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So most people who use blogs rely on WordPress, and WordPress has a lot of SEO potential, but out of the box, it just doesn’t cut it. In this session we’ll explore how to use WordPress to maximize your chances of ranking for the terms that are most relevant to your content. Specifically, we’ll look at:

- Building a Keyword Targeted Category
- Taxonomy
- Key SEO Plugins
- Addressing Duplicate Content

After this session, audience members should (1) have a firm grasp on the fundamentals of onsite SEO, and (2) know what themes and plugins can help them implement these SEO and social features.

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Seo for Wordpress - Wordcamp Montreal 2012

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  2. SEO for WordpressSEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATIONWho The F*ck???• CT Moore @gypsybandito• Founder• Former Agency Hack @nvi & @shareresults• Former Editor @revenews & Blogger @acquisio• Former Video Host @watchmojo & @hipmojo• SEO & Social since 2005 2
  3. SEO for WordpressSEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATIONOverview• Intro to SEO• Keywords Research• Onsite SEO o Page Titles o Meta Description o Keyword Content• Wordpress SEO Basics• Advanced SEO for Wordpress 3
  4. SEO for WordpressSEO 101Indexation• Removing any barriers to search crawlers indexingall pages on your siteRelevance• Mapping site architecture to semantic verticals toreach ideal relevancy on targeted termsPopularity• Balance the quantity, quality, & regularity of yourbacklink profile to maximize popularity 4
  5. SEO for WordpressSEO 101 5
  6. SEO for WordpressRelevance – keyword researchFree Tools• Google Adwords Keyword Tool• Google AnalyticsGoogle Adwords Keyword Tool• Global Search Volume• Average CPCDeliverables• Categorized Keyword List 6
  7. SEO for WordpressRelevance – OnSITE SEOThe 3 Basics• Page Titles• Meta Descriptions• Copy & Content 7
  8. SEO for WordpressRelevance – OnSITE SEOPage Titles – 65 Characters 8
  9. SEO for WordpressRelevance – OnSITE SEOMeta Descriptions: 150-160 Characters 9
  10. SEO for WordpressRelevance – Onsite SEOPage Title• 65 Characters• 1-2 Keywords + BrandnameMeta Description• 150-165 Characters• Marketing Copy• Call-to-Action 10
  11. SEO for WordpressRelevance – Onsite SEOPage Titles & Meta Descriptions• Homepage• Posts• Subpages o About o Contact Us o Etc…• Category Pages 11
  12. SEO for WordpressRelevance – OnSITE SEOPage Copy / Content• Unique Content• 250 words min (suggested)• 2-5% Keyword Density• Headers (H1, H2, H3 tags)• Bullet Lists 12
  13. SEO for WordpressRelevance – OnSITE SEOWordpress SEO Plugin (by Yoast)• Focus Keyword o Article Heading (Post Title) o Page Title o URL o Content o Meta Description• Page Analysis 13
  14. SEO for WordpressWordpress SEO Plugin (by Yoast)Post/Page Optimization 14
  15. SEO for WordpressWordpress SEO Plugin (by Yoast)Page Analysis 15
  16. SEO for WordpressIndexation – Duplicate Content 16
  17. SEO for WordpressIndexation – Duplicate ContentDynamic Pages• Homepage• Posts• Categories• Tags• Date Archives• Etc… 17
  18. SEO for WordpressIndexation – Duplicate ContentTroubleshooting• Unique Content o Page Titles o Meta Descriptions• Post Excerpts• NoIndex• Nofollow 18
  19. SEO for WordpressIndexation – Post Excerpts 19
  20. SEO for WordpressIndexation – Post ExcerptsPost Excerpts• Homepage• Category Pages• Tag Pages• Archive Page• Etc… 20
  21. SEO for WordpressIndexation – NoindexDynamic Dupicate Content• Homepage• Post Pages• Category Archives• Tag Archives• Date Archives• Author Archives 21
  22. SEO for WordpressIndexation – Noindex 22
  23. SEO for WordpressIndexation – NoindexSource Code<meta name="robots" content="nofollow" />Robots.txtUser-agent: *Disallow: /tags/Disallow: /archives/Disallow: /etc…/ 23
  24. SEO for WordpressNoindex – Wordpress SEO Plugin 24
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