EXCERPT FROM GWYNETH JONES’ ARTICLE:It’s a cartoon! It’s an avatar!It’s 20+ super sites to a new animated you!Want to jump...
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It's a Cartoon, It's An Avatar, It's a New Animated YOU!


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A flier linking to an article I wrote for @SybaSigns in Australia --Download PDF direct http://www.sybasigns.com.au/its_a_cartoon_its_an_avatar.pdf

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  • There are some very fun sites here, thank you!
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It's a Cartoon, It's An Avatar, It's a New Animated YOU!

  1. 1. EXCERPT FROM GWYNETH JONES’ ARTICLE:It’s a cartoon! It’s an avatar!It’s 20+ super sites to a new animated you!Want to jump-start your web presence and connect with your Consider creating avatars for students who areschool community in a hip happening animated way? Channel blogging or contributing to wiki discussions.your inner super hero with easy and fun character creators! Having an icon to speak from sometimes freesHere’s a list of more than 20 websites that you can use to create students, especially the more shy or reticent, tofun avatars. really express themselves without restraint. This concept can work for shy grown-ups, too!Creating a signature avatar is also a fun way to create a brand Either way, having a fun signature avatar is great toimage. Though this article is aimed at teacher librarians use with Twitter, blogging, commenting, Slideshare,creating avatars for themselves and not with classrooms of business cards, and a whole host all of social mediastudents, there are several sites here that kids would dig and communications. Super hero cape optional!would also be appropriate to use with them.BuiLD YouR WiLD SeLF Clay Yourself Go!Animatewww.buildyourwildself.com/ http://clayyourself.com/ http://goanimate.com/videomakerFrom the Wildlife Conservation Society: Create Sponsored by Hotels.com, Clay Yourself lets you My favourite, and the site that has the comican avatar out of bits and pieces of humans create a version of yourself in modeling clay. chops to make the most customized avatars isand other animals – head, arms, legs, clothes, You can start with the given facial frames and the Go!Animate Comic World Character Creator.eyes, mouth, tail, wings, shells … just pick the then customize other features. These features Though this takes the most time to master it hasparts you like and assemble them together, include hairstyle, eyes, eyebrows, glasses, the most potential for avatar greatness! Andchoose a background, and at the end you’ll get eyeballs, nose, and mouth. When you are done it makes those avatar characters in your ownanimorphtastic name and description! with your customization you can share your animated cartoons! GoAnimate also has a very character on Facebook or Twitter. You can also helpful forum for questions and a friendly and download your character in JPG format or take a responsive community manager.ToonDoo screenshot. It’s Claytastic!www.toondoo.com WeeMeeVery easy to do and super fun site to create Simpsons Movie www.weeworld.comyour own comic strips! From the helpful www.simpsonsmovie.com/main.html Use this site to create a wee mini version ofToonDoo wiki some of the outstanding features: Ever want to be a Simpsons character? yourself plus you can add all kinds of fun (anddrag‘n’drop assets, 1-, 2- or 3-panel comic Now you can create your own doppelganger in geeky!) accessories. There’s plenty of scopestrips, can be used with multiple languages, the style of the Simpsons. Note that the saving for customization of your avatar. Hint: Use theand the ability to choose from a vast variety of feature didn’t work for me the two times I tried dropdown to select categories and browsecharacters, props and backgrounds categorized it so when you get your character the way you through your options and screenshot wheninto specific galleries. want it – take a screenshot! you’re happy.Whatever site or style you choose, have fun and let your Active links and more information to all these sites can beimagination go when it comes to creating your super hero found on my Daring Tech Character Creator wikipage, andanimated avatar! several postings with even more examples, how-tos and tech tips can be found on my blog. Now go forth and be animated!Some sites allow you to save the finished creation as a JPG.If not, then take a screenshot, paste into a paint program, cropand save as a JPG. One of my favourite new free digital image Now go forth and be animated!manipulation sites is picmonkey.com. If one of these avatar For Gwyneth’s full PDF article withcreation sites is blocked by your district filter or firewall, go on 20+ super sites scan this QR codeto the next one ... or ... do this at home! Be an avatar ninja! or go to http://goo.gl.bq6XY Gwyneth Jones – The Daring Librarian, along with colleague Dr Joyce Valenza will be joining Syba Signs for a series of seminars in July and August in Sydney, Adelaide and Perth. See page 63 for more information or visit our website www.sybasigns.com.au/seminars 3