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What is your law firm's SEO agency doing on your behalf? Don't know? The answer could have serious consequences for your site's performance online, your professional reputation and even get you into trouble with your state bar.

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Your law firm's seo agency

  1. 1. Your Law Firms SEO AgencyWhat is your law firms SEO agency really doing? by: +Gyi Tsakalakis from: AttorneySync @gyitsakalakis
  2. 2. Comment SpamWhat is it?Comment spam is when SEOs leave comments on other blogs with optimized anchor text that links back to your site.Why is it bad?First, it has absolutely no value to search engines. Second, its embarrassing. Real bloggers work hard to provide goodonline content. Leaving spam comments is akin to giving them the middle finger.How can I find out if my SEO agency is doing this?Head over to Look for backlinks to your site that appear on other blogs that containlink text like [your city] [your practice area] lawyer.
  3. 3. Directory SpamWhat is it?Directory spam is basically adding your firm toone of the millions of online directories. Whilesome reliable and relevant directories may havesome value, many law firm SEO agencies willblindly submit your firm to thousands ofirrelevant web directories.Why is it bad?While not all directories are bad, this is really alow-end SEO strategy. If your backlink profilecontains many spammy directory links, searchengines might interpret this as an effort to gamethem. If that happens, you may subject your site toa search engine penalty. More likely than not, thelinks wont provide any value and will just be awaste of your money.How can I find out if my SEO agency isdoing this?Again, head over to http://opensitexplorer.organd see whether your backlink profile containslinks from spammy web directories. Alternatively,ask your law firm SEO agency where they areactively building links.
  4. 4. Article Spam What is it? Article spam can take many forms. Typically, it involves publishing a high- quantity of low-quality articles on article directory websites that include anchor text links back to your law firm website or blog. Why is it bad? Similar to directory spam, article spam may signal search engines that youre trying to artificially inflate your authority. These links are commonly disregarded by search engines and may also subject your site to a search engine penalty. How can I find out if my SEO agency is doing this? Check your backlinks. Do you have links from spammy-looking article directories? Are these articles of little value? Are they duplicates from your site or other sites?
  5. 5. Link SpamWhat is it?Link spam is more of a catch-all for a variety of different spammylink building techniques. Link spam might take the form of anetwork of interconnected resources pages or blog rolls.Why is it bad?As weve discussed in previous slides, building links in order toartificially inflate your sites popularity in search engines is likely tobe, at best, a waste of time and money, and at worst, risky businessthat could subject your site to a penalty.How can I find out if my SEO agency is doing this?Review your backlink profile. Talk to your SEO consultants. Are theylinking for the sake of linking? Are they linking several of theirclients sites together? Are they engaged in manipulative linkschemes? If so, you may want to have another consultant reviewtheir tactics.
  6. 6. Review SpamWhat is it?With this spam technique, your law firm SEO goes out and creates fake client and professional testimonials on a varietyof third-party sites.Why is it bad?This tactic is especially troublesome for lawyers. First and foremost, its unethical. Which can get you into trouble withyour state bar. Second, its particularly sleazy and will make you look bad amongst your peers. Finally, its not veryeffective. Many review sites are getting better about removing reviews that appear fraudulent.How can I find out if my SEO agency is doing this?Search for your online listings on sites like Google Places. If you see reviews from clients and other lawyers that youdont recognize, you should discuss them with your SEO agents. Ask them whether they left these reviews.
  7. 7. What Should You Do?● Comments - Find relevant sites and blogs that are discussing topics related to your practice. Leave thoughtful comments using your real name that add value to the discussion of the subject matter. Where appropriate, add helpful links to your content on other sites that expands upon or contradicts the author or other commenters.● Directories - Claim, update and optimize profiles on relevant and authoritative legal directories. Be sure to include accurate and consistent name, address and phone number information. Focus on directories that also serve as publishing platforms. Dont waste your time on low-quality general directories. Look for highly-relevant and local business and legal directories.● Articles - Devote the majority of your online activity to developing engaging web content. Provide information or answers on your subject matter. Create helpful tools on your site. Publish unique original content on other sites. Consider serving as a guest blogger to attract new readers.● Links - Focus on acquiring links from highly-authoritative legal websites. Think about how you can motivate other webmasters to link to your pages. Avoid quid pro quo link exchanges and other forms of link schemes that are designed purely to manipulate search engine results.● Reviews - Provide excellent service to your clients. When appropriate, encourage them to sing your praises online. Often times, happy clients just need to know about how they can tell people what an excellent job you did. Make it easy for them by showing them different ways that they can review and rate your services online.
  8. 8. Thanks!Thank you for taking the time to review thispresentation.You can read more about law firm internetmarketing at: you have questions about anythingdiscussed here, please dont hesitate to contactme by emal:
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