07 0077 Enbridge Committed To Customer Satisfaction For Municipalities July 2004


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07 0077 Enbridge Committed To Customer Satisfaction For Municipalities July 2004

  1. 1. Enbridge committed tocustomer satisfactionLike other businesses, gas utilities need to focus on keeping theircustomers happy. Each construction season, for instance,Enbridge Gas Distribution sends contractors or crews and equip-ment out to more than 20,000 different locations, many in publiclocations such as roads or streets, to put in new services orupgrade, fix and/or replace existing services.Enbridge has focused considerable research and development(R&D) over the years on construction techniques that can mini-mize disruption and increase efficiency for service excavations,installations and replacement. Over the past decade, the compa-ny has developed an innovative new technology that exemplifiesits commitment to its customers.Keyhole technology deploys circular core cutting equipment tocreate a pavement opening only 18" (0.5 metres) in diameter, andthen vacuum excavation equipment to remove the soil. Workersuse special long-handled tools to make the repairs, replace thecut pavement section or core, and use a special bonding com-pound to make the repairs permanent. The work is usually done,and traffic restored, within the day. In addition to drastically slash-ing the time and disruption of conventional road repair practices,the process provides a virtually seamless replacement of thepavement. And there’s no need for repeat visits. The pavement is Keyhole technology provides many benefits including reduced disruption forleft stronger than before. residents.In some ways, Keyhole technology is similar to medical technolo- a fraction of the time,” he says. “At the same time, we dont havegy. In surgery, small incisions are less intrusive, heal faster, leave to dig up driveways, sidewalks or roads. We’re keeping disruptionsmaller scars, and cause less trauma and tissue damage than to the streets and roads down, which helps traffic flow.”large incisions. Small incisions are also cheaper than major sur- More information is available at Enbridge Gas Distribution’sgery: they consume fewer resources in the hospital and during website, at www.enbridge.com/keyhole.recovery.“It’s all about making smaller incisions, and then using specialized For more information on the Keyhole program attools and techniques to keep the system operating at optimal effi- Enbridge Gas Distribution, please contact:ciency,” explains Gord Reynolds, who manages the Keyhole Gord ReynoldsTechnology efforts at Enbridge Gas Distribution in Toronto. “Inmedicine, it is the patient who benefits. In the natural gas industry, Managerthere are many beneficiaries. The community and municipality Keyhole Technologybenefit from less disruption and stronger roads, and in the long Enbridge Gas Distributionrun, everyone benefits from the reduced costs.” Telephone: 416-461-0408According to Enbridge’s Toronto Operations Manager Scott Fax: 416-461-5944McClelland, commitment to ongoing customer service has been Mobile: 416-732-2200the central impetus for developing Keyhole methods. “Keyhole e-mail: gord.reynolds@enbridge.comtechnology can provide better results than open-cut restoration in www.enbridge.com/keyholeJULY 04 07-0077