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Jim Brown Design Portfolio
Jim Brown Design Portfolio
Jim Brown Design Portfolio
Jim Brown Design Portfolio
Jim Brown Design Portfolio
Jim Brown Design Portfolio
Jim Brown Design Portfolio
Jim Brown Design Portfolio
Jim Brown Design Portfolio
Jim Brown Design Portfolio
Jim Brown Design Portfolio
Jim Brown Design Portfolio
Jim Brown Design Portfolio
Jim Brown Design Portfolio
Jim Brown Design Portfolio
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Jim Brown Design Portfolio


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Published in: Business, Design
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  • 1. Jim Brown Design Portfolio<br />Portfolio:<br />Linked-In:<br />Email:<br />
  • 2. Microsoft West, Beijing<br />2008 (completion 2010)<br />The new 101,000 SM Beijing research and development center required interior design services through DD phase. The scope included all individual work and collaboration areas for 5000 staff as well as main lobbies, conferencing centers, cafeteria and food service, and customer interface facilities. Shown here are lobby and collaboration spaces including the three story sky-garden atriums, a major design feature.<br />Jim Brown (206) 919-7718<br />
  • 3. The CTC is the major customer interface component of the new complex. Product is displayed and presented in the Solution Forum centered around the centralized server room. A bamboo wrap encloses the spaces and defines this special zone as it undulates to create room platforms and seating risers. The curved natural bamboo form contrasts the glass and stainless server room and the raw concrete structural bay. <br />Solution Forum<br />Entry/Server <br />Microsoft West , Beijing<br />China Technology Center (CTC)<br />2008 (completion 2010)<br />First Floor Axonometric<br />Jim Brown (206) 919-7718<br />
  • 4. The business plan for this commercial contracting <br />company stresses an open management structure and collaborative environment. The resulting design uses sliding doors and full height glazing on private offices. The “boxcar” table, a major element at entry, uses reclaimed wood to create a collaborative surface for meetings and drawings. The table and reception desk reconfigures in sections and tracks along a recessed floor guide.<br />Skanska USA<br />Seattle, WA<br />Jim Brown (206) 919-7718<br />
  • 5. Philips Oral Healthcare<br />Snoqualmie, WA<br />Before being acquired by Philips, the Sonicare company lobby featured a radial floor pattern and a fountain suggesting their sonic cleaning technology. Now, Philips desired a lobby re-branding which joined that heritage along with the corporate philosophy of “sense and simplicity”. The re- design combined a high-tech, polished white aesthetic with a northwest green sensibility in the use of salvaged silver-maple planks. <br />Jim Brown (206) 919-7718<br />
  • 6. Boeing - Move to the Lake<br />Renton, WA<br />The 737 line engineers were re-situated in workplace towers within structural bays of the existing factory. The result netted a faster response to assembly problem-solving and cut roll-out for a plane in half. The towers contain 200,000 SF of workstations, collaboration space and executive offices. A skin of polycarbonate maintains the transparency of space and access while allowing way-finding graphics at a scale appropriate to the 750,000 SF factory floor. <br />Jim Brown (206) 919-7718<br />
  • 7. Singapore is a modern garden city with a large ethnic Chinese population. These factors informed the interior design of their new US embassy. Custom light fixtures, carpets, furniture and door hardware were included in the design which combine modernism with Asian influences. <br />Singapore Embassy<br />Washington, DC<br />Jim Brown (206) 919-7718<br />
  • 8. Custom light fixtures were integral in maintaining the design continuity. <br />I developed detailed designs and worked with prototypes and fabricators to develop the final fixtures.<br />Singapore Embassy<br />Custom Lighting Fixture Design<br />Washington, DC<br />Jim Brown (206) 919-7718<br />
  • 9. Embassy of Ethiopia <br />Washington, DC<br />The embassy design involved recalling and updating ancient architectural motifs native to the horn of Africa. The tight budget was maintained and a difficult site embraced in this project in which I served as architect and manager. I led a team to Ethiopia to observe and grade indigenous stone for use as cladding.<br />A local DC Ethiopian artist , Alexander “Skunder” Boghossian, worked with the design team to created a custom sculpture for the building entry (right).<br />Jim Brown (206) 919-7718<br />
  • 10. Ernestine Anderson Room<br />Paramount Theater <br />Seattle, WA <br />This pro-bono project created an excusive VIP retreat during pre-performance and intermission. Accessible via a balcony level fire escape, the velvet draped space has a “speakeasy” feel and recalls the 1950’s hot-jazz recordings of Seattle singer Ernestine Anderson, whose voice was called “honey at dusk”.<br />Jim Brown (206) 919-7718<br />
  • 11. Hand <br />Sketches <br />Jim Brown (206) 919-7718<br />
  • 12. Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay<br />Cambridge, MD<br />Marriott Hotel and Conference Center<br />Bethesda, MD<br />Hanoi Daewoo Hotel <br />Hanoi, Vietnam<br />Jim Brown (206) 919-7718<br />
  • 13. Computer Sciences Corporation<br />Falls Church, VA<br />US Ambassador’s Residence<br />Bayan, Kuwait<br />Baltimore Area Visitor’s Center<br />Baltimore, MD<br />Jim Brown (206) 919-7718<br />
  • 14. Crate&Barrel Home Store <br />Tigard, OR <br />My retail experience includes the roles of project architect for Crate&Barrel and project interior architect/designer for the Denver Flagship REI. The REI project, a former streetcar terminal, also required historic preservation assessments and hazardous material mitigation.<br />REI Flagship Store <br />Denver, CO<br />Jim Brown (206) 919-7718<br />
  • 15. T-Mobile requested proposals for a creative center in an<br />existing downtown space containing a two-story <br />sky-lit atrium and stairway. Along with <br />our team qualifications, I presented <br />this concept which unified the <br />levels using a porous <br />artifact wall symbolizing <br />the transparency of <br />wireless communication. <br />T-Mobile Creative <br />Center Concept - Seattle, WA<br />The wall openings allowed views between designers and became a focal point to the creative center, evoking the slogan “stick together”. <br />Jim Brown (206) 919-7718<br />
  • 16. In this prototype for a comfort shoe retailer, design work included branding and logo, merchandizing layout, casework design, signage, and an initial roll-out. The team collaborated on all design decisions and I developed these presentation materials. <br />Retail Prototype<br />Winston Salem, NC<br />Jim Brown (206) 919-7718<br />
  • 17. This presentation was developed to tell a design story without the design team being present. Using hinged and rotating elements and key-hole views, the concept unfolded in a sequence that simulated the experience for museum patrons and built upon discovery and interaction.<br />Science & <br />Space Museum <br />Concept <br />Nashville, TN <br />Jim Brown (206) 919-7718<br />
  • 18. Home Entertainment <br />Center<br />Oak & Zebrawood Table<br />Reclaimed Wood Bench<br />BluDot/Dwell<br />Lounge Chair Competition<br />Custom <br />Furniture Design<br />Jim Brown (206) 919-7718<br />
  • 19. Custom Furniture Installations<br />While at Domestic Architecture, my roles of Project Director and Architect of Record required design oversight from design development to installation on private and public projects involving custom furniture. The designs are by furniture artist Roy McMakin.<br />At left is a private residence in Mattapoisette, MA which included custom wood furnishings throughout. The project above and below is at UCSF and includes site art and seating of bronze, precast concrete, enameled steel and stone. The collection of modern chairs, faux appliances and banker-boxes, and rustic benches are permanent but suggestive of ad-hoc groupings assembled by students who borrowed them from classrooms to set up on the quad.<br />Private<br />Residence<br />Koret Quad <br />UCSF – Mission Bay<br />San Francisco, CA<br />Domestic Architecture/<br />Peter Walker and Partners <br />Jim Brown (206) 919-7718<br />
  • 20. The Papa Chair<br />My design grew out of a specific requirement: to sit comfortable on the floor and play with my daughter. The “Papa Chair” allows for back support and leg re-positioning and the chair supports a posture not unlike leaning against a tree stump. Proximity to the ground allows interaction with a child to play or read book as the chair allows the adult to comfortably be at the child’s level. The angle of seat to back is 120 degrees, an optimum angle for the relationship between the legs and spine to reduce fatigue. The legs can be either be supported by the chair base or raised up to cradle a book. <br />As an object placed within the context of a child’s play, the simplicity of form and construction was important in the design. When an adult is sitting on the Papa chair, the chair structure is almost totally covered by the user. The chair no longer seems to be an obtrusive piece of furniture pulled over to the child’s play area. <br />Small Wooden Chair Competition Entry<br />Jim Brown (206) 919-7718<br />
  • 21. Personal Design Projects<br />& Handmade Lamps<br />In 2001 I created a company named Stick Studios. I design and fabricate custom furniture by commission and handmade lighting fixtures for retail sale. <br />Jim Brown (206) 919-7718<br />
  • 22. Kid’s Retreat<br />Washington, DC<br />The artist client for this basement renovation was inspired by a classic furniture unit by Charlotte Perriand. The compact and whimsical result incorporates the shelving and display aspects, with maximized storage, work-tops and built-in desks. <br />Jim Brown (206) 919-7718<br />
  • 23. home is where the art is<br />Our home was featured in a regional design magazine in 2004. The story highlighted our interior renovations and contemporary art, furniture and ceramics collections. <br />Jim Brown (206) 919-7718<br />
  • 24. Work In Progress – Concept Sketches<br />Custom Home - Auburn, WA<br />Sketch-Up Massing Models<br />Jim Brown (206) 919-7718<br />
  • 25. Concept Sketches<br />Home Addition- Bonney Lake, WA<br />Jim Brown (206) 919-7718<br />
  • 26. Self Published <br />Photography Books <br />Jim Brown (206) 919-7718<br />
  • 27. Jim Brown<br />Portfolio:<br />Linked-In:<br />Email:<br />21210 123rd Street Court East<br />Bonney Lake, WA 98391-5447<br />206 919-7718<br />Corporate Interior Architect/Designer<br /><ul><li>Summary: Excels at defining problems and seeking solutions
  • 28. Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • 29. Superb hand-sketching abilities and 3D conceptualization
  • 30. Highly detail oriented with deep knowledge base and experience</li></ul>Experience:<br />NBBJ Design, Seattle, WA 2003 – 2008 <br />Associate, Interior Architect/Manager<br />Corporate workplace, institutional and retail interiors:<br />• Promoted to Associate in 2004<br />• Responsible for Architectural and FF&E Conceptual Design<br />• Delivered all phases from schematic design to CA<br />• Experienced with project work on-site in China<br />• Successfully led bi-lingual design team in China<br />• Developed and maintained positive client relationships<br />• Responsible for fee proposals, team organization and presentation<br />• Implemented effective process development<br />• Led and approved project start up process<br />• Assured effective EGD and artwork design/selection<br />Domestic Architecture/Roy McMakin Inc., Seattle, WA 2001 – 2003<br />Office Director and Architect of Record<br />High-End custom residential and art installation:<br />• Project Architect and Project Manager<br />• Managed Client and consultant communication<br />• Responsible for office staffing and invoicing<br />Mithun Partners Inc., Seattle, WA 1998 – 2000 <br />Project Interior Architect/Designer - Retail and corporate commercial<br />RTKL Associates Inc., Washington, DC 1989 – 1998 <br />Associate, Project Interior Architect/Designer<br />Corporate, institutional and hospitality interiors:<br />• Promoted to Associate in 1991<br />• Responsible for Architectural and FF&E Conceptual Design<br />• Represented firm to clients, regulatory agencies and trade associations<br />• Maintained classified clearance for DOS work in US and Middle East<br />• Delivered all phases from schematic design to CA<br />• Executed project goals and objectives as communicated from Client<br />• Managed firms recruitment and selections for college internship program<br />• Assured effective EGD and artwork design/selection<br />Harry Gendel Architects, Houston, TX 1983 – 1988 <br />Designer, Registered Architect - Commercial interiors and industrial<br />House Reh Associates, Houston, TX 1981 – 1983 <br />Designer - Commercial interiors and industrial<br />Registration: Washington 2002, Texas 1987<br />Education: 1981 Bachelor of Architecture<br /> Mississippi State University, Mississippi State, MS<br />Software Applications:<br /> AutoCAD, Microstation 2D and Triforma, Microsoft Office, In-Design, Sketch-Up and Photoshop<br />1 of 4<br />
  • 31. Jim Brown – Selected Project List<br />Workplace/Interior Design and Planning:<br />Microsoft West, Beijing, PRC (completion 2010)<br />1,000,000sf R&D Center with program for 5000 staff<br />Interior architecture team leader on-site in China through DD contract completion<br />Philips Oral Healthcare, Snoqualmie, WA<br />2500sf lobby branding<br />Lead designer and project manager<br />Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation<br />Expansion Space Design, Seattle, WA<br />50,000sf office build-out<br />Project interior architect and job captain from DD through CA<br />Ernestine Anderson Room at the Paramount Theater, Seattle, WA<br />800sf renovation - Lead designer and project manager<br />Skanska USA, Corporate Offices, Seattle, WA<br />20,000sf office build-out<br />Lead project architect and developed documentation for all built-in components<br />Boeing Move to the Lake, Renton, WA<br />750,000sf industrial space with office in-fill<br />Interior architect<br />Boeing Dreamliner Gallery Concept, Everett, WA<br />Lead concept designer for cabin components showroom<br />T-Mobile Design Center Concept, Seattle, WA<br />Lead concept designer<br />Whiting-Turner Contracting Company, Bethesda, MD<br />10,000sf office build-out - Interior project architect<br />Computer Sciences Corporation, Falls Church, VA<br />30,000sf office build-out - Interior project architect<br />Retail:<br />Crate&Barrel Flagship Store, Tigard, OR<br />37,000sf retail space - Project architect for interiors and shell<br />Club Monaco, various locations<br />Project architect for roll-outs at various US locations<br />REI Flagship Store, Denver, CO<br />89,500sf retailer with adaptive re-use of historic 1901 Powerhouse<br />Project interior architect<br />Asiaworld Center, Taipei, ROC<br />450,000sf renovation of 12 floor shopping mall<br />Conceptual design architect<br />Hahn Shoes, Winston Salem, NC<br />Retail concept design architect for prototype shoe store<br />Included branding, logo design, merchandizing lay-out, and interior architecture<br />Wireless Concept Store, Washington, DC<br />Retail concept design architect for prototype cellular store<br />L’Audace Hair Salon, Houston, TX<br />1,400sf high-end salon - Project architect and manager<br />Metropolitan Furniture Retail Showroom, Houston, TX<br />15,000sf showroom - Project architect and manager<br />The Camp Store, Houston, TX<br />1,200sf children’s clothing store - Project architect and manager<br />2 of 4<br />
  • 32. Jim Brown – Selected Project List<br />Hospitality:<br />Hyatt O’Hare Ballroom, Rosemont, IL<br />30,000sf grand ballroom addition - Lead interior architect<br />Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay, Cambridge, MD<br />400-room resort and golf club<br />Project architect for core and shell resort destination<br />Hanoi Daewoo Hotel, Hanoi, Vietnam<br />411-room hotel, office and apartment towers<br />Project architect for core and shell DD package<br />North Bethesda Marriott Hotel, Bethesda, MD<br />225-room hotel and conference facilities - Project interior architect<br />Healthcare:<br />Swedish Medical Center NICU Family Rooms, Seattle, WA<br />4000sf family respite space - five hotel-quality guestrooms within the neonatal ICU ward - Lead interior architect and project manager<br />Hospital for Sick Children, Washington, DC<br />68,000sf expansion/renovation - Interior architect<br />Institutional/Governmental:<br />Eastvold Hall Renovation<br />Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, WA<br />Lead designer for interior and shell renovation of historic<br />auditorium and classroom building<br />Western Bridge Gallery Space, Seattle, WA<br />10,000sf Renovation of warehouse space for <br />art and video installation space - Project architect<br />Koret Quad, UCSF – Mission Bay, San Francisco, CA<br />Project architect and manager for urban campus public art installation<br />Seattle Packaging Headquarters, Renton, WA<br />Conversion/addition of office headquarters and <br />manufacturing/warehouse facility - Project interior architect<br />Embassy of Ethiopia, building, Washington, DC<br />45,000sf embassy - Project architect and manager<br />Embassy of Brunei Darussalem, Washington, DC<br />40,000sf embassy - Project interior architect<br />Embassy of Singapore, Washington, DC<br />55,000sf embassy - Lead interior architect<br />U.S. Embassy, Bayan, Kuwait<br />96,000sf embassy complex - Interior/core and shell architect<br />U.S. Ambassador’s Residence, Bayan, Kuwait<br />10,000sf residence - Project architect<br />Saitama Project, Saitama, Japan<br />2.7 million sf government office complex<br />Project architect/on-site designer in Tokyo<br />Fairfax County Government Center, Fairfax, VA<br />650,000sf government center - Project interior architect<br />Baltimore Area Visitors Center, Baltimore, MD<br />2,300sf exhibit space - Lead interior architect<br />Children’s Science Museum, Nashville, TN<br />Schematic concept design architect<br />Bank of Baltimore, Baltimore, MD<br />4,000sf branch facility - Project architect<br />3 of 4<br />
  • 33. Jim Brown – Selected Project List<br />Institutional/Governmental:<br />United Savings, Houston, TX<br />5,000sf banking facility - Lead designer and Project architect<br />The Waller Bank, Waller, TX<br />5,000sf bank facility - Lead designer and project architect<br />West Houston National Bank, Houston, TX<br />5,000sf bank facility - Lead designer and project architect<br />Marine Education Center, Gulfport, MS<br />50,000-SF research aquarium<br />Industrial:<br />General Dynamics Flight Stress Testing Facility, Fort Worth, TX<br />1,200sf computer room<br />Project architect for demountable control room<br />Trammell Crow Company, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, TX<br />Miscellaneous warehouse facilities ranging in size from 100,000sf to 500,000sf<br />Lead designer and project architect<br />Residential:<br />Bloomberg/Farrell Residence, Mattapoisett, MA<br />Project architect<br />Benedek Residence, Water Mill, Southampton, NY<br />Project architect<br />Pace Residence, San Antonio, TX<br />Project architect for 20,000 sf loft space in historic 1926 <br />industrial space<br />Baumgartner Residence Renovation, Seattle, WA<br />Project architect<br />Kids’ Retreat, Private Residence, Washington, DC<br />Project architect<br />Awards:<br />1998 Alumni of the Year - School of Architecture -<br />Mississippi State University<br />Fairfax County Government Center, IBD/Potomac Chapter<br />Whiting-Turner Contracting Company, IBD/Potomac Chapter<br />Baltimore Visitors Center, IBD/Potomac Chapter<br />Alumni Architecture Award<br />Reynolds Aluminum Price for Architectural Students<br />Mississippi Concrete Industries Association Scholarship<br />Mississippi Chapter/AIA Scholarship<br />Publications:<br />Shanghai Set by Jim Brown – 2009<br /><br />Copenhagen - A Design Trip to Denmark by Jim Brown – 2009<br /><br />Shanghai Stockholm by Jim Brown – 2009<br /><br />Interior Design – July 2007, Urban Legend<br />Metropolis – July 2005, Boeing’s Building Boom<br />Northwest Home+Garden – Summer 2004, Home Is Where the Art Is<br />Contract Design – August 1997, Garden Glory<br />Commercial Lighting – Rockport Publishers, 1995<br />Contract Design – March 1991, Oh Say, What Can You See<br />Architectural Graphic Standards - Eighth Edition, 1988,<br />"Tilt-Up Concrete Construction"<br />4 of 4<br />