Does u.s. immigration provide a complete


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Does u.s. immigration provide a complete

  1. 1. Does U.S. Immigration Provide a Complete List of Rules Of Travel for Lawful Permanent Residents?The US immigration law has provided a complete list of travel rules for Green Card holders. Aforeign national is granted certain rights along with permanent resident status in the country. AGreen Card holder may travel freely around the country but with few restrictions. Such travelrules are provided by the USCIS. To travel abroad, a lawful permanent resident must presenthis passport from his home country. He may also be required to hold a valid visa, according tothe requirement. In order to re-enter the country, the permanent resident will have to presenthis valid Green Card at the US port of entry. He may also be required to present his passportor some other national ID, in order to make sure that he is eligible to enter into the country.However, a prolonged travel may affect the immigration status of a Green Card holder. Peoplewho travel for a short period of time need not worry as a brief travel may not affect thepermanent resident status of a Green Card holder. If at any point of time, the US immigrationofficers determine that you do not have an intention to reside permanently in the UnitedStates, your immigration status may be at risk. US immigration officers will consider variousfactors to make sure that your abroad trip is only temporary and that you do not have a planto abandon your status in the United States, before allowing you to enter into the country.Your family ties in the United States, property, employment and your tax returns, play animportant role and will also help you to prove that you intend to remain permanently in theUnited States. Similarly, your US mailing address, US bank accounts and your US driverslicense will also help you to prove that your absence from the country is only temporary.You will not be allowed to re-enter America with a valid Green Card, if you had remainedoutside America for more than a 365 days. However, you may obtain a re-entry permit, if youintend to remain outside the country for less than two years. To get that permit, you need tofile Form I-131, before you leave the country. A re-entry permit will allow you to travel abroadfor a year and more, even if you are a conditional permanent resident. You need not obtain areturning resident visa to re-enter the United States, if you hold a valid re-entry permit.However, you will be allowed to re-enter America, only after you are considered to beadmissible, though you hold a valid re-entry permit.A re-entry permit will not be valid if you reside in a foreign country for more than two years. Insuch cases, to re-enter the United States, you need to apply for and obtain SB-1 returningresident visa from an overseas US Embassy or Consulate. If you apply for a returningresident visa, you will have to establish your eligibility for an immigrant visa and you also needto undergo a medical examination. However, according to the travel rules for permanentresidents, if you remain outside the country for six months and more, you may not be able tomeet the requirements for naturalization, related to continuous residency. In suchcircumstances, if you intend to travel abroad for a year or more and if you seek to preserveyour residency for naturalization purposes, according to the US immigration travel rules forGreen Card holders, you may file Form N-470, Application to Preserve Residence forNaturalization Purposes, to do so.Posted at