Statement of intent


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Statement of intent

  1. 1. Deborah Haastrup
  2. 2.  My partner and I have planned to meet up during free lessons and every other weekend if necessary in the library. The documentation of this meeting will be done on paper as it is easily accessible and portable. Then it will be transferred onto our blogs as a finalised plan.
  3. 3.  We have decided to do an urban romance genre as we concluded that it was the one that had the best storyline and could be done with the facilities we had open to us.
  4. 4. Location  We have decided that the main location will be in Brixton as it Is an area that has a reputation of violence, crime and underprivileged kids.  There will be other locations used such as the hospital, Waterloo gratified area, outside around college.Costume/ make-up  The costume will be simple things like: jeans, T-shirts, hoodies, jackets, trainers, cardigans and hats. These are the items are casual clothes. And by dressing my characters in these it creates verisimilitude.  We will be using eye pencil to draw on the bruise.Props  There will be a few props that we plan to use for example: bandanas, knife /gun, mobile, flour(illusion of drugs). The bandanas will be different colours like red and blue to establish area code violence as it defines the area you live in.Lighting  The lighting will be manipulated by the time of day and the house lights. So if we planned to do a dark night scene with minimal lighting we will go to a place where the street light is our only source if light and it will be shot in the evening.
  5. 5.  Sound effects are very important when it comes to trailers as they entice their audience as well as emulate the desired feelings from them. Sound helps define the genre of the film. For example if the trailer is slow with mellow sound effects then the audience will assume it’s a romance or a sad drama the scenes assist in that decision. Our genre is urban romance so I picked a song that was commonly known within my targeted audience so whenever they heard it they’ll associate it with the trailer. This will help with the promotion of my trailer.
  6. 6.  I have decided to have a predominately black cast as that is the normal conventions of an urban romance trailer. It is also because the issues that my trailer deals with such as knife crime is what the media have associated with black people I have thought a lot about the characteristics I want my characters to posses. I wanted the main female characters to be short but not portly. This is because the male characters will be tall or at least noticeably taller than the female. So when they stand together you’ll see her as more vulnerable and weak. The male is to appear to have strength and look intimidating to show dominance throughout. The planned ages for the characters are 18-35 with the social class ranging from C1 to E. I have planned a breakdown scene for all my characters to let them know of the director’s vision and what is expected from them.
  7. 7.  The media have built a stereotype against black people. The image that has been created is that black males are violent, gangsters, drug dealers. This has had a huge impact on the way black people are received as that is the automatic assumption placed upon them. We have planned to stick with the stereotype.
  8. 8.  As the screenwriter, costume director and casting director it’s my job to write and develop the storyboard and I also decide what goes in it. So as I have written the storyboard I have decided with the director that if we do feel that any scenes will be changed or we feel that there should be additional scenes we will put them in. our feedback will also guide us in that decision.
  9. 9.  I worked out the solid structure of my trailer by creating the synopsis first. It took time to finalise as there was a lot of consulting with my director. I also had to be happy with it. Synopsis- Its about a couple who had to depart but promised each other they’ll reconnect. This forced her to move on with her life, but them her ex boyfriend came back. Wanting everything to go back to the way it was he will do all it takes, even kill. But does she want to carry on her new life or follow her old one? This relates to my genre as it carries the themes that my genre holds such as love, loss, gang violence, deceit and betrayal.
  10. 10.  The targeted audience is 15- 25 year olds who will relate to the themes of the trailer. People like to see themselves in the things they watch so as I have a predominately black cast, black people will more likely want to watch it. The social demographic for it will be C1 –E just like the characters shown with the trailer.
  11. 11.  I plan to use the scene where a girl gets punched in a diner as it’s an action scene. I found through my research that the best way to introduce a trailer was to use a scene where something is happening that will shock the audience. I plan to use the ambulanced scene as a way to leave mystery creating an enigma. This will leaves the audience wanting more and want to find out what happens
  12. 12.  The first title was forever and always but it was changed to The planned font was to be whimsical yet bold so we went into dafont and looked for our idea. It fits the conventions of an urban romance as
  13. 13.  I have decided to use taglines as I find that it is very effective in a teaser trailer as is acts as a narrator and it can slow down the pace of a trailer. It’s also effective as it’s a interactive way for the audience to get involve as they will read along.
  14. 14.  The budget for the trailer will be £30 even though the cost of props will be £26.38 the rest will be there in case of emergencies. Item/object Price (£) Purpose Icing sugar 0.89 Fake drugs Bandanas x2 2.00 Gang affiliations Fake gun 2.50 ‘’ Flowers 3.00 death KFC 17.99 Actors reward Total 26.38
  15. 15.  We will be planning every step of our production. I will draw up a table of the time costume and actors being used. I will use a shot list break down so I can decipherer what angles go with what scene clearly. I will be keeping in constant contact with my actors to keep them posted.