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2nd Delegate Mailing


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  • 1. 1 Paruyr Sevak| 0014 Yerevan, Armenia|, | Email:
  • 2. So, what is in the XMAS Bag??? Content/menu XMAS Chair!!! About the Conference Agenda Events and Parties Registration and fees Venue and rules Discover Armenia Useful information OC contacts Our Partners 1 Paruyr Sevak| 0014 Yerevan, Armenia|, | Email:
  • 3. Message from XMAS Santa… Chair of the Conference Esteemed delegates at XMAS Conference in Armenia, My name is Antonio Henriques, currently serving AIESEC proudly and full heartedly in the position of Central Asia and Caucasus Coordinator. I have been asked to be the Chairperson of your wonderful Conference and it was with great pride and honor that I accepted to do so. XMAS is famous in many places, and has, since I first heard about it, occupied my goals and thoughts of conferences to attend, according to its great significance. Armenia and the neighboring AIESEC countries are at a very crucial stage in their development. They can, with the right steps, and moving swiftly in the right direction, achieve what few in AIESEC could ever imagine. This conference will be about AIESEC spirit and AIESEC value, people value, and the universal truth that will does triumph and that AIESEC members can forever be the example of performance, pride, smarts and consciousness to anyone in the World. This conference is not about discussing the objectives, it is about getting there and beyond, so come prepared! I look forward to seeing you, talking to you and working with you. We will all surprise many others, and XMAS will be a stepping stone in the voyage that will be this year of many breakthroughs and impossibilities made certainties. Your Chair at XMAS, Antonio 1 Paruyr Sevak| 0014 Yerevan, Armenia|, | Email:
  • 4. About XMAS Exchange Motivation Aspiration Seminar is the 2nd regional seminar held in sunny Armenia. This conference will serve as unique platform for newly recruited AIESEC members better to understand AIESEC core essence, product AIESEC brand, introduce them to AIESEC opportunities as well as promote exchange as a part of AIESEC experience. The conference is unique about the fact that it serves as the combination of two: new members can get to know to AIESEC activities and old members can work on developing strategies on regional cooperation and enhancing exchange opportunities thus fostering its development. The main objectives of the conference are: Fully understand the AIESEC product and AIESEC XP Promote X as a part of AIESEC core product Motivate delegates to contribute to the organizational and personal goals Know how to use the Competency model during their XP Know the X process and are ready to create new ways for X development Though the conference is recognized as regional, it will be attended not only by the delegates of Armenia neighboring countries but also overseas. Exchange Motivation Aspiration Seminar will gather within its frames a lot of international delegates, partners, alumni as well as AIESEC in Armenia current members. Logical Flow of the Conference 1 Paruyr Sevak| 0014 Yerevan, Armenia|, | Email:
  • 5. Agenda of the Conference 1 Paruyr Sevak| 0014 Yerevan, Armenia|, | Email:
  • 6. Events and Parties Global Village Start time: 22:00 Get Ready to show us the color of your nation? This It is the time to blend cultures, to mix costumes, to learn the similarities and differences of our cultures. Bring your national food, drinks, put on national clothes and become an ambassador of your country. Teach us your country’s language, dances; tell some stories which describe your motherland the best!!! Be creative in ways to engage the participants into entertaining games, skits, or activities!!! Friday 13 Your Nightmare This is the first party night. The theme is «Nightmare», the dresscode is '' As horrifying as you can'' Have a nice night... That’s a joke… ha ha ha The party is about ghosts, dwelves, horror heroes and other frightening creatures. The dresscode for the party is to be dressed like a devil, horrorful hero. The party music will be gothic, alternative, house-trance, a little pop. This is all you should know the rest you'll see at the place. New Year Is Coming Start time: 23:00 The Second Party Night is going to be more brighter. The dresscode is three, but you'll have to be dressed in bright clothes. Have a nice night!! I'm not joking! The music is mainly about Christmas, about New Year Eve. The games will be alcoholic with Armenian stile. Don't forget to make a wish..... 1 Paruyr Sevak| 0014 Yerevan, Armenia|, | Email:
  • 7. Registration and Fees Foreign Delegates Delegates Fee: 50 Euros Cancellation Fee: 25 Euros, if you are canceling within November 1-7 50 Euro within November 8-13 Armenian Delegates Delegates Fee: 16.000 AMD Cancellation Fee: 8.000 AMD, if you are canceling within November 1-7 16000 AMD within November 8-13 Late registration fee: 2000 AMD NOTE: All delegates registered after the deadline (October 20) will be considered as Late Registered Delegates and will be charged with Late Registration Fee. Damage fee is not included in Delegates fee and will be charged for each damaged item. Registration form is available on Deadline: October 20 Venue XMAS will be held in House of Writers hotel situated in the most famous resort in Armenia in Tsaghkadzor. House of Writers is located in the center of Tsaghkadzor, on a slope and next to the edge of the wood above. The staff is very professional and friendly. Rooms are well furnished and spacious. We put all our efforts to make your stay as pleasant as possible. RULES!!!!!!!  You are not permitted to smoke inside the building  No Alcohol  Don’t waste water and electricity  Don’t invite anyone to the venue 1 Paruyr Sevak| 0014 Yerevan, Armenia|, | Email:
  • 8.  Be on time for your breakfast/lunch/dinner and sessions  Care for the environment  Don’t damage furniture and other facilities  Don’t change your room without VPDS’s permission  Of course don’t forget to bring your XMAS MOOODDD!!!!!!  If you have any questions feel free to approach Delegate Help Desk There is a damage fee defined in case any of this rules are broken Qele-Qele to sunny Armenia!!!!!!!!! ...the land of sun, ancient monasteries, tasty fruits and vegetables, ancient culture of the world!!!! Armenia…cradle of civilization… In this much suffered but still alive and vivid bridge land between the civilizations of the East and West, North and South, you will gain your life changing experience, unforgettable impressions and memories, the biggest adventure of your existence. 1 Paruyr Sevak| 0014 Yerevan, Armenia|, | Email:
  • 9. Useful Links Info about Armenia (almost everything): Yerevan Zvatrnots International Airports More Armenian links Check the Exchange Rate at: Weather Government of Armenia Armenia Foreign Ministry 1 Paruyr Sevak| 0014 Yerevan, Armenia|, | Email:
  • 10. Conference Management XMAS Tree Conference Manager Ishkhan Margaryan +374 99 83 69 45 Agenda Managers OC OCP OC VP Finance OC VP ER OC VP C&IS OC VP DS Tatevik Hovhanisyan Qnarik Melkonyan Evgeniya Nigiyan Aram Vasilyan Armine Arakelyan +374 93 424 434 m +374 094 48 59 63 +374 91 335 781 arminka_a@yaho +374 093 83 03 99 +374 99 511 001 OC VP Events Aramayis Grigoryan +374 0099 41 42 99 1 Paruyr Sevak| 0014 Yerevan, Armenia|, | Email:
  • 11. XMAS Partners 1 Paruyr Sevak| 0014 Yerevan, Armenia|, | Email: