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Emotional outreach how to direct your content marketing to effective branding and seo.


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My slide presentation

My slide presentation

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  • Hi My name’s Sean Si and I’m the blogger of SEO Hacker – an internet marketing blog that started April 2010. First-off, I’d like to thank my team for supporting me here And give my thanks for having me here as one of your speakers.Just to clarify, in the bigger picture, this is a content strategy and rationalization presentation. The difference between content marketing and content strategy is that you use your content strategy in order to direct your content marketing. I’m a strong practitioner and promoter of content-centered SEO so I certainly hope you enjoy this presentation.
  • You think that Milk when it becomes ‘better milk’
  • You think that Milk when it becomes ‘better milk’
  • Will sell like pancakes?
  • Anything logical about this picture? Can you relate? Have you ever bought this much before? Did you need all those stuff?
  • Yeah? Can you relate?
  • And try to plead not guilty for their emotional decisions
  • Through your Title
  • Whoops!Let’s face it, in 1-10,this word is a 10 when attracting attention.
  • User activity sends a positive signal to SEO
  • Or who’s the brand behind this site?
  • This is one of my older articles – people clearly liked what I’m talking about. Heads were nodding
  • Lots of people landed on this page and because of this particular “Yes” Content,
  • People definitely looked for my Brand
  • Know who this guy is? He’s the brand – PSY. What’s his product?
  • Heads were definitely nodding. We couldn’t understand it but our emotions were saying “yes” to the tune and particular ‘fun’ his song brings
  • It is an extension of who you are and what you believe in
  • Make sure your Titles grab the user’s attention and Trigger their emotion in 2 seconds or less
  • In 2 seconds or less. I won’t be telling you which words to use or what sentences give the best impact. It varies from niche to niche. It’s an art. Art cannot be taught. Art must be developed and practiced through trial and error.
  • Make this the driving force of your Content Strategy. Who has watched the Youtube video I sent to SEOmoz? Remember the 2 types of people who are looking for plumbing solutions?Yes content is anything that has to do with what your visitor feels. Ex: “Yes, that’s exactly how I feel!” “I know what he means”, “This is exactly what I’m looking for”
  • I takes practice and trial and error. Publishing a solid article that hit the emotional mark in your target audience can mean tons of traffic which increases User activity – increasing positive SEO signals – which again increases branding.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Emotional Outreach How to direct your ContentMarketing to Effective Branding and SEO
    • 2. Question
    • 3. Do you Consider yourself an Emotional Person?
    • 4. Have you Ever Bought something
    • 5. Because you Felt you wanted it?
    • 6. Fact: People dont buy “Better" products
    • 7. MILK
    • 8. MILK+
    • 9. Oh my gosh, it’s a New and improved Milk!!!!MILK+
    • 10. People dont buy Rationally
    • 11. People buy Emotionally
    • 12. Logical?
    • 13. Then, they try to Rationalize their Purchases
    • 14. “Not Guilty!”(Well, so long as it’s your money…)
    • 15. Fact: Your Article is your Product
    • 16. Whenever Someone Reads your Article
    • 17. It means
    • 18. That person has Bought into your Article’s Title
    • 19. Which Means
    • 20. You have touched Base with that person’s Emotions
    • 21. Fact: The 2 Second Rule
    • 22. People move Fast in the Internet
    • 23. You have around 2 Seconds to Catch their Attention
    • 24. With your Title
    • 25. How does all this Relate to SEO?
    • 26. Easy
    • 27. If No One reads your Stuff
    • 28. You don’t have User Activity
    • 29. Getting People
    • 30. To actually Read your Stuff
    • 31. Is Important
    • 32. It affects Author Rank
    • 33. And Dwell Time Metrics
    • 34. Such As
    • 35. Bounce Rate
    • 36. Time on Site
    • 37. Page Views
    • 38. Social Engagement
    • 39. User Activity = SEO++
    • 40. Plus you get to Attract
    • 41. Word of Mouth Links
    • 42. So that’s how it is!
    • 43. How does this create Effective Branding?
    • 44. Once you got them Nodding on your Article’s Title
    • 45. Get them Nodding on your Content
    • 46. Get them to say “Yes, yes, and yes!” on the things you say
    • 47. Sooner or Later they’d want to know
    • 48. Who’s the person behind this Site?
    • 49. Who does he Work for?
    • 50. What’s his Company’s Brand?
    • 51. Case Study
    • 52. God and You –
    • 53. Case Study
    • 54. Branding Sticks
    • 55. Branding increases Loyalty
    • 56. Branding increases Repeat Visitors
    • 57. Branding increases Word of Mouth
    • 58. Branding increases You
    • 59. Actionable Recap
    • 60. Create Great Titles that Grab Attention
    • 61. And Trigger Emotion
    • 62. Follow up with “Yes” Content
    • 63. Simple?
    • 64. Thank you Very Much!