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Smile - Furet du Nord

Smile - Furet du Nord






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  •  Le temps de regarder quelques sites pour préparer vos questions

Smile - Furet du Nord Smile - Furet du Nord Presentation Transcript

  • Being successful with Magento and more than 1.5 million products
            • Project Manager Smile Benelux
      • [email_address]
      • www.smile-benelux.com
    Erwin de Vries Your speaker…
    • Smile, leader in integrating Open Source Solutions
    • Introducing the Furet du Nord case
    • Lessons Learned
    • Q&A
  • Smile, leader in integrating Open Source Solutions We are a fast growing company with a well established international presence 20 years of experience 1 st European Open Source Solutions Integrator
    • Capital development 2009
    • 2,5 millions euro
    • to
    • accelerate organic growth
    • ease strategic acquisitions
    14 Offices serving the whole Europe Turnover 2010 27 M€ + 30 % annual growth ~550 Experts
  • Smile, leader in integrating Open Source Solutions We deliver full services from strategy definition till maintenance and training
      • Visual identity, iconography, graphical chart
      • Information architecture
      • Accessibility, ergonomy
      • Story-board
      • New digital experiences
      • Feasibility studies
      • Quality audits
      • Requirements
      • Solutions Benchmarking
      • Architecture
      • Security
      • Load performance
      • Hosting and related services
      • Applicative maintenance, incident fixing & change requests
      • Functional and technical surveillance
      • Develop and integrate technical solutions
      • Build open source modules and custom-based applications
      • Collaborative solutions
      • Content management
      • Etc…
      • eCommerce
      • CMS
      • DMS
      • ERP
      • BI
      • Portals
      • Infrastructure
  • Smile, leader in integrating Open Source Solutions We are the Open Source multi specialist in all IT domains SMILE CMS ERP CRM BI DMS Drupal eZ Publish Jahia Infoglue Spip TYPO3 e commerce Prestashop Magento RBS Alfresco Nuxeo Knowledge Tree Talend PDI Palo Jaspersoft Pentaho DEV Infra. Portal OpenERP SugarCRM Hippo Liferay Exo Plateform Zimbra Symfony Zarafa CakePHP Zend Nagios Bacula
    • Web architectures open source
      • To know the basic principles of modern web architectures and high performance, and related tools. [170 pages]
    • Firewalls and VPN open source
      • Indispensable tools for a secure infrastructure and open source solutions reign supreme. [58 pages].
    • Virtualisation open source
      • To understand the principles of Virtualization, Find solutions, discover the diverse range of applications, and benefit from feedback from Smile. [41 pages].
    • Decision : Open source solutions
      • Generating reports, multidimensional analysis, ETL or data mining, discover the best tools and suites of business intelligence open source. [74 pages]
    • PHP Frameworks
      • A complete presentation of Frameworks and components that reduce development time of applications, while improving their quality. [77 pages]
    • Content Management : Open Source Solutions
      • In content management, best solutions are open source. The simple solution to the company website, discover our open source CMS. [58 pages]
    • Portals : Open source solutions
      • For portals too, open source is rich in solid solutions and complete. According to CMS, Smile offers a comprehensive survey of the best solutions portals. [50 pages]
    • 200 questions to choose the right CMS
    • All questions to be asked to choose the content management tool that best meets your needs [46 pages]
    • Design of Web applications
      • Summary of Good Practices for theUsability and effectiveness of business applications built with web technology. [61 pages]
    • The 100 Good Practice Web
      • One hundred and some good practices of the Web ", uses and tips, or simply unavoidable and useful to help you build a quality site. [26 pages]
    • ERP : Open source solutions
      • Open source solutions in ERP are quite mature and gain market shares in companies, providing flexibility and reduced costs. [121 pages]
    • GED : Open source solutions
      • Real solutions EDM are very specific tools, open source represents a solid alternative, a broad functional coverage and a strong momentum. [77 pages]
    • SEO : What you should know
      • With this white paper, learn how to maximize "référençabilité"And positioning your site at its conception. [45 pages]
    • Introduction to Open Source and Free Software
      • Its history, its philosophy, its leading figures, its market, business models, patterns of support and development models. [75 pages]
    • eCommerce
      • Overview and comparison of the best Open Source solutions (Prestashop, Magento, etc….)[82 pages]
    White Papers are freely downloadable on www.smile-benelux.com Smile, leader in integrating Open Source Solutions We share our expertise in more than 15 free Whitepapers – more than 200 000 downloads…
  • Smile, leader in integrating Open Source Solutions A small subset of our Magento references…
  • Smile, leader in integrating Open Source Solutions A leading Magento integrator in Europe…
    • Elected European Magento Partner of the year by Magento Inc.
    • We are the only Magento Enterprise Partner present in the whole of Europe
    • We have developed the 5 largest Magento projects to date
    • We have over 150 consultants dedicated to Magento projects
    • Our first Magento project started in April 2008 (Magento exists since March 2008…)
    • We focus on Magento implementations in complex environments where we use our unique experience to achieve the right business results
    • A still growing part of our Magento projects is actually taking over the implementation of other « Magento specialists »…
    • Smile, leader in integrating Open Source Solutions
    • Introducing the Furet du Nord case
    • Lessons Learned
    • Q&A
  • 70 years of expérience 12 sales locations 1 st bookshop location in France withr 7000m2 70 M€ turnover 95% branding recognition in France 12 000 daily visitors 1500 new products everyday 1,5 million products Introducing the Furet du Nord Case A leader in the cultural retail business
    • Business challenges
      • Reflect the Furet values: « Quality, choice, customer care, proficiency »
      • Increase customer traffic in the bookstore « Click & Mortar business model »
      • Provide an efficient search engine « 70% of the orders are made through the search engine »
    Introducing the Furet du Nord Case The eCommerce channel: both business and technical challenges
    • Technical challenges
      • Interconnection to the IT system (Book database, ERP, CRM, Prediggo) « A retail oriented IT system »
      • Automatic integration of a huge product database « Over 1 500 000 books »
      • Matching with a very demanding business « The system will fit strong business requirements »
    • Double shopping cart « home delivery » and / or « in store picking »
    • Real Time inventory visibility per store
    • Specific navigation
    How to increase traffic in the physical stores? By encouraging the customer to pick up and pay his order at the store
    • 2 shipping method selection: classical « Colissimo » or « Relay Points »
    • Distinct fee processing rules based on order amount and delivery type
    How to increase customer satisfaction? By increasing the delivery period of choice while optimizing its internal shipping cost
    • No disconnection in the sales tunnel maximizing the visitor trust and optimizing the converstion rate
    • Fully integrated in the webshop look and feel
    • Payment methods: credit card, Furet gift cards, PayPal, Furet loyalty card…
    How to increase customer trust? Proposing an payment solution integrated in the webshop
    • Regular wide audience B2C webshop to be combined with a private B2B area for universities and large corporations
      • Restricted to account customers
      • With business specific rules with advanced workflows
    School manager Payment center Furet Teacher Quotation Order Validation ? Budget ? Validation ? How to enlarge the audience and deliver high value services? Provide full fledge B2B and B2C capabilities
    • Challenges
      • How to ensure the right level of performance during the indexation?
      • How to ensure the right level of performance during the search?
      • How to ensure the relevancy of the search results?
      • How to manage very granular product categories?
      • How to execute the merchandizing strategy in this mass of products?
    • Project solutions
      • Validate a search prototype based on SolR
      • Develop the concept of « virtual shelf »
      • Manage search results relevancy with a specific indicator
      • Interface Prediggo as merchandizing solution
    How to manage more than 1,5 million products? ..and 10 000 daily updates
    • Based on Apache Lucene search engine
    • Fully open source, no license cost
    • Full text and structured search
    • Can leverage all existing functionalities (autocompletion, etc…)
    • Indexation of the entire database in 20 minutes (instead of 36 hours…)
    • The project convinced Magento Inc to include SolR option in the Enterprise Edition
    How to manage more than 1,5 million products? Implement the SolR seach engine
      • Titelive book database did not always have the right level of granularity to handle shelves in a standard Magento way => Manga examples
      • Smile and Furet du Nord identified 100 virtual categories automatically filled out based on predefined rules (author, title,…)
      • The add-on allows to configure a SolR query for each category
      • Every morning categories content are automatically updated
    How to manage more than 1,5 million products? Invent the «  Virtual category » concept via the SolR search engine
    • The search results are sorted depending on defined business rules:
      • Is the book still printed?
      • Does the product have a visual?
      • Is the product available?
      • What is the publication date?
    • A « Furet Boost » attribute is computed for each product and used in the indexing process
    How to manage more than 1,5 million products? Pilot the search relevancy with business defined criteria
    • B2B webshop live in 6 months including a one month search engine prototype and a very robust test phase
    • More than 1 Mln Euros in 2010
    • High conversion rate in the sales tunnel as compared to the market
    • The website is still evolving
      • Smile is implementing new functionalities (new ways for managing logistics, delivery, payment)
      • Furet du Nord is managing daily actively its webshop
    And the business results? Limited project duration and quickly strong results
    • Smile, leader in integrating Open Source Solutions
    • Introducing the Furet du Nord case
    • Lessons Learned
    • Q&A
    • Visit our website www.smile-benelux.com
    • Download our free white papers