Utilizing SharePoint for Project Management

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SharePoint has been on the market from 2001, and since then, matured into a very stable and popular business collaboration platform. The beauty of SharePoint is that it is relatively easy to customize …

SharePoint has been on the market from 2001, and since then, matured into a very stable and popular business collaboration platform. The beauty of SharePoint is that it is relatively easy to customize and it provides an experience already familiar to users via Office suite. Most frequent use of the platform by corporations has been in the areas of web content management, information sharing and document management.

However, adoption of SharePoint as a true Project Management Information System (PMIS) has been slow. Out-of-the-box SharePoint is unappealing, customization takes time and acceptance at PMO level is often very bureaucratic.

In this presentation I will demonstrate how you can customize SharePoint to help you with your next project. You will walk away learning tips and tricks that you can implement literally in hours. Among other things, you will learn how SharePoint can help you facilitate project team collaboration, integrate existing methodologies and empower your project team.

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  • 1. I help organizations fall in love with SharePoint Utilizing SharePoint for Project Management Gregory Zelfond sharepointmaven.com @sharepointmaven
  • 2. My Experience with SharePoint  My experience with SharePoint Project Sites… sharepointmaven.com @sharepointmaven
  • 3. Agenda       Background SharePoint Advantages Tips & Tricks Best Practices Training & Buy-In Q&A sharepointmaven.com @sharepointmaven
  • 4. Assumptions for this Presentation  You know what SharePoint is and/or used it in some shape or form  No programming experience or IT Development required  No 3rd party modules or add-on software needs to be purchased  You will have the guts to talk to IT department and request creation of SharePoint site with Admin privileges sharepointmaven.com @sharepointmaven
  • 5. Cost & Ease of Use Matter Low, $ - Email (Outlook) - Shared Drives - MS Word - MS Excel - MS Project Medium, $$ High, $$$ Web-Based Collaboration Sites - SharePoint - Basecamp - AceProject - Zoho Projects - Google Apps Enterprise Project & Portfolio Management - MS Project Server - Clarity PPM - HP PPM Center - IBM Rational Focal Point - EPM Live sharepointmaven.com @sharepointmaven
  • 6. You Hear this Every Day…  Check out my doc on shared drive…  Oh @#$%&, I modified an old version of the file…  I have the doc on my laptop, I’ll email it to you…  I missed the meeting. Can you include me on your meeting minutes distribution? sharepointmaven.com @sharepointmaven
  • 7. Needs & Wants Project Team Level HOW? Operational      PMO/Program Level WHAT? WHEN? Tactical Day-to-day project activities Updating documentation Completing projects tasks Managing issues Staying sane during the project sharepointmaven.com • • • • • Key performance indicators Project status (Red, Yellow, Green) Budget, Resource Management Key Milestones / Go-Live Date Portfolio Management, Scenarios @sharepointmaven
  • 8. Common Challenges for Project Team  Finding project documents  Document versioning  Document sharing  Information overload  Lack of common templates sharepointmaven.com @sharepointmaven
  • 9. SharePoint Advantages  Centralizes project information and documentation  Empowers the project team  Facilitates project team collaboration  Minimal learning curve  Minimal IT involvement  Social media impact sharepointmaven.com @sharepointmaven
  • 10. SharePoint Advantages, continued  MS office look and feel  One stop shop  Different views for different audiences  Search capability  Information sharing  Transparency sharepointmaven.com @sharepointmaven
  • 11. Recommended Modules for a Project Site 1. PMO (Governance) Documents 2. Project Documents 3. Issues Log 4. Project Tasks 5. Risk Register 6. Calendar 7. Contacts 8. Change Control Log 9. Lessons Learned Log 10.Bug Tracker sharepointmaven.com @sharepointmaven
  • 12. Suggested Structure Main Site Template Version 1 Project A Template Version 2 Project B Project C sharepointmaven.com Template Site @sharepointmaven
  • 13. Implement Project Site in 7 steps 1. Have site created with Admin (Full Control) access 2. Create sub-site 3. Add modules (web parts) to sub-site 4. Create a template from sub-site 5. Create new project sites from a template 6. Update your template site regularly per feedback 7. Create new project sites from new versions of templates sharepointmaven.com @sharepointmaven
  • 14. Creating a Project Site 1 Save Site as a Template (Steps 1 & 2)  Check off “Include Content” Creating from Template (Step 3)  Site Administration > Sites & Workspaces > Create 2 3 sharepointmaven.com @sharepointmaven
  • 15. Some of the Available Web Parts Web Part Purpose Announcements Contains messages posted by contributors to the site Calendar Contains upcoming meetings, deadlines, and other important events Links Contains links to Web pages that your team members will find interesting or useful Shared Documents Document Repository Library Tasks A list where team members can keep track of work that needs to be done Team Discussion Contains newsgroup-style discussions among team members sharepointmaven.com @sharepointmaven
  • 16. Web Parts, Libraries & Lists to Consider SharePoint Module Shared Documents Task List Issues List Issues List Contacts Calendar Issues List Issues List Custom List PM Artifact Project Documents, Governance Documents Task and Action List Issues Log Risk Register Contact List Calendar Change Control Log Bug Tracker Lessons Learned Log sharepointmaven.com @sharepointmaven
  • 17. Document Library  Shared Documents Web Part  Separate document libraries – Project Documents – Governance Documents  Enable version control if required  Check-in/Check-out  No folders please  Tag the documents! – i.e. create Doc Types – other properties sharepointmaven.com @sharepointmaven
  • 18. Document Library, continued  Consistent Project Management templates via Content Types  Content type – (reusable) object that is stored within SharePoint that defines several elements/properties of a piece of content. For example: – –  Contacts List: Columns that the content will have associated with it Doc Library: Document Template that the content will be based on Create Content Types for Your MS Office-based templates, i.e.: – – – Project Charter BRD Design Document Adding multiple Office templates to a document library http://office.microsoft.com/en-ca/office365-sharepoint-online-enterprise-help/add-multipleoffice-templates-to-a-document-library-HA102409514.aspx sharepointmaven.com @sharepointmaven
  • 19. Issue Tracking  Issues List Web Part  Email Notification  Multiple views to sort/group and organize data – – – – – Active Issues My Issues by Status by Assigned To by Due Dates sharepointmaven.com @sharepointmaven
  • 20. Risk Register Log  Issues List Web Part  Re-use existing “out-of-the-box” columns to match Risk Register Log columns – – – – – Title Priority (Magnitude) Description Assigned to Status  Add custom columns as desired – – Probability (Number) Risk Score (Number, calculated field type) Add a formula: Probability X Magnitude – Risk Approach (i.e. Mitigate, Avoid, Accept) sharepointmaven.com @sharepointmaven
  • 21. Calendar  Calendar Web Part  Capture people’s vacations & key project milestones  Sync with Outlook not recommended  Choose “Upcoming Events” view for front page sharepointmaven.com @sharepointmaven
  • 22. Team Roster  Contacts Web Part  Capture Emails, Contacts, Mobile #’s, Departments, Project Roles  Advanced: Sync with Active Directory or Exchange sharepointmaven.com @sharepointmaven
  • 23. Lessons Learned  Custom List Web Part  Create Lessons Learned List on each project site  Advanced: Roll-up to common Lessons Learned database sharepointmaven.com @sharepointmaven
  • 24. Sync MS Project with SharePoint   Create Project Tasks Library on project site in SharePoint From MS Project File > Save & Send > Sync with Task List   Limitations exist Use only if there will be use for it Detailed Instructions http://blogs.msdn.com/b/project/archive/2009/10/19/project-2010-introducing-sync-tosharepoint.aspx sharepointmaven.com @sharepointmaven
  • 25. Security for a Project Site  Groups – Project Site Admin (Full Control) • Project Manager & Coordinator – Project Team (Contribute) – Visitors (Read Only) – All users  Stay away from individual user permissions  Do not inherit permissions from parent site sharepointmaven.com @sharepointmaven
  • 26. Advanced Tools Available  Content By Query Web Part (CQWP) – allows to roll up data from many sources and present that data all in one place  SharePoint Designer – HTML Editor and design software to modify SharePoint sites and web parts sharepointmaven.com @sharepointmaven
  • 27. Best Practices      Repeatable process (templates) Tag the documents (no folders please!!!) Version control on document libraries Use different views for Front Page and Full View Cleanup/review site contents once in a while sharepointmaven.com @sharepointmaven
  • 28. Best Practices, continued  Closing Phase = change permissions to “Read Only”  Policy or SOP is a great idea  Check that Recycle bin often sharepointmaven.com @sharepointmaven
  • 29. User Training and Buy-in  Introduce at Project Kick-Off  Train users if necessary – Basic SharePoint Training might be required  Lead by example – use SharePoint  Enforce SharePoint as a central repository – No email or network drives  Share documents as links to SharePoint – No email attachments  Always point your team to SharePoint site for data sharepointmaven.com @sharepointmaven
  • 30. User Training and Buy-in, continued  Conduct Project Meetings online  Look and Feel do matter!  Simplicity is key!  Walk before you run – Project Site should match PM/PMO maturity level – Methodology in place  Start with basics, introduce improvements gradually sharepointmaven.com @sharepointmaven
  • 31. I help organizations fall in love with SharePoint sharepointmaven.com @gregoryzelfond greg@sharepointmaven.com Gregory Zelfond sharepointmaven.com @sharepointmaven