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GSummit SF 2014 - Personalizing Customer Engagement Through Gamification by Pamela Radford @pamrad36
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GSummit SF 2014 - Personalizing Customer Engagement Through Gamification by Pamela Radford @pamrad36


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  • Intro
    First, a little about GEM – We develop and manage the engagement and monetization programs that leverage EA’s FREE media inventory across mobile, desktop and console. Our vision is to Create meaningful and profitable long-term relationships with EA gamers by deploying communications that are responsive to their behavior.

  • ENTER: EA Sports FIFA, and the challenge of building strong, lasting relationships with gamers, across the world, and at scale
  • Lots of content, but each year primarily targeted at our largest audience, core players who play each year.

    How do we surface content for new to franchise, lapsed more than 2 years, casual gamers?

  • Who better than to share the excitement of FIFA than our fans! If you’ve ever spent time on Reddit… They tell the story better than we ever could – so how do we motivate our fans to tell “our” story and to reach New to Franchise, US players, and the lapsing lovers?
    Mention Bunchball
  • On the site today you’ll find the ability to earn Credits, Leaderboard, and Reward Store
  • Transcript

    • 1. Personalizing Customer Engagement Through Gamification GSummit SF 2014
    • 2. EA Sports® FIFa™ Enjoyed by 35M+gamers globally
    • 3. They engage with EA across many channels Instagram Facebook Twitter Email
    • 4. Leverage the power of our highly engaged fan base to drive gameplay and sales referrals Goal Prioritize relevant content to distinct gamer segments Challenge Utilize a Gamification platform that connects all online touch points to amplify and personalize fan engagement with Recognition and Rewards Strategy
    • 5. How it Works Acknowledge and Reward Existing Engagement Leverage Data to motivate Desired Engagement Test & Optimize 2 1 3
    • 6. rewards Digital Items Sweepstakes Next year: Physical Items
    • 7. Game Mechanics Fast Feedback Transparency Goals Badges Points Leaderboard
    • 8. Personalize the Customer Journey Educate select segments Retain fans by connecting with players’ passions Boost Advocacy by simplifying content sharing
    • 9. Drive Deeper Engagement
    • 10. Measuring Success Discovering More Content 270% Increase in Page Views 170% Increase in Time on Site 200% More Content Shared on Year 1 KPIs Measure Funnel Velocity Drive incremental lift at key funnel stages Increase LTV Lift Average NPS Year 2 KPIs
    • 11. Key considerations • Responsive Design • Real-time Data Integration • Ongoing Feature Support Platform • Keep it fresh • Process Integration • Editorial Calendar Content • Control Groups • Testing • Meaningful Metrics Measurement
    • 12. Thanks!