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Recognizing Trainees' Levels of Behavior
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Recognizing Trainees' Levels of Behavior



Published in Sports
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  • 1. Recognizing Trainees’ Levels of Behavior
  • 2. The game of golf immediately comes to mind. After breaking my hand into places a couple of years ago playing basketball, I decided to take up a safer, less physical sport , the game of golf. I chose golf for one other reason. After watching golf tournaments on television, I was convinced that the game would be easy and fun.
  • 3. I had absolutely no idea how misguided I was. A friend of mine suggested me to take a few lessons. Then, I stepped out on the golf course. I approached the first tee calmly and ready for action. I believe it was the third time I swung and missed the teed-up ball. It began to appear quite clear to me that I was not the natural I had thought I was going to be. All of a sudden, lessons did not like such a bad idea.
  • 4. I was given the tips required to play the game at a beginner’s level such as: left arm straight, eyes on the ball, keep your head still, and began to practice. I began to experience the excitement of some improvement. I was ready to take my show on the road, and try my golf game out. It was nice becoming a students of the game and learning what I was doing right and wrong.
  • 5. Gradually, the more I played, the smoother my swing became and my game began to speed up. I finally could swing a club fairly effectively and not have to repeat my massive collection of directions.
  • 6. Level One The Unconscious Incompetent
    • Ineffective and unaware
    • Why I should learn to do something that I have already known about it
  • 7. Level Two The Conscious Incompetent
    • Ineffective and aware
    • Hey, I do that! I did not know that was wrong
  • 8. Level Three The Conscious Competent
    • Effective and Aware
    • It sounds almost perfect
  • 9. Level Four The Unconscious Competent
    • Effective and Unaware thing for doing right thing
    • Ready to show natural ability
  • 10. Conclusion
    • Level four is the ultimate goal
    • The Process of behavior's level is a cycle