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10 Ways Educators Can be a Marketing Genius Like Lady Gaga
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10 Ways Educators Can be a Marketing Genius Like Lady Gaga


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If you don't think Educators need to think about marketing today then I really want you to view 90 sides try and change your mind! Times are tough all over for education. Teachers, librarians, and …

If you don't think Educators need to think about marketing today then I really want you to view 90 sides try and change your mind! Times are tough all over for education. Teachers, librarians, and schools are at a crossroads. A revolution is at hand. We need to be nimble, daring, and digital. We need to work towards shifting the way the world views schools and the teaching profession. At the end of these 90 slides you might not be ready to wear a meat gown or sky high Alexander McQueen shoes but you'll have several ways to your pump up your teaching practice & make it FIERCE!

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  • 1. Pop GeniusMarketi ng Genius
  • 2. Eve n if you don’t like h er music or style, here are 10 ways e ducators can be a marketing genius like Gaga!
  • 3. Lady Gaga isn’t shy aboutspeaking her mind.
  • 4. In doing so, she keeps herself in the public eye.
  • 5. It’s easy to beopinionated when you’re passionate.
  • 6. Be passionate aboutyour teaching practice.
  • 7. Genuine passion willinspire your students, teachers, parents, & community.
  • 8. Gaga has workedtirelessly on accumulating over 27 million Twitter followers & 52 million Facebook fans.
  • 9. She drives loyalty by regularly Tweetingher fans (sometimeson an hourly basis!) even before the Grammy Awards.
  • 10. “My little monster sweeties arealready camped outside todayshow! I love u! Will be sendingu pizza and water all day! Anda surprise 2morro! X” @LadyGaga
  • 11. Social Media is here to stay. Yeah, it’s not a fad.
  • 12.
  • 13. Have a web presence in your profession & community. Tweet, Google+,Facebook, whatever rocks your boat. Just be seen.
  • 14. Differentiate wisely.
  • 15. There are toomany normalpeople doing normal things.
  • 16. Show, don’t tell.
  • 17. You are extraordinary so show it.
  • 18. “I used to walk down the streetlike I was a#%@ rock star….I want people to walk arounddelusional about how greatthey can be – and thenFIGHT so hard for it everydaythat the lie becomes the truth.” -Lady Gaga
  • 19. Channel your inner rock star.Fake it untilyou make it.
  • 20. “A group needs only twothings to be a tribe: ashared interest and a wayto communicate.” -Seth Godin
  • 21. We are a tribe.
  • 22. We are strongerwhen we share.
  • 23. Each one of us hassomething to contribute.
  • 24. Take. Use.Share.
  • 25. Create achain reaction of AWEsome!
  • 26. The more you give, themore you will get back.
  • 27. Embrace and liveCreative Commons.
  • 28. Gaga calls her fans LittleMonsters and gives them a shared symbol.   Who knows it?
  • 29. The official LittleMonster greeting is the outstretched “monster claw” hand.
  • 30. This allows fans toidentify each other and to connect to their tribe. Even Oprah knows the Little Monster greeting!
  • 31. This is branding genius.
  • 32. Consider brandingyourself, your school,your practice, or your program.
  • 33. Treat them well and theywill make you a superstar.
  • 34. Professional photographers are barred from concerts but Gaga allows her fans torecord and upload videos of her live performances on the YouTubes.
  • 35. Love our Little Monsters.Think of ways to make them feel special in yourClassroom, library, or school.
  • 36. Make them feel like theybelong to an exclusive club.
  • 37. Red Carpet
  • 38. VIP
  • 39. Step and repeat.
  • 40. You can’t pleaseeveryone, right?
  • 41. Gaga routinely takes it a stepfurther and “stirs the pot” with people that she isn’t going to please anyway, keeping her in the news and reinforcing her message.
  • 42.  “Well, that’s your opinionisn’t it? And I’m not about towaste my time trying tochange it” - Lady Gaga
  • 43.  Some  people  won’t  like  you.   Trying  to  be  a  constant  people-­‐pleaser  can  make  you   stressed  &  professionally   discouraged.  
  • 44. Education advocacy sometimes stirs the pot.Grab a spoon.
  • 45.  Just always keepour best customers,our Little Monsters, our students, the priority.They are always #1
  • 46.  Lady Gaga has a long list of supporters.
  • 47. Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton being one of the biggest.
  • 48. Befriending someone like Perezis a perfect ally in her quest for pop world domination.
  • 49. Make an ally of your administrator.
  • 50. Try not to say NO to any reasonable request.
  • 51. Say, “I can make thathappen – let me get back to you with the details!”
  • 52. Spoil the font office secretaries.
  • 53. And always, always, get the head custodian on your side.
  • 54. Lady Gaga writes KILLER pop hits
  • 55. She doesn’t produce a hugeamount of them, but everything she does is done very well and is worth talking about.
  • 56.      Collaborate with your fellow teachers to create killer Ed-tech lessons.
  • 57.      Create killer online 24/7research & tech resources for your students. (a Wikispace is wonderful for this!)
  • 58.      Provide killer professionaldevelopment & tech resources for your teachers.
  • 59.    The Gaga brand is very calculated.Everything she does is on purpose.
  • 60. “Some women choose to followmen, and some choose to followtheir dreams. If you’re wonderingwhich way to go, remember thatyour career will never wake up andtell you it doesn’t love you anymore.” - Lady Gaga
  • 61. Teaching is a calling.
  • 62. But having a balance to yourreal life and teaching practice is key.A quality life makes a quality teacher.
  • 63. So, I asked my Tweeps…“What is your purpose?”“What is your passion?”
  • 64. “Mobile Learning!” –  Diane Darrow, CT  “Instruction in our field”- Heather Moorefield, VA   “Foster  curiosity!”  –  Michelle Luhtala, CT “Give out information!” –  Suzi  W.,  PA   “Connect reluctant readers with "their" book” -­‐   Susan  Needham,  MO    “Gifted education” – Karen Mensing, AZ  
  • 65. What isYOURPassion?
  • 66. Celebrate your passion!
  • 67. Share yourpassion!
  • 68. Befabulous!
  • 69. Befierce!
  • 70. Bedaring!
  • 71. Bedevoted!
  • 72. Be a Rock Star!
  • 73. Be YOU!
  • 74. Twitter  @jessedee