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Value through innovation final.pptx

Value through innovation final.pptx






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    Value through innovation final.pptx Value through innovation final.pptx Presentation Transcript

    • Pavan Kumar Vijay
    • Excellence through Innovation
      • Technology is an Innovation
    • Innovation Explained….. “ Innovation is successful implementation of creative ideas”. “ You have all the reason in the world to achieve your grandest dreams. Imagination plus innovation equals realization”.
    • Two major inventions that has changed the world ….
    • One Wheel... Invention of the Wheel by Mesopotamian's in c3500 BC …. Helped man in covering measurable distances …
    • And another -Internet.. Invention of Internet in the year 1989 by Timothy Berners-Lee. Helping virtual man in covering immeasurable distances …
    • Three major revolutions that has changed the world ….
    • 19 th Century Industrial Revolution ….
    • 20 th Century Green Revolution ….
    • 21 st Century IT Revolution ….
    • Innovation & Invention “The Difference” INNOVATION IS IDEA INVENTION IS IMPLEMENTATION
    • Technology coupled with Innovation: Reached a Long Way
    • Everything @ online Not in line…
    • Lets have a close re-look at existing technological innovations that have change the world …
    • Monsterindia.com… Naukari.com
    • Orkut…
    • Shaadi.com…
    • Makemytrip.com…
    • Poolmycar.com…
    • Still, a link is missing….. Technological Innovation is missing in Legal System
    • Today innovation is linked with Technology + Creativity
    • Do you think innovation is not possible in legal system?? Innovation is possible in anything as long as its about new ways of creating Value . Be it for…………… Clients Shareholders / Investors Society Employees
    • Now, technology filing the gap.. Technology brings in….. [email_address] Increasing efficiency Uniformity in Operations Creating Value
    • Online Trading
    • Depository System
    • Initiatives so far … www.mca.gov.in
    • Initiatives so far… www.corpfiling.co.in
    • Initiatives so far…
    • Impact of technological innovations in legal system Compliances are simplified Non-compliance is impossible …
    • Impact of technological innovations in legal system Bye-Bye… Corruption Through Transparency + Commonality
    • Impact of technological innovations in legal system
      • Work from home
      • 24X7 accessibility
      • Easy compliance filings system
      • Uniformity of Operations
      • High Volume in each activity
    • Impact of technological innovations in legal system Any Thing Any Time Any Place
    • What lies in future???
    • What lies in future???
    • What lies in future??? www.297.com www.314.com www.77A.com www.372A.com www.incorp.in www.ipo.com www.takeovercode.com www.insidertrading.com www.brokers.com Corporate Portals Securities Portals www.ccmonline.in www.ddr.com
    • Future Scenario Simplified Law e- Governance Globalization Single window Interface Common Law
    • The answer is… NO , there is a long way to go ………………..
    • Current Profile of CS Professionals Forms Filing & Minutes CURRENT PROFILE 80% 20% TRADITIONAL ROLE STRATEGIC ROLE Compliances Procedures Strategic Planning Checklists Legal Advisory Corporate Planning Managerial
    • Demand of future from CS Professionals Managerial IT ENABLED CS 20% 20% STRATEGIC ROLE TRADITIONAL ROLE Compliances Procedures Strategic Planning Checklists Legal Advisory Corporate Planning Forms Filing & Minutes
    • But …
      • How the demands of future will be met?
      • How should we prepare ourselves for the future scenario?
      • How to convert 20% into 80%
    • Just Four Steps …
    • One … Change the perception…
    • Two… Stop re-inventing the same thing Think different…
    • Three … Use technology to beat technology… Softwares ROC PRP ERP Websites Legal sites Regulatory sites Database sites
    • Four… Be a part of the world of KPO…
    • The world is changing very fast. Big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow.
    • Now choose your way… So..… With Technology Without Technology
    • Creating Value through Technology
    • Exploring Technology@work
      • In Business Planning
      • In Business Application
      • In Business Administration
      • In Research & Analysis
    • In Business Planning Real time information availability Tools for analysis on various parameters Online Business Collaborations Easy Resource accessibility
    • In Business Application
      • Solution Standardization
      • Knowledge Sharing to improve return on investment
      • Delivery Excellence on Time & Quality
    • In Business Administration Enterprise Resource Planning & Practice Management
    • Research & Analysis
      • Knowledge Portals
      • Exhaustive & Customized On-line Database
      • Advanced Search Engines
      • Softwares
      • Soft Books
    • What will happen next?? Easy filings Easy Case law findings i.e. Easy resource accessibility Work from desktop World wide reach Multiplication of work
    • Now, the implementation…
    • [email_address]
    • [email_address]
    • [email_address]
    • [email_address] Dated: Sep 21, 2008 To, The Manager Bombay Stock Exchange Limited Phiroze Jeejeebhoy Towers, Dalal Street, MUMBAI 400 023. Dear Sir, Subject: Intimation under Regulation 7(1) of SEBI (Substantial Acquisition of Shares & Takeover) Regulations, 1997) Pursuant to Regulation 7(1), which necessitates the acquirer to submit the disclosure to the target Company as well as to the Stock exchanges on which the shares of the company are listed, find enclosed the applicable disclosure on acquisition of 8 shares aggregating the shareholding of acquirer to 18% of the voting capital of the Company. The above is for your information and record. Thanking You, Yours truly, For and on behalf of acquirer and PAC   (Pavan Kumar Vijay) CC : (Address of Target Company)
    • [email_address] Name of the Target company ABC Ltd Name of the acquirer and PAC with the acquirer   Pavan Kumar Vijay Details of the acquisition as follows Number of shares % with respect to total paid up capital of Target Company (a)  Shares/Voting rights (VR) before acquisition under consideration 10 10 (b)  Shares/voting rights acquired 8 8 (c)  Shares/VR after acquisition 18 18 Mode of acquisition (e.g. open market/public issue/rights issue/preferential allotment/inter se transfer etc.). Market Acquisition Date of acquisition of shares/VR or date of receipt of intimation of allotment of shares, whichever is applicable 2008-09-19 Paid up capital/total voting capital of the target company before the said acquisition 1000 Equity Shares Paid up capital/total voting capital of the target company after the said acquisition 1000 Equity Shares
    • Best is yet to come … Desktop Technology Mobile Technology
    • Will technology take away our work? “ BREAKING THE MYTH” No, technology will not take away our work rather it is going to multiply our work .
    • Example Online Trading Dematerialization MCA filings Income Tax Returns
    • Whether professionals can grasp such changes?? L earn, U nlearn & R elearn “ THE SURVIVAL MANTRA”
    • Conclusion “ Things will never be the same…… so change the future before future changes you”
      • Thank You
      Pavan Kumar Vijay