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Mexico gary

  1. 1. Gary
  2. 2. Mexico is a country located in North America. It shares land borders with the United States (3 326 km) north and with the Belize (193 km) [21] and Guatemala (962 km) south. It has many coastlines (10 143 km) including the Pacific Ocean and Gulf of California (7 338 km) to the west and with the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico (2805 km) east . The total land area is 1 972 550 sq km including about 6 000 km ² of islands in the Pacific Ocean, Gulf of California, the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico. The exclusive economic zone (EEZ) of Mexico stretches 370 km from each side and totals approximately 2.7 million square kilometers. The territory also includes several islands such as Guadalupe and Revillagigedo (Pacific). There are also many volcanoes. The peak of Orizaba peak at 5 700 m, while the lowest point is Laguna Salada, which is 10 m below sea level, the country is prone to earthquakes, sometimes very violent.
  3. 3. Cancun
  4. 4. Rio Grande
  5. 5. Acapulco
  6. 12. Chichén
  7. 13. Pirámide del Sol
  8. 14. Palenque
  9. 16. Temple Maya
  10. 18. Árbol Candelabro
  11. 19. Mexico is crossed by two major mountain ranges: the Sierra Madre Occidental and Sierra Madre Oriental. The Sierra Madre Occidental to the west is the continuation of the Sierra Nevada of California and the Sierra Madre Oriental in the east is the continuation of the Rocky Mountains of New Mexico and Texas. Between the two main mountain ranges lies the Mexican plateau. Cordillera neovolcanic marks the southern boundary of the Sierra Madre Occidental and Oriental. Mexico has also other mountain ranges less important as the assembly line in California, the Sierra Madre del Sur, Sierra Madre de Oaxaca, Sierra Madre de Chiapas, and the Meseta Central de Chiapas.
  12. 22. Chutes de Agua Azul
  13. 23. Mexico has about 150 rivers. 2 / 3 of them drain into the Pacific Ocean and 1 / 3 in the Gulf of Mexico or the Caribbean Sea. Despite the apparent abundance of water, the volumes of water are distributed in very unequal across the country. Indeed, five rivers (the Usumacinta, the Grijalva, the Papaloapan the Coatzacoalcos and Pánuco) totaled 52% of the average annual volume of water. These five rivers (currently very polluted) draining into the Gulf of Mexico. Only the Rio Panuco is not in the Mexican southeast. The northern and central Mexico, covering 47% of the territory and Nearly 60% of the population have less than 10% of the water resources of the country
  14. 24. Desierto de Altar
  15. 30. Guadalajara
  16. 31. Mexico
  17. 32. Castillo de Chapultepec
  18. 33. Monterrey
  19. 35. Argemone mexicana
  20. 36. Laevis Chyše
  21. 37. Citron México
  22. 38. Dahlia
  23. 39. Dahlia
  24. 40. Cestrum
  25. 43. Crique
  26. 45. Abicolor
  27. 46. Kinkajou
  28. 47. Tangara
  29. 48. The dancers of Tuxtla Gutierrez
  30. 52. Taxco
  31. 53. San Cristobal
  32. 54. Sierra Madre del Sur
  33. 55. Popocatepet
  34. 56. Day of the Dead
  35. 58. Mexican music. The word mariachi refers to a type of musical education in Mexico, the style of music associated, and a musical culture. A mariachi band is formed at least two violins, two trumpets, one Spanish guitar player, a vihuela and a Guitarron. Some courses include dozens of musicians. The mariachis are from Jalisco.
  36. 59. Mariachi
  37. 60. Miss Mexique
  38. 62. Mexico
  39. 63. Acapulco
  40. 64. Gary