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  • Key points:The storage efficiency capabilities of ONTAP are second to none, delivering substantial savings to both Capex and Opex.Script:Storage efficiency is something lots of people talk about, so I’d like to take a minute to show you what’s so different about our approach. To us, storage efficiency is not a feature, it is a way of designing—it’s a commitment to a long-termtechnology agenda where we exploit every possible opportunity to drive the cost per gigabyte down.There are multiple agendas we employ. We design for using the lowest cost components (like SATA drives) and we provide either a performance acceleration or a reliability profile to those SATA drives which is very, very different than what the raw building block can do. So combination of SATA with software innovation in the brain like RAID Dual-Parity, while being able to apply Flash as a technology for performance acceleration, suddenly leads to an endpoint where, for half the cost, you get double the capacity for the same performance.When you talk about getting different results “twice as much for half the cost” is a great example.We also employ a variety of data reduction techniques, whether it is primary level dedupe, compression, or others--there are a variety of data reduction techniques that reduce the amount of data on the disk and traveling over the network. We also go after your raw utilization, where, if you have a bucket, you can force more into it. You can apply thin provisioning, you can apply the fact that with a unified architecture you don’t have stranded assets in the various silos that drives overall utilization up.And finally, you can make fewer copies. One of the biggest cost drivers in the storage infrastructure is the fact that every time a primary copy of data is created, roughly about 20 to 25 copies of that data get created--whether it’s test and development copies, backup copies, or disaster recovery copies--these are full copies of data, and they all require raw storage. So if you can eliminate any of those copies, by providing those copies to the applications in a virtualized environment, you reduce the cost of storage.So storage efficiency is a way of thinking. We are seeking every single way in which we can drive the dollar per effective gigabyte down. Our recent market share gains are proof that customers like you are seeing these kinds of results, and coming back for more. They get familiar with our storage efficiency story, and they begin to realize that they can apply us in more applications, because they can get benefit of the lower dollar per gigabyte. That’s what an mature storage operating system can do.
  • Goal of Slide: Highlight NetApp’s SMVI technology for data protection for your VMware environment. Key Points:SnapManager® for Virtual Infrastructure works with VMware vCenter, automating and simplifying management of backup and restore operations. Your VMware administrators now have an easy-to-use management tool to create application-consistent backups for their virtual machines. Additionally, they can instantly recover a datastore, VM, VMDK, or an individual file within a VM guest.Enhance your disaster recovery operations: SnapManager for Virtual Infrastructure can be used to trigger SnapMirror® updates upon backup completion, enabling your latest backup copies to reside at a secondary site.SMVI allows you to:Eliminate backup windows via near-instantaneous, application-consistent, Snapshot™ copies. Automate and simplify backup management for your VMware® environments. Restore datastores, VMs, VMDKs, or guest OS files rapidly in the event of failure. Enable VMware administrators to manage backup and recovery.
  • vSphere 5 is certified on Data ONTAP, FAS, V-Series for NFS, FC, FCoE, & iSCSI. VAAI for SAN and NFS are available now. VASA Provider in Beta.Virtual Storage Console plugs into vCenter 5 for VM lifecycle management. NetApp SRA available for SRM 5.vShield 5 integrates with NetApp’s Secure Multi-Tenancy (SMT) solution.vCO Plug-in offers intelligent policy-based provisioning from Storage Service Catalog forvCD 1.5.Snap Creator delivers intelligent policy-based vApp backup and recovery for vCD 1.5
  • Goal of slide: Illustrate how NetApp has unique value in provisioning capabilities, to match the provisioning capabilities that VMware brings to the servers.Key Points:Most businesses highly value an IT infrastructure that can quickly respond to change, and that can quickly take advantage of new applications and capabilities. So the ability to rapidly move through test, development, and deployment activities is very important.Traditional storage systems struggle to support rapid rollouts. Test, dev, and deployment activities typically revolve around generating physical copies of data or VMs, which takes both time and disk space.NetApp uniquely enables instant virtual copies, which do not require any data to be copied and are much faster than alternative approaches. The FAS3070 VeriTest study indicated that it takes 7 seconds to clone a LUN on NetApp, and 27 minutes to clone a LUN on EMC CLARiiON (check).With the ability to create instant virtual copies, test, dev, and deployment activities for virtualized servers can be substantially accelerated.Notes: Comparison of cloning times is from a VeriTest study of NetApp FAS3070 versus EMC CX3-80. See the full report at
  • Goal of Slide: Introduce two technologies from VMware and NetApp that deliver non-disruptive data mobility.Key Points:VMware’s Storage vMotion enables live migration of virtual machine disk files across storage arrays. VMware Storage vMotion lets you relocate virtual machine disk files between and across shared storage locations while maintaining continuous service availability and complete transaction integrity. Storage vMotion allows Virtual Admins to mange VM performance and storage utilization.NetApp’s Data Motion lets you easily and quickly migrate data across multiple storage systems while maintaining continuous access to your applications. The result is that you can keep your shared storage infrastructure running as you add capacity, update infrastructure technology, and balance performance.NetApp Data Motion integrates three proven NetApp software technologies—MultiStore®, SnapMirror®, and Provisioning Manager—to provide live data migration for virtual environments. You are now able to keep your clients and applications connected to their data regardless of where that data physically resides.You can now implement a truly multi-tenant storage infrastructure with the highest possible service levels since traditional planned downtime will be a thing of the past. Scheduling routine maintenance, software upgrades, and technology refresh will be greatly simplified since individual hardware outages do not affect data availability. This is particularly important for virtual server environments and for IT as a Service offerings in which mobility and 24x7 availability are considered as table stakes.
  • Goal of Slide: introduce topic of data mobility and NetApp’s Data Motion.Note: Data Motion’s support for all environments and all configurations is evolving. Please check latest technical content for Data Motion before presenting details to customers.Key Points:NetApp’s Data Motion lets you easily and quickly migrate data across multiple storage systems while maintaining continuous access to your applications. The result is that you can keep your shared storage infrastructure running as you add capacity, update infrastructure technology, and balance performance.NetApp Data Motion integrates three proven NetApp software technologies—MultiStore®, SnapMirror®, and Provisioning Manager—to provide live data migration for virtual environments. You are now able to keep your clients and applications connected to their data regardless of where that data physically resides.Business needsNo planned downtime forStorage capacity expansionScheduled maintenance outagesTechnology refreshSoftware upgradesImproved SLA flexibilityDynamic load balancingAdjustable storage tiersApplication transparencyPerformanceTransaction integrityAllows live migration of the secure multitenant containers from one system to another.This solution combines Provisioning Manager, MultiStore, SnapMirror to migrate vFilers from one system to another.Available in Data ONTAP 7.3.3
  • Joint solution that maintains application performance during long distance VM migrations Combines Cisco IP network, NetApp FAS with FlexCache, and VMware VMotion/Storage vMotion Leverages FlexCache to create local copies of remote dataIdeal for application migrations, technology updates and hardware maintenanceNetApp advantages:Simplest (IP, NFS-based)Broadest platform supportMost storage-efficientJointly validated
  • Goal of Slide: As storage administrators and IT managers use Insight Balance, they typically leverage it to predict and resolve performance problems, optimize workloads, plan capacity to provide the best possible performance level for the lowest cost, and manage the infrastructure service supporting the applications. In the next several slides we will examine these use cases.
  • Key features of vCloud Director:Abstraction and pooling of hardware resources into service offeringsAutomation and management to build internal and external cloudsVirtual datacentersSupport for multi-tenant environmentsInfrastructure service catalogSelf-service portal interfaceAutomation and orchestration with VMware vCenter Orchestrator™ and 3rd party partnersOpen standards: vCloud APIs, Open Virtualization Format
  • Customer data is isolated but still provide movement of tenants when needed for load balancing, operational reasons, etc.
  • Goal of the Slide: Provide overview of FlexPodKey Points:FlexPod is about an integrated infrastructure building block for all virtualization solutions that is backed by an integrated sales and support process and delivered by your favorite system integrator.Proven and highly scalable infrastructure – this is based on all the environments we have built together including: large scale VDI, our own engineering development labs, and the integration and knowledge we have from the Secure Multi-Tenancy (SMT) infrastructure as a Service architecture.FlexPod for VMware is a virtualized infrastructure foundation that supports a wide range of applications and existing Cisco Validated Design.The FlexPod supports the journey from consolidation, virtualization, shared infrastructure through to ITaaS – with a wide number of existing CVDs being supported on the FlexPod – deployment details will be provided in updates to these CVDs.We have chosen FAS3240A based on price performance and fit for wide range of customers.Primary positioning is all about simplicity at the C-Level.A lower level discussion is that the storage array can be substituted with smaller (or larger) systems, but the FlexPod retains it’s integrity and single architecture.
  • Goal of the Slide: Provide detailed components of FlexPodKey Points:This is the FlexPod reference BoM. We have chosen FAS3210A and matched it to appropriate compute to support 1,500 users for these four popular workloads simultaneously: virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, and SQL Server—and it provides sufficient headroom for additional applications.The storage array can be substituted with larger (or smaller) systems, likewise the blades configuration can be tuned to specific workload requirements, but the FlexPod retains its integrity and single architecture.Scale up by either using a standard FlexPod each time or by scaling individual resources. However, regardless of the number of FlexPods or the capacity in each layer of the infrastructure, it’s always managed as pooled resources, not individual FlexPods.Note Nexus 5548 – latest Nexus series switch offering 10GbE, FC / FCoE and fabric servicesVIC = Virtual Interface Card (M81KR) - Proposition Low Risk – Proven and Detailed Deployment Guides, for a wide range of applications Efficiency – Highest possible efficiency Flexible – Scale Up/Scale Out
  • Goal of the Slide: Demonstrate the FLEXibility of FlexPodKey Points:The FlexPod is not a fix configuration. It provides an excellent starting point as shared infrastructure for organizations that want to run mixed workloads. The starting point is the MS Productivity Applications, but the FlexPod architecture allows different resources to be scaled while maintaining the same design and implementations.The initial sizing guide covers the MS Applications (VDI Windows 7, MS Exchange 2010, SharePoint 2010, MS SQL 2008) and over time will cover many different applications.
  • VMW View ?VDI = same costs, more secure, easy to roll out patches and updates, same SLAsBalance perf, user exp, costsPoint: Validate for the partner that the opportunities to make money with virtual desktop are increasing and discussing some of the key drivers and market dynamics that are happening in this space. WIIFY: Every virtual desktop opportunity brings with it a requirement for enterprise storage which represents a net-new opportunity for the partner.Notes:Opportunities for desktop virtualization are expanding past POCs for a myriad of reasons and this is validated by what we are seeing with SW vendors and with the market dynamics.As virtual desktop opportunities expand it also creates new requirement for the customer and a net-new opportunity for partners to sell storage. Since cost (specifically storage cost) is one of the inhibitors to desktop virtualization NetApp storage efficiencies play extremely well in desktop virtualization environments (e.g., dedupe, thin provisioning, Flash Cache, WAFL…) so we are well positioned to capitalize on these opportunitiesVirtual desktop is growing beyond the early adopters. The huge market growth that Analysts predicted last year is happening this year. A lot of that is due to economy, but also due to a maturity of technology in the virtual desktop space.Windows 7 migration is a big driver for virtual desktops. Many organizations skipped Vista and now must move up to Win7. Customers will either upgrade the traditional way, which includes signing up for another HW refresh cycle, or they’ll bite the bullet and move to virtual desktops. For those that have been on the fence, Win7 gives them a good reason to virtualize the desktop. So timing is good. All the vendors are banking that Win7 migration will be a key part of their desktop virt strategy.Over 90 million copies of Win7 sold. VMware View 4.5 is soon to be released probably at VMWorld. Expect to see key messaging from VMware around “cost per seat”, “end user experience”, and PCoIP.Microsoft owns the desktop space so no surprise to see them getting aggressive with virtual desktop. Their stated enterprise strategy is Citrix XenDesktop on Hyper-V. MS also has solutions to accommodate SMB customersWe are seeing key technology from other third party vendors that , integrate, overlap and/or co-exist with Citrix, VMware and MS solutions. Specifically solutions from Quest, Desktone, and Dynamic Ops. Good news is that NetApp partners with these guys also.
  • © 2011 NetApp, Inc. All rights reserved. No portions of this document may be reproduced without prior written consent of NetApp, Inc. Specifications are subject to change without notice. NetApp, the NetApp logo, Go further, faster, Data ONTAP, and FlexCache are trademarks or registered trademarks of NetApp, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Linux is a registered trademark of LinusTorvalds. UNIX is a registered trademark of The Open Group. All other brands or products are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders and should be treated as such.
  • Net app virtualization preso

    1. 1. Virtualize Your Datacenter, Accelerate Your Business Jean Banko VMware Storage Solutions 1
    2. 2. The NetApp and VMware Global Alliance  Tens of thousands of joint customers  Virtualization Escalation Team for joint support  Reference platform for iSCSI and NFS  All NetApp products are VMware certified  Deep engineering-level collaboration  Actively engaged across all levels  Mutual global partners 2
    3. 3. Business Critical Apps is Next Wave of Virtualization 67% 47% 42% 34% 28% 53% 38% 43% APR 2011 25% MS Exchange MS SharePoint 28% MS SQL Oracle Middleware 25% Oracle DB 18% JAN 2010 SAP Source: VMware customer survey, VMware vSphere customer install base, January 2010, sample size 1038 Data: Total number of instances of that workload deployed in your organization and the percentage of those instances that are virtualized 4 4
    4. 4. Preference for NetApp Gains Momentum Forrester Global Virtual Server Environment Surveys Storage Choices for Virtual Server Environments  Preference for NetApp grows strongly from 24% in 2008 to 38% in 2010  NetApp and EMC lead all others 2008 2010 ―Storage Choices For Virtual Server Environments‖, Forrester Research Inc., January 15, 2009 ―Storage Choices For Virtual Server Environments, Q1, 2011‖, Forrester Research Inc., March 15, 2011 6
    5. 5. Best Storage for Virtualized Environments  Best-in-Class Data Protection  The Most Efficient Storage  The Most Flexible IT Infrastructure 9
    6. 6. Instantaneous, Storage-Efficient Backup The Problem NetApp Snapshot™ Solution  Tape is slow, complex  Backups built-in to the storage  Streaming backups take too long  Instantaneous backup and recovery  Recoveries are slow  Low storage overhead  Recovery points are limited  Frequent, application consistent CPU Utilization CPU Utilization Storage Pool Traditional Backup Is NOT Practical Fast, Affordable, and Simple Backup and Restores 10
    7. 7. Data Protection Against Any Failure VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager VMware HA MetroCluster SnapMirror Snapshot copies Building 1 SnapVault Building 2 DR Site Issue NetApp User error : Instant backups; end-user recovery Data corruption: Instantaneous restores System or site failure: Transparent failover Regional disasters: Recover in minutes 13
    8. 8. Secure Multi-Tenancy Industry’s only end-to-end secure multi-tenancy solution HR Apps vSphere™ • • vShield Zones • vCenter™ BU Apps Core Apps VMware VMware VMware  Securely isolate shared compute, network, and storage resources  Consistent QoS at each layer  Manage each resource pool independently as a dynamic asset • Nexus 1000V • Nexus 2000/5000/7000 • UCS • 10GbE  Reduce risk and cost while boosting IT agility  A Cisco Validated Design  Security audited by ICSA Labs • MultiStore® • NetApp Data Motion™ • NFS/iSCSI  PCI compliant HR BU APP 14
    9. 9. Best Storage for Virtualized Environments  Best-in-Class Data Protection  The Most Efficient Storage  The Most Flexible IT Infrastructure 15
    10. 10. ONTAP Platform: Designed for Efficiency Low-cost components  SATA drives  RAID-DP®  Flash Cache Data reduction  Dedupe  Compression  Thin Replication Increased utilization  Thin Provisioning  Unified architecture $ Data Growth SATA/ RAID-DP Snapshot™ Technology Thin Provisioning Cloning Deduplication Compression Flash Cache Storage Fewer full copies  FlexClone®  Deduped backup 16
    11. 11. VSC Simplifies Management Overview  End to end storage management capabilities for VMware admin  New unified plug-in VI Admin VM lifecycle management VM Lifecycle      Discover / View Provision / Clone Patch / Optimize Backup / Recovery / DR Cleanup Setup  Datastore discovery  Optimize host settings  View controller health Deploy  Provision datastores  Create rapid clones  VAAI  Misalignment detection Automation Storage Pool Policies Storage Admin Maintain  Redeploy VMs from template  View utilization  Resize datastores  H/W assist lock Protect  Fast, efficient backups  Rapidly restore  Automatic replication Decommission  Unregister VMs  Detach from hosts  Destroy storage objects 18
    12. 12. Virtualization Guarantee Program 50 ―During the see an ―We now research phase of your83% average of next storage purchasing reductions in cycle, ask each redundant data vendor ifVMware® on our it offers a capacity savings or system.‖ utilization guarantee.‖ Jonathan Davis, Duke Institute Gartner Inc. Nov 2008 April Adams for Genome Sciences and Capacity Savings and Storage Policy Utilization Guarantees: What's Included, and Are They Worth Considering? Use NetApp for your virtual environments, and we guarantee* you will use less storage  50% less with NetApp systems  35% less on your existing systems * For terms and conditions go to 23
    13. 13. Best Storage for Virtualized Environments  Best-in-Class Data Protection  The Most Efficient Storage  The Most Flexible IT Infrastructure 24
    14. 14. Comprehensive Integration VMware vCloud Director VMware vCloud Director vShield 5  Secure resource & data isolation vCloud Director 1.5 vDC vDC vDC vDC  Datastore provisioning (vCO plug-in for NetApp)  vCloud backup & recovery VMware vCenter Server vSphere 5 VAAI vCenter 5 Plug-ins       Monitoring & host configuration Provisioning & cloning Backup & recovery OnCommand Insight tools OnCommand Chargeback DR failover/failback w/ SRM 5 VASA Provider  Storage topology & capabilities  Events and alarms  SDRS guidance on capacity VMware vSphere      Full Copy Block Zero HW Assist Locking Hole Punching Thin Provisioning Suspend vSphere 5  Storage I/O Control (SIOC)  Multi-pathing (ALUA)  Storage Array Type Plug-in (SATP)  Path Selection Policy (PSP) 25
    15. 15. Be Agile with Instant Storage Provisioning Traditional Storage Provisioning for VMs Full capacity NetApp Provisioning for VMs ―The FlexClone® feature allows our DBAs to establish new development and test environments in minutes instead of days.‖ - Mark Tuttle Sr. Engineering Mgr. Minimal capacity 26
    16. 16. Application Mobility Primary Site Secondary Site APP APP OS OS APP APP APP APP OS OS OS OS Use Case Solution Host load balancing or maintenance VMware vMotion Datastore capacity management VMware Storage vMotion 27
    17. 17. Application Mobility Primary Site Secondary Site APP APP OS OS APP APP APP APP OS OS OS OS Use Case Solution Host load balancing or maintenance VMware vMotion Datastore capacity management VMware Storage vMotion Array balancing, maintenance or refresh NetApp Data Motion 28
    18. 18. OnCommand Insight Balance Raises IT intelligence with KPIs  Reduce costs by using storage and servers more efficiently in shared infrastructures – Predict and troubleshoot resource contention, hot spots, and bottlenecks – Optimize workload for efficient use of resources – Plan capacity to enable constant operation at the best possible performance level for the lowest cost – Manage infrastructure service supporting applications Performance Capacity Analytics Provide Intelligence Instead of Data 30
    19. 19. Save Time and Money Resolve issues quickly VM Server Storage App  Map service health  Get intelligence, not just data points  Leverage key performance indicators 31
    20. 20. The Broadest Range of Unified Storage Fabric-attached storage family  Unified storage—CIFS, NFS, FC, FCoE, and iSCSI  Tiered storage from mission critical to archival  Common software, interface, and management tools  Support for heterogeneous storage with V-Series Data ONTAP®: Foundation of the Storage Pool FAS2000s FAS3000s FAS6000s V-Series HP EMC HDS 34
    21. 21. Proven Success 35
    22. 22. Summary: Key NetApp Differentiators The most efficient, flexible foundation for VMware  Be fast and efficient – Save 50% on storage in virtual environments – guaranteed – Deduplicate primary data – even on 100 TB volumes – Clone and provision thousands of VMs in minutes – Improve performance by 50% without adding storage tiers  Automate application availability – Use one solution for instant backup; restore; cost-effective DR – Eliminate downtime; migrate data and apps non-disruptively  Align to and accelerate the business – Gain end-to-end visibility and analysis from a single console that that integrates with VMware and orchestration solutions – Empower VI admins with advanced storage capabilities that can be executed from a single VMware console 36
    23. 23. VMware Cloud Infrastructure and Management on NetApp Solution 37
    24. 24. Jointly Enabling Cloud Services  Joint cloud solution from VMware and NetApp VMware vCloud Director Catalogs Virtual Datacenter 1 (Gold) VMware vCenter Server Security Virtual Datacenter n (Silver) VMware vShield VMware vCenter Server VMware vCenter Server VMware vCenter Server VMware vSphere VMware vSphere VMware vSphere ® NetApp OnCommand™ Management Suite Service Catalog Policy Infrastructure Service Measurement Service Analytics NetApp Backup & Recovery VMware vCenter Orchestrator User Portals  vSphere 5, vCenter 5, vCloud Director 1.5, vShield 5  Policy-based resource automation and orchestration  Validated reference architecture 38
    25. 25. Secure Multi-Tenancy VMware vShield Edge VMware vCloud Director Org vDCs VMware vCloud Director Provider vDCs Org 1 Org 2 Org 3 Org 4 VMware vShield Zones vDCs vDCs VMware vSphere vDCs  End-to-end secure resource and data isolation  vShield Edge provides perimeter security enforcement and isolation for each tenant  MultiStore provides data isolation for security and QoS Cisco Nexus Unified Fabric NetApp Unified Storage with MultiStore™ Org 1,2 Org 3 Org 4  Automated chargeback for private, public, and hybrid clouds 40
    26. 26. Intelligent Policy-based Provisioning VMware vCloud Director Tenants VM VM VM VM Cloud Admin VMware vSphere VM Datastore VM Disk Storage NetApp Storage System VM VM VM VMware vCenter Orchestrator and vCO Plug-in for NetApp  Automates rapid provisioning of infrastructure resources and virtual datacenters  Enables pre-defined service levels from a single pane of glass  Provisions services levels with NetApp Storage Service Catalog  Deploys new space-efficient VMs and vApps instantly 41
    27. 27. Intelligent Policy-based Data Protection Integrated Data Protection vApps Org 1 vDC  Preserves the cloud architecture  Enables fast, space-efficient, point-in-time backup copies Provider vDC  Retains tenant service levels, even if ported to another cloud infrastructure  Provides granular-level backup and recovery of the cloud, including vApps, Org vDCs, VMs, and datastores Org 2 vDC Org 3 vDC Provider vDC VMware VMware vCenter Server vCenter Server VMware vSphere VMware vSphere Org 4 vDC Provider vDC VMware vCenter Server VMware vSphere Cloud Admin  Integrates with advanced replication and retention policies 42
    28. 28. Cloud Benefits are Real  Deliver 24x7 business and education services  Satisfy requests within hours  Provision servers/storage in minutes  Use 80% less capacity for VMware datastores  Save 7TB with deduplication ―With VMware cloud infrastructure and management on NetApp, we were able to move to a secure private cloud that offers unprecedented flexibility to expand in any direction, fluidly move resources, and quickly provision services.‖ Daniel Morgenstern, manager, Windows and Virtualization, Franklin University IT  Deliver predictable monthly costs  Meet stringent business continuity and disaster recovery service levels  Provide anywhere, anytime access  Increase reliability ―Customers can choose to keep some applications onsite, some in a public cloud, and some on the Zumasys platform with portability between locations. With this solution, we can provide a more flexible and affordable path to the cloud for our customers.‖ Paul Giobbi, president, Zumasys 43
    29. 29. VMware on FlexPod The Foundation for Mixed Workloads, VDI and Cloud 45
    30. 30. VMware on FlexPod Presized, validated data center base  Supports 1,500 users and 4 workloads ® VMware , vSphere™ and vCenter™ – VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure – Microsoft® Exchange/SharePoint®/SQL® – Plus headroom for multiple applications ® Cisco UCS B-Series and UCS Manager ® Cisco Nexus Family switches: Cisco Nexus 1000V  Flexibility to support multiple classes of computing and storage in a single FlexPod™  Proven results – ® NetApp FAS 10 GE and FCoE Reduce capital expenses by up to 60% – Cut energy costs by up to 80% – 50% more efficient data storage Three Industry Leaders, One Architecture 46
    31. 31. VMware on FlexPod Components VMware vSphere  vSphere™ Enterprise Plus  vCenter™ Standard Cisco Unified Fabric  2 Nexus 5548s with Fabric Service (per 3 FlexPod™ Configurations)  2 Nexus 1010s and Nexus 1000v Cisco UCS  2 Fabric Interconnect 6120s  3 B-Series 5108 Chassis  9 B-Series B250M2s + VIC  6 B-Series B200M2s + VIC NetApp FAS3210A  4 DS2246 450GB SAS Shelves  2 256GB Flash Caches  2 10Gbps IP Interfaces  4 4Gbps FC Interfaces  NetApp® Complete Bundle One Rack DC Solution  30 Westmere CPUs (180 Cores)  2TB Server Memory (Up to 4TB)  40Gbps Interconnect (4 x 10GbE)  512GB SSD Storage Cache  42TB Storage One Enterprise IT Infrastructure Catering for an organization of 1,500 users with a mixed workload of:  VMware® View 4.5 (Windows® 7)  MS Exchange 2010  MS SharePoint® 2010  MS SQL® Server 2008R2  Headroom for more applications Two classes of compute supporting dense memory and general virtualized workloads 47
    32. 32. Flex with Confidence Dev/Test VDI More compute Less storage Higher performance blades, more IOPS Starting Out DP/Backup CPU Memory Capacity IOPS Entry system Then scale up Production Balanced Infrastructure Less compute More storage 48
    33. 33. Cooperative Support Model Working together to resolve issues quickly Customer* Directly Contacts Vendor Suspected of Problem Enhanced Customer Support Experience Cross-Company Cooperation VMware Support Problem Resolved Cisco Support NetApp Support Case Escalation NetApp Engineering Cisco Engineering Problem Resolved VMware Engineering *Valid customer support contracts with all 3 companies are required 49
    34. 34. ExamWorks Achieves 3x Hypergrowth While Shrinking Costs $1.5M Business Impact  Enhance functionality; gain competitive edge  Scale for three times the number of sites  Reduce risk by ensuring compliance with HIPAA and URAC accreditation Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, ExamWorks is a fastgrowing independent medical examination (IME) and review company. Increased Flexibility  Achieve 5-nines availability of critical apps  Provision overnight vs. in 1 year Increased Efficiency  Avoid >$1.5M in IT expenditures  Support >2k employees with 3 racks/4 FTEs vs. 15 racks/25 FTEs 50
    35. 35. Essential Storage for Virtual Desktops 51
    36. 36. Desktop Virtualization is Here  Growing beyond early adopters  Windows 7 migration  Microsoft gets serious about VDI  VMware View 5 is ready  Citrix XenDesktop on vSphere or XenServer 52
    37. 37. Desktop Virtualization Considerations Cost User Experience Performance 53
    38. 38. Lower Costs with NetApp Pooled Desktops 90% Less Dedicated Desktops No Change No change Storage for virtual desktops starting at around $50 per seat 95% Less 90% Less User Data No change 35% Less Non-optimized Storage Desktop Virtualization Desktop Virtualization on NetApp 54
    39. 39. Storage Impact on Desktop Performance Read data block from disk Disk 55
    40. 40. NetApp Eliminates Boot and Logon Storms Boot time decreases 47% Storage workload decreases 50% Performance increases 71% Read data block from disk Disk Flash Cache Users aren’t affected during simultaneous boot or log on 56
    41. 41. Size for Performance and Capacity Dedupe-aware Flash Cache $$ Write I/O Optimization Performance (IOPS) 16000 Peak Load $$ $$ $$ $$ 8000 Steady State $$ $$ $$ $$ Deduplication $$ $$ 10 20 Sized for capacity 30 Sized for performance Capacity (TB) 57
    42. 42. Solving the VDI Performance Challenge Customer example Previous Storage Regional bank running 1000+ View desktops with major performance issues directly related to storage NetApp Solution 300 Disks 56 Disks Reboot operations 4 to 5 hour outage 10 minute outage Boot storms VDI servers are non-responsive Non-existent Login storm Logins staggered 4 second login Better Performance AND Lower Cost 58
    43. 43. NetApp Confidential - Internal Use Only 59
    44. 44. *The guarantee and related Program are limited by the terms set forth in the Program Guide and Acknowledgement and Guarantee Program document. The guarantee is applicable only to prospective orders placed after the Program effective date and is dependent on your compliance with the terms and conditions set forth at and any of the instruction sets and specifications set forth in the referenced documents. NetApp's sole and exclusive liability and your sole and exclusive remedy associated with the terms of this guarantee and related Program is the provision by NetApp of the additional storage capacity as set forth in this guarantee and related Program. © Copyright NetApp, Inc. All rights reserved. No portions of this document may be reproduced without prior written consent of NetApp, Inc. Specifications subject to change without notice. NetApp, the NetApp logo, Go further, faster, Data ONTAP, FlexClone, MultiStore, RAID-DP, SnapManager, SnapMirror, and Snapshot are trademarks or registered trademarks of NetApp, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. VMware is a registered trademark of VMware, Inc. All other brands or products are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders and should be treated as such. 60
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