. “The individual who wantsto reach the top inbusiness must appreciatethe might of the force ofhabit and mustunderstand that practicesare what create habits. Hemust be quick to breakthose habits that can breakhim and hasten to adoptthose practices that willbecome the habits thathelp him achieve thesuccess he desires.” - J. Paul Gettyphoto: flickr.com/delorenzo  
  35. 35. “The 20-Mile March is more than aphilosophy. It’s about having concrete,clear, intelligent, and rigorously pursuedperformance mechanisms that keep you ontrack. The 20-Mile March creates twotypes of self-imposed discomfort: (1) thediscomfort of unwavering commitment tohigh performance in difficult conditions,and (2) the discomfort of holding back ingood conditions.” - Jim Collinsphoto: flickr.com/chrissam42
  36. 36. “The habit ofdoing morethan isnecessary can only be earned throughpractice.”- Seth Godinphoto: flickr.com/acidpix
  37. 37. “Winners makea habit ofmanufacturingtheir ownpositiveexpectations inadvance of theevent.”- Brian Tracyphoto: flickr.com/ElvertBarnes
  38. 38. “We are whatwe repeatedlydo.Excellence,then, is notan act, but ahabit.” – Aristotlephoto: flickr.com/victoriapeckham  
  39. 39. “Your net worthto the world isusuallydetermined bywhat remainsafter your badhabits aresubtracted fromyour good ones.”- BenjaminFranklinphoto: flickr.com/SepehrEhsani  
  40. 40. “Good habits areworth beingfanatical about.”- John Irvingphoto: flickr.com/JohnMartinezPavleiga
  41. 41. “Freely chosen, discipline isabsolute freedom.”- Ron Serinophoto: flickr.com/thegreatnanners  
  42. 42. Step Four: Leave a Legacy
  43. 43. “As a leader, if I canget victory overmyself, … , the oddsare high I can helpfix others. If I can’tfix myself, the oddsare high I will neverbe able to add valueto and help others.” - John Maxwell photo: flickr.com/deliciousblur  
  44. 44. “A man who gives hischildren habits of industryprovides for them betterthan by giving them afortune.”-Richard Whatelyphoto: flickr.com/Images_of_Money  
  45. 45. “In early childhood you may lay thefoundation of poverty or riches,industry of idleness, good or evil,by the habits to which you trainyour children. Teach them right habits then, andtheir future life is safe.”- Lydia Sigourneyphoto: flickr.com/VoxEfx  
  46. 46. “Imaginewho youwant yourkids tobecome.Be that.”- WhitneyJohnsonphoto: flickr.com/kronny  
  47. 47. Freedom isn’t the absence of discipline.It‚’s having complete trust in your own self-discipline.  
  48. 48. Unless you can confidently manageyourself, you’ll always look for a boss totell you what to do. Unless you can trustyour financial habits, you’ll never haveenough money. Unless you can win thedaily battles with procrastination andfear, you’ll always look for ways to escapethe regret that plagues you. Unless youcan select healthy foods that nourishyour body, you’ll always be burdenedwith fatigue and disease.
  49. 49. To find the precious freedom you’re seeking, you don’tneed to be an escape artist or treasure hunter.Instead, you’ll need to become a Master Chef, designingyour ideal recipe and carefully selecting each ingredient.To get started, visit habitchef.com