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High level improvement_plan_2011-12
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High level improvement_plan_2011-12


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. ABERDEEN CITY COUNCIL EDUCATION, CULTURE AND SPORT HIGH LEVEL IMPROVEMENT PLAN SCHOOL: Northfield Academy SESSION: 2011- 2012 LIO IMPROVEMENT PRIORITY FOCUS FINAL OUTCOMES FOR PREDICTED LEADPriority QIs LEARNERS TIMESCALE PERSON/TEAM/ ‘Journey to Excellence’ ‘Improving to be evaluated against HGIOS 1 2 3 DEPT/ Broad Area Outcomes yr yrs yrs FACULTY for Learners Through Self Our Learners’ will experience; Evaluation’ Learning and Teaching  a planned coherent curriculum  Faculty PT’sCurriculum Key Theme: in S1 to S3 in line withforExcellence Curriculum for Excellence. Curriculum for Excellence 5.1 5.3  a well structured and prepared  DHT1 ‘senior phases’ offering (JC) appropriate courses and learning experiences to meet their learning needs and aspirations. Meeting Learner Needs 5.3  an integrated faculty of Pastoral  DHT 2Curriculum care and Pupil support (MW)forExcellenceHelpingthose withdifferentneeds,skilled andtrained staff
  • 2.  frequent and regular opportunities through the PLP  DHT 2 process to discuss their learning (MW) with an adult who knows them well  learning opportunities informed  Every by achievement data such as Class Teacher MIDYIS, in school tracking and their personal profile.  time with an adult mentor on a DHT1/2 regular basis to work on their  (JC/MW) Personal Profile.  teachers who are trained in Restorative Practices, Solution  DHT 1/2 Orientated Approaches and (JC/MW) Assertive Discipline training techniques. Learners’ Experiences 2.1  high quality learning 5.2 opportunities which motivate  and engage them. HT They will be active participants 5.9 in their learning and be able toCurriculumfor confidently evaluate theExcellence, progress they have made.Skilled andtrained staff  opportunities to be engaged in  DHT 2/3 processes to track their progress, profile their (MW/AD) achievements and set targets for their improvement.
  • 3. Partnership Key Theme: 5.5  a culture of high expectation  HT Pupil Engagement 1.1 throughout the school.  opportunities to shape and evaluate their learning  Faculty Leaders experiences in school.  encouragement to contribute to discussions and decisions about  DHT 2 school improvement (MW)  encouragement to undertake additional responsibilities in  DHT 2 school. (MW) Parental Engagement 2.2  parents who are more engaged 5.7 in discussion about their  progress in school through DHT 3 Working receiving regular information (AD) together,learning in about attendance, behaviour and the wider academic progresscommunity,curriculum for  parents who are better informedexcellence  about their childs school through improved communication and DHT 3 consultation (AD)  parents who are more aware of  the work of the parent council and other opportunities for them HT to be involved in the life and work of the school
  • 4. Community Engagement  opportunities at all transition  DHT 3 4.1 points allowing them to gain (AD) 8.1 skills, confidence and appropriate learning to ease that period of change  benefits of and opportunities  DHT 3 arising from, working with ASG (AD) schools, other education providers, business partners and other organisations working to provide specific support for themHead Teacher: _____________________________ Date: _________________________________Officer: _______________________________ Date of Agreement : _________________________________