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GSummit SF 2014 - How Employee Recognition Programs Fail by Albert Balcells @balcells
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GSummit SF 2014 - How Employee Recognition Programs Fail by Albert Balcells @balcells


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  • 1. REWARDS & RECOGNITION Top 10 Employees Program Mobile DEMO Script 1
  • 2. We work at Next Jump A tech startup with bold ambitions 200 Employees across 4 offices (NYC, SF, BOS, UK) 2
  • 3. We have a Recognition program called Top 10 Employees of the Month Runs from our mobile devices 3
  • 4. How it works: 1. Every month you get 1,000 points 2. You can vote for any employee, any number of times, give them any number of points till you run out 3. The only rule is to answer this: 4
  • 5. As we vote, a “real-time” stock market of employees forms every month 5
  • 6. Text reminders reminds us to vote as the end of the month approaches. Any points not given out expire! 6
  • 7. I will go ahead and vote for Tom now… 7
  • 8. Tom is on the dashboard now… He will get to keep the points. 8
  • 9. At the end of the month, there is a celebration at the staff meeting. 1. Top 10 employees stand up, get an ovation from everybody 2. They are invited to a “quickfire” lunch w/ the CEO 3. They get to “spotlight” another colleague who helped them (steward leadership) 4. Everybody who received points can keep them and use them like cash 9
  • 10. Tom decides to use his points… He pulls up his phone and opens his Next Jump Rewards application 10
  • 11. The Rewards app logs him into Corporate Perks – the industry-standard Employee Savings Program used by 70% of the F1000 His Top 10 points have been transferred & are automatically available there to redeem on anything he wants… 11
  • 12. Tom decides he wants to go to the movies and see the new X-Men movie 12
  • 13. Looks like the movie is playing at the AMC on Third Street. And he can get tickets there at discount, for being an employee. 13
  • 14. He picks the number of tickets, sees his discounted price, and then picks the option to pay with his Top 10 points to make the ticket FREE 14
  • 15. He adds the ticket to Cart, and checks out on his mobile phone Total cost: $0.00 15
  • 16. Receives an email confirmation, and the tickets via email a few moments later… He is ready for the movies, heads to the theatre… 16
  • 17. Tom could also use his points at thousands of merchants to get virtually anything for FREE WOW, I can get anything I want Anna L, Bank of America A single integrated platform easier to maintain Honey C, HR Admin, BB&T The value of points goes further b/c or discounted pricing Ella J, JPMChase 17