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Google Apps for Education: Sharing Files
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Google Apps for Education: Sharing Files


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. Google Apps for Education Steps for Uploading, Sharing, and Making Copy of Files  These directions are for sharing a document so that others can make a copy to writenotes on. The students will not be able to write on the original file.Step 1 - Login 1 Login to Google Drive at 2 Choose Private. 3 Enter your computer username and password.Step 2 - Check Your Upload SettingsIn order for you to edit your document in google drive, you need to convert it to the google docsformat. 1 When in your drive, click on the arrow next to the gear icon on top right. 2 Choose Upload Settings. 3 Choose Convert uploaded files to Google Docs format.Step 3 - Uploading Already Created Files 1 Go to Drive. 2 Click on the small disc drive icon that is to the right of the “CREATE” button in the upper left corner of screen. 3 Choose Files. 4 In the search box locate the File on your computer.Created  by  Mel  McNamara  –Howard  County  Schools  –  Creative  Commons    
  • 2. Google Apps for Education Steps for Uploading, Sharing, and Making Copy of Files   5 Click “Start upload” to upload file. A dialog box will appear letting you know when upload is finished.Step 4 - Move a Shared Folder to “My Drive”In order to share a file into the shared folder you need to move the folder into your drive. 1 Go to Shared with Me. 2 Drag the desired folder on top of the words “My Drive.” The folder will now be in your driveStep 5 - Move Document to the Shared Folder 1 Drag your file to the folder.Step 6 - Change Sharing SettingsIf you move a file into a folder that has EDIT permissions for the users of that folder, you need tochange the permissions of the file so the people can only view your file. 1 Click on the box next to your file (once it is inside the folder.) 2 Go to the Sharing settings icon. 3 Change the settings for your classmates from Edit to View.Created  by  Mel  McNamara  –Howard  County  Schools  –  Creative  Commons    
  • 3. Google Apps for Education Steps for Uploading, Sharing, and Making Copy of Files  Step 7 - Make a Copy of a File that Someone Else has Uploaded 1 Open the desired file. 2 Go to File > Make a Copy. 3 You now have a copy of the file on your Drive for you to modify as you desire.Created  by  Mel  McNamara  –Howard  County  Schools  –  Creative  Commons