What deferred action means for our nation's undocumented young people


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What deferred action means for our nation's undocumented young people

  1. 1. What Deferred Action Means for Our Nations Undocumented Young people?Even before the deferred action policy was implemented, thousands of undocumentedimmigrants were trying to gather information about the process. They are happy about theimplementation of the process and the forms that are made available by the USCIS. Form I-821D, is the form that must be filed by an applicant who is eligible to receive deferred action.This process has provided hope and the undocumented immigrants who are in deportationproceedings are waiting to see if they could get a chance to stay back in America.Deferred action process is considered to be important, because this process will defer thedeportation of eligible immigrants and will permit them to work and stay in the United States,for two more years and it may be renewed at the end of the two-year period. Undocumentedimmigrants who seek lawful status in the United States are happy about the process and arewilling to undergo all the paper work and pay the required fees. This shows that they are sokeen in remaining in the country. Though this process does not grant lawful status to theundocumented immigrants, it grants them employment authorization so that they may work inthe United States legally, if they are granted deferred action.Students who are in deportation proceedings or with a final removal order, if granted deferredaction need not leave the United States and they may continue their studies, in the UnitedStates. Thousands of dreamers are awaiting to get help in order to apply for deferred action.USCIS has already instructed the eligible applicants to mail their applications to one of thefour USCIS offices around the country. USCIS has said that more personnel may be hired toprocess the I-821D applications.Many undocumented immigrants who had entered the United States as children are now inschools or high schools and they all are rushing to file applications to request deferred action.Though this is only a temporary relief, eligible undocumented immigrants consider this to be agreat relief. Many of them who were smuggled to the United States at a very young age, arenow in schools and some are graduated and employed. Some of them say that the deferredaction process is the only chance for them to remain in the United States. Similarly they arealso worried whether the details that they provide will put their families at the risk ofdeportation.Most of the eligible undocumented immigrants are collecting papers that are necessary toprove their eligibility to receive deferred action. Though they are in the United States asundocumented immigrants, they have their roots in the United States and they had beenresiding in the United States for a long time and they do not want to leave the country. Theyalso say that they do not know about their native countries. Hence, this deferred actionprocess means a lot to them, as they feel that this is a chance given to them by the country toremain there, at least for a two-year period. As this process will grant them work authorizationalong with deferred action, almost all the eligible undocumented immigrants are in theprocess of obtaining and filing Form I-821D, Consideration of Deferred Action for ChildhoodArrivals, Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization and Form I-765WS, Form I-765 Worksheet.