Round square Community Service Project Report India


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Round square Community Service Project Report India

  1. 1. Community Service Project Sapera Basti (Snake Charmers Colony) The Sanskaar Valley School Chandanpura, Bhopal, MP. India Report & Survey Gyanendra Tew atia Head- Activities
  2. 2. A LOOK AT SLUM PROBLEMS - Initiative of The Sanskaar Valley SchoolDocument Details: 1. Fact of Slum Area – Introduction 2. Why there is Slum Areas ???? 3. Problem 4. Lack of Sanitary Conditions 5. Social Problems 6. Our Initiative – Problem & Demographical 7. Costing of Project 8. Student Information 9. Student Indemnity Form2|Page
  3. 3. A LOOK AT SLUM PROBLEMS - Initiative of The Sanskaar Valley SchoolFact of Slum Area - IntroductionThe picture that conjures up in our minds, whenwe talk about slums, is that of a dirty, unhygieniccluster of impoverished shanties with long linesof people crowding around a solitary municipalwater tap, bowling babies literally left on streetcorners to fend for themselves and endless criesand found voices emanating from variouscorners. Most of them are engaged in eking outtheir daily lives, always below the poverty line, byworking as construction labourers, domestichelps, rag pickers and chhotus in neighbour hooddhabas. Though their living conditions are utterlyunhygienic, gloomy, dismal and dehumanized,many of them still dream of improving the qualityof their lives.The majority of slum dwellers identify themselves with the city rather than withtheir native place and plan to settle permanently in the city. In spite of poorconditions in slums, second generation residents who are not nostalgic abouttheir rural background - feel that life in slum is reasonably tolerable and city lifeis probably better than rural life.They greatly value improving their working situation through getting a betterjob, yet have low aspirations and have an optimistic view of their chances ofimproving their socio-economic status.Many of the younger generation, irrespective of gender, income level andeducational attainment express their regard for education and foresee upwardsocial mobility for their children by educating their offspring as much aspossible.Our slums are indeed very dingy, dark and dismal. But the dark clouds arenow fading. Despite the inaction of civic authorities, and despite the efforts ofpoliticians and slum mafia to keep slum dwellers to remain docile, there are3|Page
  4. 4. A LOOK AT SLUM PROBLEMS - Initiative of The Sanskaar Valley Schooldefinite signs of younger slum dwellers to improve the quality of their lives.Silver linings are now becoming visible.Plentiful of these was available in rural areas. They were encouraged to cometo cities and work. People, who migrated to the cities and found work, broughttheir cousins and rest of the families to the cities. Unable to find housing andafford it, they decided to build their shelter closer to work. Thousands ofshelters were built for the migrating labourers. Conniving governmentsprovided electricity and drinking water. Politicians looked at the slums as votebank. They organized these unauthorized dwellers into a political force; henceslums took a bit of a permanent shape. More slums developed as morepopulation moved to the cities. By mid sixties Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, and allother large cities were dotted with slums.Recent years have seen a dramatic growth in the number of slums as urbanpopulations have increased in the Third World. According to a recent UN-Habitat report, 327 million people live in slums in Commonwealth countriesalmost one in six Commonwealth citizens. In a quarter of Commonwealthcountries (11African, 2Asian and 1Pacific), morethan two outof threeurbandwellers livein slums, andmany ofthesecountries areurbanizingrapidly.4|Page
  5. 5. A LOOK AT SLUM PROBLEMS - Initiative of The Sanskaar Valley SchoolWhy there is Slum Areas ???Slums are the products of failed policies, bad governance, corruption,inappropriate regulations, dysfunctional land markets, unresponsive financialsystems and a fundamental lack of political will.Each of these failures adds to the toll of people already deeply burdened withpoverty. This frustrates the enormous potential for human development thatopportunities in urban life offer.Urbanisation has created a number of problems like shortage of dwelling units,mushrooming growth of jhuggis, encroachment of public land and expansion ofunauthorized residential colonies. The rapid growth of urbanization is creatinga number of problems. Whenever a big project is commenced, a lot of workersmigrate to towns in quest of employment. With no proper place to live, theyusuallyencroachpublic landand the sitesearmarkedfor variousdevelopmental projects.This causesexpansion ofjhuggis andunauthorized colonies.Thusbuildingenormouspressure oncivicservices andcreatingmajor bottlenecks in the proper development of cities.5|Page
  6. 6. A LOOK AT SLUM PROBLEMS - Initiative of The Sanskaar Valley SchoolProblemsPeople residing in slums face many problems like improper sanitation,unhygienic environmental conditions, toilets, social, economic, health,educational and cultural problems and many more. The basic problemsinherent in slums are Health hazards so we are also going to work on one ofthem TOILETS FACILITIES.Lack of basic amenities like safe drinkingwater, proper housing, drainage andexcreta disposal services, make slumpopulation vulnerable to infections.These further compromise the nutritionrequirements of those living in slums.It is projected that more than half of theIndian population will live in urban areasby 2020 and nearly one third of this urban population will be slum dwellers.The ongoing process of rapid urbanization has deleterious repercussions onhealth and nutrition, especially for children. Malnutrition in young children haslong-term negative effects on physical and cognitive development. The majorcauses of childhood malnutrition in slum population are inappropriate childfeeding practices, infections, improperfood security and suboptimal childcarebesides poor availability and inadequateutilization of health care services.Addressing nutritional problems of urbanpoor is essential for overall developmentof the country.6|Page
  7. 7. A LOOK AT SLUM PROBLEMS - Initiative of The Sanskaar Valley SchoolLack of sanitary conditionsPoor sanitary conditions and poor quality of water lead to illnesses likediarrhoea and other water borne diseases, affecting the life expectancy ofslum dwellers. According to a recent case study, water and sanitation diseasesare responsible for 60 per cent of environmental health. Among water bornediseases, diarrhoea disproportionately affects children under the age of five.Poor health among children adversely affects the attendance rate at schools.In dense, overcrowdedurban conditions it isoften difficult forpeople to find space tobuild latrines. Manyhave to defecate in theopen or share whateverlimited facilities areavailable which tend tooffer no privacy, safetyor hygiene. Because ofhuman waste andrefuse collecting instagnant pools spreaddisease andcontaminates water sources. The problem is made worse during therainy season when rubbish and excrement are washed into crampedliving areas.In these conditions it is virtually impossible to remain healthy and clean.Diseases spread rapidly among the crowded conditions and the little moneythat slum dwellers earn often has to be spent on medicines to help the sickrecover. Often these settlements are unofficial and so, without any legaltenure, the people living there are not entitled to get connections to basicfacilities like water and sanitation. These settlements are also vulnerable todemolition as governments reclaim the illegally occupied land for otherusages.7|Page
  8. 8. A LOOK AT SLUM PROBLEMS - Initiative of The Sanskaar Valley SchoolSocial problemsThe slum environment is the perfect breeding ground for a wide range of socialproblems. High unemployment often causes men to stay around the homegrowing increasingly frustrated with their pathetic situation and the worseningpoverty.Cramped conditionsmean that there isnowhere to go whentensions rise, afactor that regularlyleads to domesticviolence.Sometimes thesituation goes to theother extreme,where peopleabandon theirhomes, lured by theprospect of oblivionthrough alcohol ordrug abuse. Oncepeople develop suchproblems theprospects of findingwork diminish. Theyfall deeper intopoverty and thecycle continues.8|Page
  9. 9. A LOOK AT SLUM PROBLEMS - Initiative of The Sanskaar Valley SchoolOur Initiative The community service project is part of The Sanskaar Valley School curriculum and this year we are planning to make 06 toilets for the slums of Sapera Basti (Snake Charmers Colony). This colony is occupied by snake charmers and it’s called SAPERA BASTI (Snake Charmers residential colony). The people those who are residing in this colony are snake charmers and due to government polices now they cannot keep the snakes with them just for earning purpose so they all are converted to labor work with uncertainty of employment. This community is also lacking badly in education and youth are also illiterates.Problem The toilet facilities are not available so which tend to offer no privacy, safety or hygiene. Because of human waste and refuse collecting in stagnant pools spread disease and contaminates water sources. The problem is made worse during the rainy season when rubbish and excrement are washed into cramped living areas. Due to this human waste water and sanitation diseases increases. Among water borne diseases, diarrhoea disproportionately affects children.Demographics  Location – Sapera Basti adjoining Mandori Village, Kerwa Dem Road, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India  Population – There is no formal details of houses, families and populations is available. As per our survey there are approx 35 houses are there with sharing of two or more than two families and population count is 110-125 approx.  Requirement – As per the survey they require 06 toilets for their families.9|Page
  10. 10. A LOOK AT SLUM PROBLEMS - Initiative of The Sanskaar Valley School Place decided to build up the 06 toilets facilitiesSurvey done by School SocialService Department andengineering team10 | P a g e
  11. 11. A LOOK AT SLUM PROBLEMS - Initiative of The Sanskaar Valley School11 | P a g e
  12. 12. A LOOK AT SLUM PROBLEMS - Initiative of The Sanskaar Valley School12 | P a g e
  13. 13. A LOOK AT SLUM PROBLEMS - Initiative of The Sanskaar Valley SchoolCosting of ProjectThe cost of the project to build up 06 toilets is as follows:S.No Work Quantity Rates Amount 1. Excavation in soil 468 Cft. 3.00 1404.00 2. P.C.C - 1:3:6 4.45 m3 4000.00 17800.00 3. Brick Masonry – 1:6 26:00 m3 4000.00 104023.00 4. Angle Iron Door 06 nos. 2000.00 12000.00 5. Plaster 1:6 126.20 m2 200.00 25240.00 6. M.S Pipe for Sheeting 81 RFT. 800.00 3200.00 7. A.C. Sheet Roofing 295 Sqf. 25.00 7375.00 8. W.C. Seat with fittings 06 nos. 2000.00 12000.00 9. Sewage Chambers 04 nos. 3500.00 14000.00 10. Sewage Line 40RFT. Approx L/S 3000.00 11. Septic Tank 01 (11000 ltrs.) L/S 60000.00 Total cost : 260042.00Total cost: 260042.00/- (Two Lakh Sixty Thousand Forty Two Rupees Only)13 | P a g e
  14. 14. A LOOK AT SLUM PROBLEMS - Initiative of The Sanskaar Valley School Students Information Community Service Project – Sapera BastiWhat is this Project ?As per our community service program we do help the needy peoples and on the sametrack this year we are going to build up the toilets facility for the resident of Sapare Basticommunity.Who can participate?All students of grades 09 to 12 and teachers are eligible to participate.When and where is it happening?The project takes place on…………..December 2011 at……………AM, at Sapera Bastiadjoining Mandori Village, Kerwa Dam Road, Bhopal,MP.Why should I take part?Community Service Project – Sapera Basti is designed to help children become sociallyaware about surrounding community and slum colonies to be a good human being. Theprogram fits in with the school Social Service Project requirement for Round Square/ IAYPCurriculum.What do I need to do to register?To register you must:  Obtain a student Indemnity form from the ……………………………………………..  Register your name along with the duly signed student Indemnity forms with your class tutors by ………………..What else do I need to know about taking part?  Participants to wear rough clothes to work under tough physical condition.  All participants to attend a briefing session on………………… (A day prior to the project at…………………………………)What should I bring on the day?Just you’re self in a healthy and service spirit.14 | P a g e
  15. 15. A LOOK AT SLUM PROBLEMS - Initiative of The Sanskaar Valley School The Sanskaar Valley School Chandanpura, Bhopal, India STUDENT INDEMNITY FORMName of Student: Form Tutor Group/Grade:I hereby give my permission for this student to participate in the Community Service Project going to beheld at Sapera Basti adjoining Mandori Village, Kerwa Dem Road, Bhopal, MP, IndiaI understand that while every effort will be made to ensure the safety and health of students during theproject, the school cannot accept responsibility for injury or ill-health either during or after the project. Iunderstand that it may be necessary for the accompaning school medical staff to administer first aid orbasic medication to my child in the event of illness or severe discomfort, or to seek medical assistancefrom a professionally qualified person. I undertake to inform the staff member leading the event of anyillness which my child may suffer from before the project, or of any dietary restrictions, or of any resonwhich may affect my child’s ability to participate in certain activities during the event. I will advise theschool medical staff of any medication which my child will take with them and the prescribed dosage.The Community Service Program In-charge and Medical supervisor be aware of this illness ordifficulty.My child has recently taken the following My child will be carrying these medicines withmedication. him/her during the run (state dosage): I understand that The Sanskaar Valley School, Bhopal, MP, India cannot be held responsible forany loss or damage to my child’s property during the event and that insurance in the event of anyillness, injury, loss or damage to property is my own responsibility.Signature of parent/ guardian: Date:15 | P a g e