Dreamers, check the immigration policy ce


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Dreamers, check the immigration policy ce

  1. 1. Dreamers, Check the Immigration Policy Center for A Q&A Section on Deferred ActionIt is well known that the deferred action process, which will shelve the deportation of eligibleundocumented youth, was implemented on 15th August. As soon as the process wasimplemented, required information about the deferred action process and about filing Form I-821D, was made available by the USCIS. People who wish to request deferred action maycheck the Immigration Policy Center, where they can find the Q&A section, which will provideanswers to their questions. Below are a few questions that are frequently asked by theDREAMers, who look forward to request deferred action.What is deferred action?Deferred action policy implemented by the administration will grant a temporary relief fromdeportation, which means that you will be able to remain in the country for a two-year period,on receiving deferred action. This process in not the DREAM Act which is likely to grant apermanent relief and is also not amnesty. Eligible applicants must understand that they maynot obtain any kind of legal status by receiving deferred action and this process will neverallow the recipients to become US citizens.Who are the undocumented immigrants who are eligible for deferred action?This process has been brought forward by the administration to give a chance to eligibleundocumented immigrants who through no fault on their parts, entered the country illegally,before the age of 16. This process also applies to people who initially got into the countrylegally but later became illegals because of overstaying their temporary visas. Anundocumented immigrant who seeks to receive deferred action, must not be above age 31and below 16, at the time of filing his request. Similarly, the applicant must be in school ormust be a graduate, without any kind of criminal background.What are the USCIS forms that I must file to request deferred action?You must file few other USCIS forms along with Form I-821D, to request deferred action. Asthe recipients of deferred /accion diferida will become eligible to receive work permits, youmust file Form I-765 and I-765WS, for employment authorization. If you wish to know whenyour application is accepted, you may file Form G-1145, so that you will be sent a testmessage or an e-mail when your application is accepted.Is there a deadline before which I must file an application to request deferred action?USCIS has not announced a particular date before which eligible applicants must fileapplications to request deferred action. However, you may file Form I-821D, as soon aspossible.What other benefits will be granted to deferred action recipients?Deferred action recipients will receive renewable work permits and they will also receive otherbenefits such as drivers licenses. They can renew deferred action and the work permits bythe end of the 2 year period.What are the supporting documents that must submitted along with Form I-821D?Your request, without the required supporting documents may not be considered by theUSCIS. To prove that you entered the country as a minor and to prove your age, you mayprovide your birth certificate. School records, medical records, etc, may be provided to prove
  2. 2. that you have been living in the country for the past five years without long breaks. Andvarious other relevant documents such as military ID, school ID, GED or school completioncertificates, passport, travel tickets, Form I-94, etc, may be submitted to establish that you areeligible to receive deferred action.If you require more information, you may check the Q&A section of the Immigration PolicyCenter. However, you must remember that you will have to file Form I-821D along with theUSCIS Forms I-765 and I-765WS, to request deferred action and to get a work permit. Makesure that you pay $465, while submitting your deferred action request.Posted athttp://immigration-ins.webs.com/