Dubai Social Media Company Overview


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Company and management overview for H2O New Media

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Dubai Social Media Company Overview

  2. 2. H2O H2O H2O H2O
  3. 4. H2O New Media We aim to change the way people work, create and play by developing market changing social media  and collaboration technologies.  We are led by the vision that with the creation of disruptive web based technologies we can change the way people, work, collaborate and communicate for the better. Our first products were released in 2008 and we are diligently working away on a number of products for software as service offerings in the media, entertainment and events industry.  The goal is to reduce carbon emissions, break down cultural barriers, benefit commerce and make it easy for people to communicate, have fun, play, listen, create, enjoy and even work using innovative social media applications. Creativity and innovation flows through everyone in the company and in the period of just over seven months we have become the leading developer of social media applications in the Middle East region with over 40 leading customers using H2O technology H2O is one of the fastest growing technology companies in the Middle East region.  Available for : Guest Speaking Social Media for business events & meetings Business & Media Commentary – What is social media, expert commentary, for print and broadcast media, business technology commentary, interview Technology commentary – understanding social media, social media in the enterprise
  4. 5. Media Services Agency C O R P O R A T E F U N D I N G Online Services Web Development Online Marketing Application Development IP Creation Graphical Design Content Production Video Production Audio Production Text Production Television Production Events Music Events Art Events CSR Events A D M I N S E R V I C E S Content Distribution & Aggregation Channels Dubai Lime Clipo TV Dubai CEO Partner Channels Partner Channels Partner Channels Partner Channels Sponsorship & Advertising Future Future Future Partner Channels Partner Channels Partner Channels Partner Channels Consumers & Vertical Markets - Online Vertical Media Channels Media Services Companies, Publishers, Branding Agencies, Advertising Agencies, Media
  5. 7. H2O TEAM The team consists of experienced industry veterans from successful industry leaders with global market experience. The management team have transacted over 3Bn USD of IPO and trade sale liquidity events for leading companies.
  6. 8. Having worked in senior management positions with technology companies leading them from start up to liquidity event Steve Vaile has a strong background in Telecommunications and Technology. He has held positions ranging from VP APAC and EMEA to CEO and been instrumental in the start up and exit of a number of leading software companies including Riversoft IPO 140 M, Systems Management Arts – Acquired by EMC 260M, He was most recently VP of APAC and EMEA for US Telecommunication Software Company Voyence acquired by EMC. He serves as the CEO of H2O New Media the leading provider of customised social media platforms to enterprise customers in the Middle East. The company has grown from zero to 40 customers within 6 months and is one of the fastest growing technology companies in the Middle East. He has provided public lectures on the convergence of telecommunications and social media in ten countries to audiences including government departments, media think tanks and global PR conferences. Steve Vaile Founder & CEO General Business Commentary – Speaking Changes in the Media Sector – Futures
  7. 9. Rama Chakaki has delivered services to 200 financial institutions and fortune 100 corporations and supported rapid growth institutions across the EMENA region. Ms. Chakaki was founder and Chief executive Officer of Sina Solutions, an outsourcing service provider In 2000, she co-founded KeyBridge Corporation, secured 60 million dollars in funding for the development of five data centers in Europe and the US, and delivered hosting/outsourcing managed services to clients in varied industries. Prior to GTS, Ms. Chakaki held several Senior Management positions at Global Telesystems (GTS) & Cable & Wireless USA. Ms Chakaki’s has a Masters degree in Engineering management and development of Multimedia systems from The George Washington University and an undergraduate combined degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Rama Chakaki Chief Operations Officer Business Commentary – Speaking H2O Human Resources – H2O and CSR
  8. 10. Mahmoud worked for EastNets in Dubai as Head of Product Development where he established the product development division for the management of a portfolio of financial solutions, including middleware, SWIFT, anti money-laundry, financial reporting, business continuity & disaster recovery and telecoms. His team was responsible for managing the deployment of this portfolio across 300+ accounts and he managed a number of key accounts across the MENA region. Previously established an IT services company that provided consultancy, solution development & implementation, web & email hosting; web design & development services to clients including London Government services, ICL, Al-Jazeera International and the University of East London. Prior to that he worked at the Arab News Network and the International Maritime Satellite Organisation in software development positions. Mahmoud Abu-Wardeh Chief Technology Officer Technology Commentary – Technology Speaking
  9. 11. A graduate of Berkeley Technology in Law and San Diego State University Dawan served as the Corporate Counsel for Symantec Corporation leading it to acquire many of its rivals. He has also served as a Creative Consultant for Legal Arts Multimedia and worked as Associate of Silicon valley law firm Morrison & Foerster LLP. He is a DR in Media and communications. Dr Dawan Stanford General Council Legal commentary relating to social media (telephone interview only)
  10. 14. Fragmentation Traditional Media Channels are scrambling to acquire Social media companies and build social media offerings. Niche Growth Existing social media channels understand that to sustain growth they must acquire more niche social media channels and localise their content base Social Media Platform Fragmentation Integration between platforms using profile portability Customised social media platform development The future of social media Expert commentary and consultancy Brand Adoption Brands & users are searching for more relevant social media platforms or even creating their own platforms Core Messages
  11. 21. EXCLUSIVE MEDIA CONTACT – Rahma Himid Strawberry PR & Events Tel: 04 3315173 or 050 6254251 Email: