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  1. 1. BattlefieldBy Sandra Amadi and Deborah Haastrup
  2. 2. MusicNo more Drama by Mary J Blige
  3. 3. Synopsis Its about a couple who were best friends first just as soon as they made it official they had to depart but promised each other they‟ll reconnect. 2 years later and she had to move on with a bright future going for her but he came back. Wanting everything to go back to the way it was he will do all it takes, even kill. But does she want to carry on her new life or follow her old one. Themes are; love, loss, gang violence, deceit and betrayal.
  4. 4. To some postcode is just an area
  5. 5. Second Scene 2 boys barge into each other on the street, turns to see who it was whilst reaching out for gun, freeze. Now enemies and this is clear to the audience. Rival gangs/area/postcodes (Changing scene) This will be a medium shot so it will show there facial expressions but also the weapons attached to the waist.
  6. 6. Third Scene Group of girls/boys selling drugs (Posture - leg on wall, hand in pocket looking sideways). Typical stereotype of teenagers. Costume and actors/actresses needs to be on point. Little boy comes along to buy drugs, and is sold the drugs irrespective of his age. - Green screen - Waterloo, graffiti background/ youthful look (Where the scene will be shot) ties in with whats going to happen in the scenes. - Drugs – icing sugar wrapped in cling form or leaves wrapped in cling form
  7. 7. To them its life
  8. 8. Seventh scene Boy 1 handcuffed by police, he resists arrest and tries to run away as he doesnt want to be caught. Confrontational scene. Onlookers looking in the background. - Camera angle - Long shot, eye level shot. Panning around the scene to show reaction of arrest but keep boy and police in scene, then zoom into handcuffs.
  9. 9. And when lovegets involved its war
  10. 10. Third SceneShowing girl is doing work (good girl)Part of fast shot sequence. At school, classroom, library, Multipurpose hall, study desks,
  11. 11. Ninth scene Guy going through girls pictures on Facebook, sister comes in room and says You know they say if you really love someone you should let them go and if its meant to be theyll come back-Mis-en-scene - Bedroom scene. Bed, TV, x box.
  12. 12. First Scene First Scene - Park - Holding hands - We can run away together shows the relationship between both of them- No one else is in the park, only both of them; boy isleaning on a tree, holding the girl. Both confess theirlove for one another, making it convincing that theywant to together forever- Different camera angles. Panning/ semi-circle.Establishing shot. (Preferably Clapham Common Park,its isolated, re enforces the fact that they want to bealone. Will use Poynders Park later on, not for thisscene though.
  13. 13. But can love andviolence co-exist?
  14. 14. Guy 2 is strangling girl against the wall “why do you make me hurt you”This will be a close up to show facial expressions
  15. 15. Sixth SceneShe sees a text from her ex to meet her up but then receives a call from her boyfriends and busys it. Her friends are around her and there a lot of noise but its drowned out.There will be an over the shoulder shot and a medium shot to show the text and phone call as well as her reaction.
  16. 16. Forth sceneGirl with bruises looking in the mirror with busted lip, Hands on basin, slowly lifting head up to reveal bruises. Shes a victim of domestic violence.- Midshot - Camera behind first, Second camera infront of her - Makeup/costume- blood on clothing,
  17. 17. Fifth SceneJust a shot of her attempting suicide but not making it obvious. So she will hold a knife to her wrist sitting down and her legs will be shaking. A tear slides down her face.This shot will be an above the eye-level shot.
  18. 18. Eighth SceneBoy talks to his friends about the situation with his girlfriend, friends tell him to move on and leave it.On the wall of a house talking. Shot will either be panning medium shot or taken from a 45 degree angle.
  19. 19. Tenth sceneLittle Girl says Mummy what‟s wrong? tugs on mum‟s hand.- Park - Low angle shot- Shows child looking at mum - Child - 2 years
  20. 20. Eleventh Scene Boy tries to apologize again to the girl for the way hes treated her, he begs for her forgiveness. Sorry –him, unsure – her. Cuts her off Camera angle – tracking Location- Outside Shops Mise en scene – Props – carrier bag containing food Transition – Slow
  21. 21. Twelfth scene The girls friends give their opinion on the situation; they try to convince the girl to leave both of them and move on with her life, as she young, has her whole life ahead or her. She‟s going to uni next year Camera angle – over the shoulder switched, shows reaction Location - Common room Mis en scene – Books on the table with sweets and snacks Transition – Slow, fast, medium
  22. 22.  What ends are you from?
  23. 23. Things to include Multiple scenes/scenery Related costume and props Variety of camera shots and movement used for effect Don‟t put too much dialogue but enough Use music for effect Characters narrating following scenes in trailer Make sure themes are explored through trailer The more generic it is the easier it will be in the exam. Tag lines and captions Leave the audience thinking wanting to go see the „film‟ Corinthians 13