What are procedure in filing a family based green card


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What are procedure in filing a family based green card

  1. 1. What Are Procedure In Filing A Family Based Green Card?If foreign applicants have any close relatives who are US citizens or permanent residents, thenthey can avail their help in order to get a family based green card. Being an immediate relativewill give them greater priority than the others as they need not wait in the long queue ofapplicants or for their visa dates to become current. Once the USCIS approves the immigrantpetition, the Department of State will invite them to apply for immigrant visas.Basically there are two procedures for filing application for a family based green card. • Filing when the relative is already in the US – Concurrent filing/ Adjustment of Status • Filing when the relative is outside the US – Consular ProcessingApplying for a family based green card while in the USBeing an immediate relative of a US citizen or a permanent resident enables a foreign applicantto file in Form I-485 at the same time when the sponsor is filing in a Form I-130. I-130 is thepetition for alien relative and I-485 is the application for adjustment of status. This one stepprocess of obtaining a family based green card is referred to as concurrent filing.Another way is filing in the I-485 any time after the I-130 has been filed in by the applicant’srelative. The Form I-130 filed in by the applicant’s US citizen relative should be either inpending status or approved. A copy of the notice of Action, Form I-797 or a copy of the formI-130 should accompany the applicant’s I-485. If the I-130 has been denied, then the applicantcannot file in I-485.Applying for a family based green card while outside the USWhen the foreign applicant’s immigrant petition (I-130) that was filed by a US citizen sponsor isapproved and a visa number is also available immediately, then this is the right time to apply foran immigrant visa at the US consulate abroad. The US Department of State will send anotification to the applicant as to when he/she is eligible to apply for a visa. If the immigrantvisa application is not filed within a year of getting the notification, then the US Department ofState will terminate the petition.Procedure for filing for a family based green cardThe forms that are used for this purpose can be completed online or in person. Onlinepreparation of these forms helps reduce errors and thus eliminates the chance of them gettingrejected. When a US citizen sponsor is filing the I-130 alone and is in the US, he/she needs tosend the completed form with all the required supporting documents and the fee to theUSCIS/immigration INS/USIS Chicago Lockbox facility. In case of current filing both the the
  2. 2. forms should be kept in the same envelope and mailed in to the Chicago lockbox facility alongwith the documents and filing fee.The applicant may choose to receive an email notification or a text message notification of theacceptance of the application. For this a completed form G-1145(E Notification of applicationacceptance) should be sent in along with the application form.For other immigration articles please visit us @ http://www.immigrationdirect.com/immigration-articles/