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Enhancing Customer Centric Supply Chains - Part 2

Enhancing Customer Centric Supply Chains - Part 2



GXS sponsored a study which looked at how today's suppliers were dealing with ever complex supply chain related requests from their customers. The study, entitled Enhancing Customer Centric Supply ...

GXS sponsored a study which looked at how today's suppliers were dealing with ever complex supply chain related requests from their customers. The study, entitled Enhancing Customer Centric Supply Chains, was conducted by SCM World and Cranfield University. This second of a two part presentation discusses how GXS Managed Services can help to address some of the complex challenges facing suppliers working across today's customer centric supply chains. Please try and review part 1 of this presentation which discusses some of the key results from the study. Updated April 2013



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  • In the first part of this video presentation I discussed the findings from a recent study that was sponsored by GXS. The study was produced by SCM World and was led by Professor Martin Christopher, Emeritus Professor of Marketing and Logistics at Cranfield School of Management in the UK.The study looked at some of the issues facing today’s suppliers and how they were having to address ever more demanding and complex requests from their customers.The second part of this video presentation discusses how GXS Managed Services can help alleviate and reduce complexities across many of today’s customer centric supply chains.
  • This diagram shows the core components of our Managed Services platform - From an infrastructure perspective, GXS operates two primary global data centers one in Ohio North America and the other in Amstelveen in Holland, redundancy is provided within and across both data centers. The infrastructure offers a High Performance Network-based Translation Engine and is able to offer extensive mediation between any communication protocol The infrastructure provides a high 99.95% availability with 12-hour disaster recovery, we undertake full weekly and daily incremental backups, Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) with battery and diesel turbine backups. The whole infrastructure operates on best in class hardware from the leading networking and storage server manufacturers GXS operates a mapping center of excellence, we undertake the design & development of maps and offer any-to-any data format conversion. Once the maps have been created we offer ongoing change management as well We can offer transaction level visibility and we can implement score-carding and reporting so that you can keep track of the performance of your suppliers. We can also provide visibility into your order life cycle and logistics networkProgram management ensures that your B2B environment is implemented correctly. A designated program manager will help define the scope of the project, the requirements and ensure that the project is completed on time. The other role of the program manager is to ensure that change requests or modifications to the B2B infrastructure are implemented correctly. When integrating with an ERP system, the program manager will ensure that any change requests are carried across both the ERP and B2B systems to ensure that they remain synchronised GXS Expert On-Boarding provides an on-boarding service for trading partners. This will include contacting each trading partner to understand their current B2B connectivity and EDI capabilities and it will include ongoing communication and training in the use of any new B2B solutions that are to be implemented across a trading partner community From a systems management perspective we can offer full system monitoring, security and proactive monitoring to provide alerts of any potential problems. We also provide full data recovery services and a 2 year data archiving service Finally we offer multi-lingual 24/7 helpdesk support. This service offers proactive event monitoring so that if problems arise they can be identified and resolved as quickly as possible
  • Now there are a number of challenges associated with exchanging data between suppliers and their customers.In the ideal world suppliers would like to just send simple flat files to their customers but it is not as easy as that,For example exchanging large files can dramatically reduce the speed of a network infrastructure, there are many different formats of data that can be exchanged either via machine to machine or entered via a portal environment. There are many different comms protocols, and the data itself may contain errors that have to reworked before it can be used by a customer
  • Suppliers have to utilise numerous document standards when working with their customers. The problem is complicated still further when suppliers are asked to support their customers in different regions around the world.Many companies use a range of legacy and modern XML based standards and each region in the world may have a slightly different flavour of these document standards.One thing is for sure, today’s suppliers face an uphill battle when trying to engage with customers who use a multitude of different messaging standards.
  • As shown earlier, many suppliers simply do not have the resources to manage a complex B2B environment, let alone maintain numerous document maps or integrate to back office systems such as SAP or Oracle.One of the growing trends in the IT sector over the past couple of years has been the introduction of cloud based services and this is certainly an area that will change the way in which suppliers engage with their customers. Moving application hosting, platform management and application integration to a hosted or Cloud based environment will help to simplify B2B processes and help the industry to consolidate industry standards. From a business perspective cloud based environments will also help to significantly improve competitiveness in the market and most importantly of all reduce costs and improve ROI.
  • To find out further information about how GXS can help Enhance Customer Centric supply chains, please visit the dedicated microsites that are highlighted on this slide.GXS Insights contains a number of valuable resources including thought leadership articles, white papers and presentations. These will help you get a better understanding of some of the issues facing today’s customer centric supply chains and offers advice on how GXS Managed Services can help alleviate these issues.

Enhancing Customer Centric Supply Chains - Part 2 Enhancing Customer Centric Supply Chains - Part 2 Presentation Transcript

  • Enhancing CustomerCentric Supply Chains – Part 2 Mark Morley, Industry Marketing Director
  • Enhancing Customer-Centric SupplyChains Study Led by Professor Martin Christopher SCM World Speaker Faculty Member Emeritus Professor of Marketing and Logistics at Cranfield School of Management Slide 2 | © 2013 GXS, Inc.
  • GXS Managed ServicesPeople, Process, and Technology Slide 3 | © 2013 GXS, Inc.
  • GXS Managed Services ExperienceAreas of Expertise • Recognised as Number One Transaction • Infrastructure Outsourcing Vendor • Operations • Over 500 customers utilising Managed • Implementation Services today • Support • Extensive Transformation Capabilities • Capacity to develop 10,000 maps annually • Over 30,000 maps and 200 document types currently in production • Areas of Expertise: • Program management • Global network infrastructure • E-Commerce operations management • 24x7 support, visibility and alerts Slide 4 | © 2013 GXS, Inc.
  • GXS Managed ServicesPeople, Process and Technology Slide 5 | © 2013 GXS, Inc.
  • Challenges with Data Sharing Very Large Speed of Data Many Different Many Different Files Availability Formats Protocols 1GB+ choking the Hours, Days, EDI, CD, Vendor AS2, FTP/S, S/FTP, IT infrastructure Weeks, Months Portal Proprietary MFT Suppliers Retailer Data Fields Poor Data Incomplete Retailer Vary Quality Data Set Fees Between 10-1000 Before use – Missing stores or Some demand fields available cleansing required days of sales compensation Slide 6 | © 2013 GXS, Inc.
  • Supporting a Customer’s CommunicationRequirements Customers need the flexibility for suppliers to connect to them using any type of communication protocol via any regional network anywhere in the world. • GXS Managed Services provides mediation between any communication protocol and provides interconnectivity to numerous private B2B networks around the world Slide 7 | © 2013 GXS, Inc.
  • B2B Must Support ManyE-Commerce Standards…. Slide 8 | © 2013 GXS, Inc.
  • Supporting a Customer’s MessagingStandards Requirements Customers need to be able to exchange any type of business document with their suppliers, irrespective of the country or industry they may be working in. • GXS Managed Services provides extensive any-to-any mapping services and can provide support for formats used by ERP systems such as SAP and Oracle. Slide 9 | © 2013 GXS, Inc.
  • Improving Quality and Compliance ofInformation Sent to a Customer Customers need their suppliers to send accurate B2B documents to them so that they can be fed into back office systems with minimal or no rework. • GXS Managed Services can check the quality of information contained within a B2B document, according to predefined business rules, and can raise an alert if an error is found. Slide 10 | © 2013 GXS, Inc.
  • Improving Community On-Boarding to WinNew Customer Contracts Customers need their suppliers to be in a position to start immediately on new supply contracts, irrespective of where the goods are to be delivered to. • GXS Managed Services provides a comprehensive community on-boarding service to allow trading partners of any size or technical capability to be able to connect to a B2B Platform. Slide 11 | © 2013 GXS, Inc.
  • Communicate With a Customer via aHighly Available B2B Infrastructure Customers need to be assured that B2B documents can be exchanged with them 24/7 and there will be no downstream interruption to business systems or production lines. • GXS Managed Services operates across a high, 99.95%, available, B2B infrastructure with two data centres with built in redundancy, disaster recovery and fail-over capabilities. Slide 12 | © 2013 GXS, Inc.
  • Proactive Monitoring of Customer RelatedB2B Transactions Customers need to be assured that transactions coming in from suppliers are flowing correctly and are being converted into the appropriate formats as and when required. • GXS Managed Services provides proactive monitoring of all transactions so that if a problem is detected it can be resolved before the customer or supplier is impacted. Slide 13 | © 2013 GXS, Inc.
  • Provide a Flexible/Scalable B2B Platformfor a Customer Customers need their suppliers to be able to support their operations anywhere in the world, irrespective of time zone, language spoken or culture. • GXS Managed Services offers a fully flexible and scalable B2B infrastructure that can support a customer’s B2B requirements across any time zone, language or local business convention. Slide 14 | © 2013 GXS, Inc.
  • Pushing Complexity to the Cloud Manufacturer’s Customer A ERP Systems OAGi Galia/VDA SAP IDOC OFTP EDIFACT SANNA XML ANSI EDI AS2 Zengin Tradacoms RosettaNet Customer B Cloud-Based B2B e-Commerce Service Data Sync CPFR Customer C ASN E-Invoicing E-Mail E-Marketplace Fax-to-EDI Consider having a Cloud-Based B2B e-Commerce Provider Manage Customer-Specific Requests Slide 15 | © 2013 GXS, Inc.
  • Further Information NA – http://www.gxs.com/resources/insights/ EMEA - http://www.gxsinsights.eu/4th_edition/index.htm Slide 16 | © 2013 GXS, Inc.
  • Thank You GXS web sites Phones US: www.gxs.com US: 1-800-334-2255, option 3 EMEA: www.gxs.eu EMEA: +44 (0) 1932 776047 Slide 17 | © 2013 GXS, Inc.