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  1. 1. London 2012Sport can bring the world together, people from different cultures,faith, physical abilities and languages!It is a celebration of different cultures.London celebrates its diversity through festivals throughout theyear from the Notting Hill Carnival to different religious festivalssuch as Diwali and Eid.Londoners certainly know how to throw a party and the Gameswould be a great chance to get everyone celebrating together.
  2. 2. Interesting factsDid you know there are over 14,000 athletes from 205Olympic teams!There are also 170 Paralympic teams competing at theLondon 2012 Games!In London there are more than 50 ethnic communities of10,000 or more people.More than 70 different national cuisines are available and anincredible 300 different languages are spoken
  3. 3. Aims and Objectives• Identify different software packages available to manipulate images• Identify different devices (hardware) that could be used to manipulate images• To manipulate an image using any available software/hardwareTip: Manipulate means to edit/change something from its original position
  4. 4. SoftwareDifferent graphics manipulation software:MS PaintAdobe Photoshop – various versionsGIMPFireworksMany more which you can research yourself
  5. 5. Useful Online Editorshttp://fotoflexer.com (I like this one!) can search for many others yourself
  6. 6. Devices Think of the different devices that you could use to manipulate an image:• Desktop computer• Laptop• Netbook• Tablet• Smartphone
  7. 7. Other hardware• Graphics card features; internal memory e.g. cache, RAM; processors• Other hardware e.g. Digital camera drivers and card• File storage e.g. CD ROM, hard drive, flash cards, USB storage devices• Input devices e.g. graphics tablet, mouse, digital camera, scanner
  8. 8. Simple Image Manipulation DemonstrationBring on the iPad!
  9. 9. London 2012 Olympics TasksIn your groups of 2 or 3 you have to: Task 1: Choose one nation out of the 205 and download their flag as an image file. Tip: Create a new folder and name it Digital Graphics Task 2: Manipulate the flag using a graphics software of your choice. Tip: Image manipulation tips: you could resize, crop, change the contrast, brightness, colour, cut or paste another image, or add any other effect to the original image. Avoid MS Paint, try to use another graphics editing software that you may not have used before. Suggestions: GIMP or if on your mobile device any other graphics software such as Adobe Photoshop Express for Android, IOS etc
  10. 10. ExtensionIf you have completed the manipulation task then youcan do the following:The London Mayor has approached you to redesignthe London 2012 Olympic Logo!Your task is to create a redesign which should be madefrom your own creative skills but must include thecolours of the union jackYou may use any software and hardware device aslong as you are able to upload the completed logoonline before the start of the Olympics!.
  11. 11. Q&A -DiscussionsWhat did we do todayWhat did you learnHow/where do you save your work?