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Open Source가 바꾼 자바
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Open Source가 바꾼 자바


자바와 오픈소스 진영이 교류한 기록을 간단히 정리하고 자바의 혁신에 오픈소스가 핵심적 역할을 하게된 과정과 오픈소스의 의미를 고찰함

자바와 오픈소스 진영이 교류한 기록을 간단히 정리하고 자바의 혁신에 오픈소스가 핵심적 역할을 하게된 과정과 오픈소스의 의미를 고찰함

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  • 1. Open Source … , 2(1982) … Apple II, MSX, IBM, Mac… Basic, Asm, Pascal, Cobol, Fortran, C/C++, PHP, Java… 2 , SK Planet JavaZone Video Java Zone Trailer Open Source? Q1. ? Q2. 1. GNU & FSF 2. Linux 3. 4. Open Source & OSI 5. ! Free Software 1983 RMS, GNU . ? Q3. ?
  • 2. 1985/4 Dr. Dobb’s GNU 1985/10/4 1989 GNU GPL 1991 GBU GPL v2 Linux 1991 , 1991/2 0.12 GPL 1993 Ian Murdock & “given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow” The more widely available the source code is for public testing, scrutiny, and experimentation, the more rapidly all forms of bugs will be discovered. (RMS ) 1997 “ 19 ” 1998/2 OSI 1998 Open Innovation Open Source François Letellier, “Open Source software: the role of nonprofits in federating business and innovation ecosystems” 1 (~1990): 2 (~2000): 3 (2000~): (GNU, Linux) (Aache Software Foundation) - (meta-organizations) Meta-Organization Meta-organizations are organizations whose members are other organizations (firms, states or associations). They include well-known examples such as the United Nations or the Fédération Internationale de Football (FIFA), as well as others less well-known. 3G Open Source Model Collaboration in an 3G open source organization may not happen at level of single projects - and one may even argue that some projects leaders come from the dark side of open source. But the ultimate goal is to have cross-projects collaboration. To bring back the value of open source at a higher level. And because the parties involved no longer are individuals, but also legal entities, a governance model that goes beyond meritocracy is needed. - Wikipedia Open innovation
  • 3. “Open innovation is a paradigm that assumes that firms can and should use external ideas as well as internal ideas, and internal and external paths to market, as the firms look to advance their technology”. Alternatively, it is “innovating with partners by sharing risk and sharing reward.” The boundaries between a firm and its environment have become more permeable; innovations can easily transfer inward and outward. - Wikipedia JAVA 1995 JDK Alpha & Beta 1996/1/23 JDK 1.0, Codename Oak, JDK 1.0.2 = Java 1 1997/2/19 JDK 1.1 1998 Java Community Process(JCP) 1998/3/24 EJB 1.0 1998/5 JPE(Java Professional Edition) Project 1998/12/8 J2SE 1.2, Codename Playground, Java 2 1999/12/12 J2EE 1.2, (EJB 1.1) 2000/5/8 J2SE 1.3, Codename Kestrel, HotSpot 2001/9/24 J2EE 1.3, (EJB 2.0) 2002/2/6 J2SE 1.4, Codename Merlin 2003/11/11 J2EE 1.4, Web Service, EJB 2.1, JSF & Open Source 2004/9/30 J2SE 5.0, Codename Tiger 2006/5/11 Java EE 5, EJB 3.0, JPA 2006/12/11 Java SE 6, Codename Mustang 2009/12/10 Java EE 6, Servlet 3.0, EJB 3.1, JPA 2.0, DI, CDI, Apache voted NO!! Oracle 2010/1/27 Oracle, Sun 2011/7/28 Java SE 7, Codename Dolphin 2013/6/12 Java EE 7, EJC 3.2, JPA 2.1 Oak + WWW = Java HotJava(aka WebRunner), Mosaic Java clone Applet (Client & Server ) JDBC, RMI WWW = SW 90 HTML5, Ajax, Web Socket , Middleware & Open Source (TP Monitor, MTS, CORBA)
  • 4. (J2EE) Enterprise Java Bean: & Servlet/JSP Apache Jakarta!!! Apache Software Foundation … NCSA HTTPd NCSA( ) Time Berners-Lee Robert McCool CERN HTTPd CGI HTTPd 95% Robert McCool NCSA , 1994 Apache NCSA HTTPd “A Patchy” => Apache 1995/2 Apache Group 1995/4 Apache 0.6.2 . NCSA 1.3 + patch 1995/8 Apache 0.8.8 . , 1995/12/1 Apache 1.0 Released 1999 Apache Software Foundation Apache Jakarta SUN , Jakarta 1999/6/15 JavaOne, SUN Apache Apache Servlet/JSP RI, JSWDK Servlet & JSP . . JSP 2000 Apache Foundation . 2005 Jakarta XML, WS , TLP? ? ? 2011/12/21 Jakarta ASF JCP (JCP) (Java Community Process, ASF, Dark Side JCP) 1998 . ,
  • 5. 2000/5 ASF, JCP 2000/6/2 JCP 2.0 JSR Implementations Project Geronimo 1.x J2EE 1.4 TCK Pass RI Geronimo 2.x Java EE 5 TCK Pass Tomcat Servlet and JSP RI DB/JDO JDO 2 Tomcat/Taglibs JSTL RI MyFaces JSF TCK Pass Portals/Pluto Portlets RI WebServices JAX-RPC, JAXB, J2ME WS, JAXM, JAXR, SAAJ Jackrabbit Content Repository (JSR–170, JSR–283) OpenJPA Java Peristence API (JSR–220) Harmony Java SE 5 (JSR–176) CXF JAX-WS (JSR–224), JAX-RS (JSR–311) RI RI, TCK Pass & Open Source 2002/2/13 .Net Framework J2EE Open Source J2EE EJB (JBoss) (Spring, Avalon, Pico) OpenJDK JBoss Java Application Server RedHat History 1999 Marc Fleury, EJB-OSS(EJB Open Source SW) 2001 JBoss Group LLC 2002 JBoss AS 3.0 2003/9/24 JCP . J2EE License Issue 2004 JBoss, Inc. 2004/9/20 JBoss 4.0 2006 Oracle $400m 2006/3/10 RedHat $420m($350m+$70m) JBoss 2007/5/11 JBoss 4.2 Veni, vidi, vici JBoss TCK SUN. $500K/yr ,6
  • 6. “The JBoss J2EE Founders Program” Unisys, IONA, webMethods, Borland TCK WebLogic, WebShpere, Oracle AS 2003/11 SUN, J2EE 1.4 JBoss, EJB 3 2006: Tomcat 64.3%, Websphere 36.9%, Jboss 32%, WebLogic 23.7%, Oracle AS 22.4% Apache Tomcat Climbs Past Commercial Java Products
  • 7. Spring Framework EJB (POJO) SW Best Practice , SW 2002/10 Rod Johnson, Expert One-on-One J2EE Design and Development 2003/6 Spring Framework 2004 Expert One-on-One J2EE Development without EJB 2004/3 Spring Framework 1.0 Java Bright Side Job Trends: Tomcat, Spring, Weblogic, JBoss, EJB OpenJDK Open Source 2006/5/23 Sun announced in JavaOne 2006 that Java would become open-source software 2006/10/25 at the Oracle OpenWorld conference, Jonathan Schwartz said that the company intended to announce the open-sourcing of the core Java Platform within 30 to 60 days 2006/11/13 Sun released the Java HotSpot virtual machine and compiler as GPL 2007/5/8 Sun released the complete source code of the Java Class Library under the GPL 4% of class library remained proprietary RedHat & 100% 2007/6 IcedTea launched by Red Hat 2007/11/5 Red Hat signing Sun’s broad contributor agreement & OpenJDK Community Technology Compatibility Kit License Agreement 2007/11 Porters Group created 2008/4 IcedTea6 Released based OpenJDK6 2008/5 less than 1% remained
  • 8. 2008/6 RedHat TDK Test 2008/7 Ubuntu TDK Test 2011/10 IcedTea 2(based OpenJDK 7) passed TCK testing 2010/12 100% Open sourced ? Oracle 2008 SUN, IBM . 2009/5 2009/4/20 Sun Oracle 2009/7/16 Sun $9.50 , $5.6b 2010/1/27 Oracle, Sun 2010/1/30 SUN Oracle 2010/12/9 - Apache resign JCP. Oracle’s refusal to provide the ASF’s Harmony open-source version of Java with a technology compatibility kit (TCK) license for upcoming releases of Java Standard Edition. The ASF Resigns From the JCP Executive Committee 2010/3/8 Simon Phipps, chief open-source officer 2010/4/2 2010/8/11 , . 2010/4/9 , Java 2010/8/13 OpenSolaris fork OpenIndiana, illumos, SmartOS 2010/9/22 OpenWorld Oracle “The model for Java has always been that we give customers and the developer community ”access to“ open source Java and we also license it to commercial vendors under the standard license process,” opensource , OpenJDK, NetBeans, GlassFish 2010/10/12 The JCP: Dead, Alive, or Zombified? 2010/10/22 Doug Lea JCP , 2011/9/11 Alex Handy “Java is open, but is the process?” OpenJDK VS JCP 2010/10/11 IBM leave Apache harmony and joined OpenJDK 2010/11/12 Apple & Oracle announce OpenJDK for MacOSX 2011/1/11 MacOSX port project created 2011/7 SAP officially joined OpenJDK 2012 Doug Lee, OpenJDK 3 Open Source Case 2, Eclipse 1999/11 IBM OTI Lab, VisualAge Micro Edition “I can’t believe it’s a Java program.” .
  • 9. 2001/11/7 Eclipse 1.0 2001/11 Borland, IBM, MERANT, QNX Software Systems, Rational Software, Red Hat, SuSE, TogetherSoft, Webgain 2003 80 member 2004/2/2 Eclipse Foundation . 2004/6/21 Eclipse 3.0, OGSi 2007/1 Eclipse joined JCP (and OMG, OSGi Alliance) “I will say that Apache’s leadership in working with the JCP and making the changes that have happened over the last couple of years, were the pre-requisites for us joining. If Apache hadn’t worked with the JCP to make it more open and transparent and approachable, we probably would not be members. Kudos to Apache for doing that.” Mike Milinkovich on Eclipse Joining the JCP 2007/5/3 Oracle Eclipse 2008/5/17 EclipseLink (Strategic Member) . EclipseLink JPA 2.0 RI 2010/7 Eclipse 4.0 3 Eclipse “The Eclipse Foundation is a not-for-profit, member supported corporation that hosts the Eclipse projects and helps cultivate both an open source community and an ecosystem of complementary products and services.” @ Software Open Innovation = Open Source . = “ ” Open source is… Open source has gone from a weird thing off on the fringes of hackerdom, through “cancer” and “communism,” to absolute mainstream. People now think intelligently about its different attributes—a collaborative development model, a frictionless distribution model, and a powerful way to win platform dominance.
  • 10. Java Video #2 The Java Heist Spring Camp