Useful tips on how to get immigrant visas


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Useful tips on how to get immigrant visas

  1. 1. Useful Tips on How to Get Immigrant VisasA foreign national must get an immigrant visa to immigrate to the United States and to livethere permanently. There are different types of immigrant visas that are available for thepeople who wish to immigrate to the United states. It is not a very easy task to immigrate toAmerica and it involves filing various USCIS forms and various steps are involved in theimmigrant visa process.Generally, to immigrate to the United States and to apply for an immigrant visa, a foreignnational must be sponsored by a US citizen relative, US Green Card holder or by a potentialemployer. Once you decide to immigrate to the United States, the first step that you must takeis to file an immigrant visa application with the USCIS. An appropriate form depending on yourcategory must be filed.If the foreign national is sponsored by a US citizen or a lawful permanent resident sponsorwho is residing in the United States, the person who is sponsoring must file Form I-130,Petition for Alien Relative, with the USCIS Chicago or the Phoenix Lockbox facility. If a USemployer is offering a job to a foreign national, the potential employer must file Form I-140,Petition for Alien Worker.The immigrant visa petition filed by the US citizen family member or the employer must beapproved by USCIS. After the immigrant visa petition is approved by USCIS, the preliminaryprocessing of the visa with the Department of State, National Visa Center, will begin.It is the duty of the National Visa Center(NVC) to provide instructions to the sponsors and visaapplicants. The NVC will review the required Affidavit of Support forms submitted by thesponsors. It will receive the required fees, application forms and other supporting documentsthat are required. Certain immigrant visa categories are assigned a numerical limit. For suchcategories, the NVC will contact the applicant after the priority date becomes current.After verification of the required documents, the NVC will schedule an interview with USEmbassies or Consulates. The immigrant visa case files of the applicants will be sent by theNVC, to the US Embassy or the Consulate, where the interview is scheduled. After you get aninterview appointment from the NVC, you must get prepared for the immigrant visa interview.You must prepare for the medical exam and make sure that you possess all the requiredoriginal documents to be submitted at the time of the interview.Diversity Visa Program is another way through which a foreign national may obtain animmigrant visa to immigrate to the United States. This program provides visas to applicantsdrawn from countries with low immigration rates to America. The other immigrant typesrequire a US sponsor, but the Diversity Visa (DV) program does not require a US sponsor. Italso does not require a visa petition.