personality development Distinction


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personality development Distinction

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  • To tolerate people who have different
  • personality development Distinction

    1. 1. 1. External personality;
    2. 2. 2. Internal personality;
    3. 3. Helpful nature; Volunteering;Anger management ; Being polite;
    4. 4. Being honest; Communication “Always speak skills;the truth, even if it isbitter”.
    5. 5. Time management system these are the 9 important things which I canfollow to improve my time management system.1.Making a list of things to do2.Prioritize your list3.Carry a notebook4.Learn to say no5.Continuously improve yourself6.Use a time management system7.Identify bad habits8.Don’t do other people’s work9.Keep a goal journal
    6. 6. 1. Making a list of 2.Prioritize your list; things to do;
    7. 7. 3.Carry a notebook; 4.Learn to say no;
    8. 8. 5.Continuously improve 6.Use a time management yourself; system;
    9. 9. 7.Identify bad habits; 8.Don’t do other people’s work;
    10. 10. 9.Keep a goal journal;
    11. 11. Finally If you become a good time manager, you’ll not only get alot more done in less time, but you’ll feel more relaxed, focused and in control of your life.
    12. 12. Definition of a LeaderA leader is "a person who influences a group of people towards the achievement of a goal"
    13. 13. Adairs model of Leadership Functions
    14. 14. Taking a leadership position means:• Having a vision about what can be accomplished.• Making a commitment to the mission and to the people you lead.• Taking responsibility for the accomplishment of the mission and the welfare of those you lead.• Assuming risk of loss and failure.• Accepting recognition for success.
    15. 15. • I think these are the leadership qualities I have found during in my class activity1. Settings objectives2. Integrity and honesty3. Ambition4. Motivation skills5. Technical skills
    16. 16. 1. Emotional stability2. Communication skills these are the qualities I think I can improve in my self
    17. 17. Interpersonal Skills language &listening communication questioning conflict handling 23
    18. 18. Improving interpersonal skills;• Think positively, and enter the mindset to work well with others and maintain good relationships.• Be patient.• Learn to listen, experts recommend listening 80% of the time and only talking 20%.• Treat others and their experience with respect
    19. 19. Essential Interpersonal Skills
    20. 20. Developing interpersonal skills
    21. 21. Attitude toward Oneself Life Positions Positive I’m OK — I’m OK — You’re not OK You’re OK Negative I’m not OK — I’m not OK — You’re not OK You’re OK Negative Positive Attitude toward Others
    22. 22. Barrios for Interpersonal Interactions  Poor Listening;
    23. 23.  Emotional Arousal:-  Lack of Time:-
    24. 24. Communication principles: When you learn theprinciples of communication you canfully understand and appreciate whycommunication is so important. It is thefundamental method that humans useto interact with each other since thebeginning of time.
    25. 25. Importance of Communication • I know I lack in good communication skills • improving my communication will help me in Interpersonal Skills both in personal and professional life • Polishing already good communication skills and re-training my weaknesses will help me to come across a more understanding to the people around me and in my daily lives.
    26. 26. • I would like my faculty to guide me in these areas1. Assessing my work periodically both spoken and written2. One-on-one level: interacting with me on one-on-one level communication so that I can understand where I make errors and to help me improve my overall communication skills
    27. 27. My Action planes for improving communication skills 1. Joining a Spoken English classes 2. Attending some public speaking classes 3. Regular reading of the news paper 4. Regular watching English news 5. Trying to talk in English both at home and with my friends
    28. 28. If you maintain moral values You will be mentally peaceful You will get respect from others People around you will have confidence in you It will improve your overall personality It will help you in looking after your family Tolerance and celebration of individual differences is the fire that fuels lasting love
    29. 29. To tolerate people who have different value sand ideals
    30. 30. When you walk the right path
    31. 31. ConclusionI thank madam for giving mean opportunity to present thisassignment.
    32. 32.