How to fill the uscis form i 90


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How to fill the uscis form i 90

  1. 1. How to Fill the USCIS Form I-90?The USCIS Form I-90 may be used by the Green Card holders or the lawful permanentresidents, to replace or renew their existing Green Cards.Conditional permanent residents also may use this form to replace their existing conditionalGreen Cards. They may not use this form for renewal as they must apply to removeconditions on their conditional Green Card using a different USCIS forms.If you are a lawful permanent resident and if you possess a Green Card which is valid for 10years, you must renew the Green Card, which will expire within the next 6 months. The GreenCard renewal process may be done by filing the paper version of the form or by filing the formonline. • To apply online you may choose the E-Filing Form I-90, Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card. • To apply by mail, you may file the paper version of green card renewal form I-90, Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card.Electronic Filing of the USCIS Form I-90, Renew or Replace a Green Card OnlineThe E-Filing Process consists of three steps. The first step is to enter the E-Filing log-in pageand fill the online version of form I-90. Once you fill out all the required details on the form,you will be provided a checklist containing the required supporting documents. You must sendthe supporting documents and the initial evidence as soon as possible, because theprocessing of your form will not start until the USCIS receives the required documentation.This is the second step in filing Form I-90 online. You must send the required supportingdocuments by mail.After the USCIS receives the documentation that you send, you will receive a noticeregarding your biometrics appointment. You may not be called for a biometricsappointment immediately and this process may also take several weeks. The USCISmay require certain other documentations while you appear for your biometricsappointment. You will be required to take with you certain photo identification documentsissued by the government. You may be required to provide copies of your passport, yourdrivers license, military photo identification or a photo identification card issued by thestate. You must also not fail to take with you, your biometrics appointment notice thatwas sent to you.If you file Form I-90 to replace a Green Card, in order to change the biographic data such asname change, you will be required to provide the original court order, which reflects yourname change, at the Application Support Center. You may also submit certified copies of thecourt order or marriage certificate, indicating your legal change of name. If your apply in orderto replace your permanent resident card to change any other biographic data, you mustsubmit copies of documentation which proves that the new information is correct. If GreenCard replacement is required based on a USCIS administrative error, you must provide avalid explanation, regarding the error.You will also be allowed to change any information that you had provided on the Form I-90that you had submitted. To change information, you must bring evidence supporting thechange to the local Application Support Center.
  2. 2. When you apply to renew an expiring or an expired Green Card, you will receive TemporaryEvidence of Permanent Resident Status, at your scheduled appointment at the ApplicationSupport Center. Your Green Card will be extended and you may use that as a temporaryevidence of your permanent resident status, in the United States.After the USCIS processes your USCIS form I-90 and after it it approved, a new Green Cardvalid for 10 years will be sent to you by mail.