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Life is not filtered. But the Internet is at school. What are we teaching the kids? How can we teach knowledge, discernment, and ethics without giving them a chance to make good choices and yes, …

Life is not filtered. But the Internet is at school. What are we teaching the kids? How can we teach knowledge, discernment, and ethics without giving them a chance to make good choices and yes, sometimes mistakes. Ninja ways to advocate for our kids & their digital future! Read more on my blog: http://www.thedaringlibrarian.com/2012/09/bwad-how-to-be-ninja-warrior-filter.html

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  • 1. Gwyneth A. JonesThe Daring LibrarianHow to be a NinjaWarrior FilterFighter!Brought to you by AASL & BWAD
  • 2. SurprisingStats
  • 3. 8 Surprising Websites ThatSchools Can’t Access• SKYPE • NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC • GLOGSTER • DROPBOX • BLOGSPOT• KHAN ACADEMY • FLICKR • FREEDOM TO TINKER - Princeton’sCenter for Information Technology PolicyFrom an article KQED / MindShift
  • 4. From a survey of 216 High Schooleducators last spring…• Google Search is blocked for14% of high school students• Google Images isblocked for 23% of highschool students• Google Docs is blocked for 28%of high school students
  • 5. • YouTube is blocked for 63% ofhigh school students• Facebook is  blocked for 87% ofhigh school students• Personal email is blocked for49% of high school studentsFrom “Whats blocked in Schools? A Whole Lot!” -Survey by Michelle Luhtala
  • 6. Ask first& always have adminon your side.
  • 7. Be seenAt therightmoment &Time1.
  • 8. .Create aFacebook Pagefor your school.You can do thisfrom home.
  • 9. Think of it like a WhitePages Advert
  • 10. Create aTwitter Pagefor your school.You can do thisfrom home.
  • 11. .
  • 12. .Connect Your Facebook & Twitter
  • 13. Connect Your Facebook & TwitterCross postings save timeand doubles the exposure!
  • 14. Having a positivesocial mediapresence showsstudents, admin,district, & parentshow social mediacan be managed &inspiring!
  • 15. 2.A NinjaKnowsHow toobfuscate
  • 16. Social-Media-ishlessonsinspireInterwebengagement.
  • 17. Fakebook.uk& otherFacebook-ishLessons
  • 18. What wouldCleopatrawrite onBenjaminFranklin’s wall?
  • 19. What wouldCleopatrawrite onBenjaminFranklin’s wall?Answer: My milk shake bringsall the boys to the yard!
  • 20. What wouldKatnisswrite onBella’swall?
  • 21. What wouldKatnisswrite onBella’swall?Answer: Stop Sulking!
  • 22. http://murrayhill.wikispaces.com/Fakebook_UK
  • 23. Tweet me abook reviewlesson.
  • 24. http://murrayhill.wikispaces.com/Twitter_Book_Reviews
  • 25. Use a Google Form to submit Tweetshttp://murrayhill.wikispaces.com/Twitter_Book_Reviews
  • 26. A Ninjafinds awayaroundobstacles3.
  • 27. KeepVid.comcreated byNinjas.
  • 28. Heed the Warning!KeepVid –created byNinjas.
  • 29. In March 2011Bloggerwasblockedby my district.
  • 30. My library blog,established in2006, nowinaccessible.[insert sad face ]
  • 31. Read my sad storyhttp://bit.ly/eXI2Pk
  • 32. View my most triumphant comeback!daringlibrary.edublogs.orgEdublogs to the Rescue!
  • 33. 4.A Ninjanevergives up
  • 34. If you find awebsite that youbelieve willenrich yourlessons &benefit yourkiddos
  • 35. FIGHTFOR IT!
  • 36. Appeal to havethe websiteunblocked.Give validreasons & arelated lessonplan.
  • 37. Request to Unblock
  • 38. Being a Ninja WarriorFilter FighterIsn’t Easy.Why bother?It’s for the kiddos.
  • 39. FIGHTFOR IT!
  • 40. Psst! Thereare 3 Ninjas inthis picture!Flickr Creative Commons photo by wth42Life is not filtered. But theInternet is - at my school.#What are we teaching thekids?  How can we teach knowledge,discernment, and ethicswithout giving them a chanceto make good choices and yes,sometimes mistakes?
  • 41. To Recap
  • 42. Now go forthand beNinja WarriorFilter Fighter!