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What is Gamification? - Wanda Meloni - M2 reseach
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What is Gamification? - Wanda Meloni - M2 reseach


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Gamification is on everyone’s lips these days. Using game-like mechanics and systems to increase fun and engagement is a relatively new and expansive topic, subject to much debate and dialogue. …

Gamification is on everyone’s lips these days. Using game-like mechanics and systems to increase fun and engagement is a relatively new and expansive topic, subject to much debate and dialogue. Without a doubt: If "engagement" is the super metric of the next decade, then "gamification" is its elixir. What do we mean by gamification, featuring Wanda Meloni.

To mark this first-ever conference on an emerging field that will touch just about every business and social sector, we are pleased to exclusively unveil the first-ever research around codifying the size and growth potential for gamified goods, services and brands. Audience members will hear Wanda Meloni, M2 Research, describe for the first time the important findings of this one-of-a-kind months-long ressearch.

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  • Gaming in business models and daily interactionsUsing games as a template for engagement
  • Digital media and content creation = All are digital imagesCar commercials are predominately digitally created
  • NokiaNikeSeikoFord ExplorerHondaLouis Vuitton
  • DevHub – increased website design from 10% to 80%Huffington Post – 23 million readers, 800k now part of Huffington Social News NetworkNissan Leaf – Health meter measures eco-friendly driversMaxMara – The company’s first iPhone app Decode the Cube -win a trip to MilanEpicWin – Levels up your life with – 1.5 million users, Intuit acquired them for $170m
  • 11 Gamification Companies ConsultantsAgencies
  • User Engagement – 44%Brand Loyalty – 33%Brand Awareness – 22%
  • Education - 35% Feature Definition - 20% Implementation - 30%Completed Project - 15%
  • Entertainment – 42%Publishers –18%Consumer Goods – 15%Healthcare/Wellness – 10%Financial – 6%Retail – 5%Education – 3% Telecom – 1%= Reluctance in not seeing direct ROI. Look who is doing it in retail = Target.
  • Subscription - 55%Fixed Fee – 24%Other – 14% - staged production, test and evaluatePercent of Revenue – 7%
  • Gamification: 2011 - $100m - 2016 - $2.8b2012 - $196m2013 – $434m2014 - $860m2015 - $1.6bSocial Media Marketing – over $2b in 2011, $9.2b by 2016 Social Media Enterprise Solutions – over $700m in 2011
  • Is this taking us to Web 3.0Taking us beyond current design and interaction
  • Transcript

    • 1. Gamification - LEVEL 1
      Presented at Gamification Summit by Wanda Meloni, January 20, 2011
      M2 Research
    • 2. M2 Research Overview
      Company Overview
      M2 Research Covers:
      • Content Creation
      • 3. Games and Entertainment
      • 4. User/Consumer Segmentation: Profiles and Demographics
      • 5. Emerging Trends: Mobile, Microtransactions, Cloud
      • 6. Technology: Platforms, Tools, Production Pipelines
      Our Analysis Includes :
      • Market Reports, Newsletters, and Briefs
      • 7. Industry Surveys
      • 8. Customized Market Profiles and Analysis
      • 9. Assist Clients with Marketing, Competitive and Growth Strategies
    • M2’sView of Markets
    • 10. Consumer Engagement and Loyalty
      Customize products, collect points, spend on more products
      Source: M2 Research
    • 11. Gamification Today
      Huffington Post
      Nissan Leaf
    • 12. Gamification Survey – Level 1
      Survey Findings
      Source: M2 Research
    • 13. M2 Industry Study -Vendors
      Big Door Media
      Leapfrog Builders
    • 14. Gamification Features
      What are your clients currently asking for with game mechanics?
      Source: M2 Research
    • 15. Gamification Adoption Cycle
      What is the current breakdown of your clients on the gamification adoption curve?
      Source: M2 Research
    • 16. Gamification Industries
      How does your client base currently break down by industry?
      Source: M2 Research
    • 17. Gamification Business Models
      How do you charge for your service?
      Source: M2 Research
    • 18. Gamification Market Size
    • 19. Additional Survey Findings
      Gamification projects – almost entirely from marketing
      80% are completely focused on gamification
      Average growth rate for next 2 years – 150%
      Investment in market still a big play for 2011/2012
      Source: M2 Research
    • 20. Level 1 - Observations
      Need to move beyond a pure marketing play:
      • Gamification budgets – almost entirely from marketing
      • 21. Engagement must be built in at product development level
      Done properly requires understanding:
      • Game mechanics
      • 22. Real-time data analysis and social networks
      There is risk:
      • Trial and error is part of learning curve
      • 23. Keep “player” in mind when building
      There are skeptics (but):
      • Emerging markets always require education
      • 24. Build products responsibly
    • Co-op FTW
      Help us discover and define the market
      Metrics? How do we measure this?
      The sky might be the limit
      What is the potential opportunity for ROI?
    • 25. Thank You!
      Please contact:
      Wanda Meloni