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Global context IDMP

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IDMP CEE Global context IDMP by Jose Camacho

  1. 1. World Meteorological Organization WMO OMM Working together in weather, climate and water Global context of the Integrated Drought Management Programme Jose Camacho Agricultural Meteorology Division Climate and Water Department WMO
  2. 2. WMO OMM World Meteorological Organization • United Nations agency for weather, climate, hydrology and water resources and related environmental issues. • 191 Members from National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHS) – Newest Member South Sudan (Dec 2012) • 10 major scientific & technical programmes (Secretariat) • 8 Technical Commissions advise & guide activities of programmes (Experts) • 6 Regional Associations involved in implementation 1st Workshop Integrated Drought Management Programme in CEE – 15-16 Oct 2013, Hodrusa Hamre, Slovakia 2
  3. 3. WMO OMM 6 Regions – CEE in region VI 1st Workshop Integrated Drought Management Programme in CEE – 15-16 Oct 2013, Hodrusa Hamre, Slovakia
  4. 4. Natural and Social Dimensions of Drought Decreasing emphasis on the natural event (precipitation deficiencies) WMO OMM Increasing emphasis on water/natural resource management Increasing complexity of impacts and conflicts Agricultural Hydrological Meteorological Socio-economic Time/Duration of the event Source: Wilhite 2006 4
  5. 5. The Cycle of Disaster Management WMO OMM Source: Wilhite 2006 5
  6. 6. WMO OMM Need for a High Level Meeting on National Drought Policy (HMNDP) Despite the repeated occurrences of droughts and the large impacts on different socioeconomic sectors, no concerted efforts have ever been made to initiate a dialogue on the formulation and adoption of national drought policies. World’s costliest natural disaster, incurring annually US $6-8 billion losses. 6
  7. 7. WMO OMM • • • • High-Level Meeting on National Drought Policies Over 414 participants from 87 countries Main Partners – UNCCD, FAO, WMO 1 Prime Minister address (Niger) UN SG (video message) • 18 ministerial addresses (11 from Africa) • 12 representatives of UN agencies and international and regional organizations (UNU, IFRC, IOM, CBD, WFP, IAEA, UNECA, JRC, ICARDA, GWP, ACMAD, ISDR) • Final Declaration adopted – 1st Workshop Integrated Drought Management Programme in CEE – 15-16 Oct 2013, Hodrusa Hamre, Slovakia 7
  8. 8. WMO OMM Launch of HMNDP initiatives • 2013 World Day to Combat Desertification, UN Decade for Deserts and the Fight against Desertification, and UN Decade on Biodiversity • Integrated Drought Management Programme (IDMP) with WMO & Global Water Partnership • National Drought Management Policies Initiatives (NDMP) with UNW-DCP, FAO, UNCCD, & WMO 1st Workshop Integrated Drought Management Programme in CEE – 15-16 Oct 2013, Hodrusa Hamre, Slovakia 8
  9. 9. WMO OMM National Drought Management Policies Capacity Building Joint initiative, under UN-Water, with WMO, FAO, UNCCD and UNW-DPC which brings together the expertise of several UN agencies to advance capacity to develop effective drought management policies in targeted drought-prone countries Source: World Bank 9
  10. 10. WMO OMM Integrated Drought Management Programme (IDMP) 10
  11. 11. WMO OMM Associated Programme on Flood Management (APFM) •Joint Initiative - •World Meteorological Organization (WMO) •Global Water Partnership (GWP) •Secretariat •Technical Support Unit in WMO Inception Phase: 2001- 2002 Implementation Phase I: 2002- 2006 Implementation Phase II: 2006-2010 •Trust Fund current contributors: Japan and Switzerland 11
  12. 12. WMO OMM Associated Programme on Flood Management (APFM) • Environmental Aspects • Social Aspects and Stakeholder Involvement • Economic Aspects • Legal and Institution Aspects 12
  13. 13. WMO OMM Support Base Partners of APFM Specialized institutes in various disciplines relevant for IFM
  14. 14. WMO/GWP IDMP Approach WMO OMM 1. From reactive to proactive measures through drought mitigation, vulnerability reduction and preparedness; 2. To integrate the vertical planning and decision making processes at regional, national and community levels into a multi-stakeholder approach including key sectors, especially agriculture and energy; 3. To promote the evolution of the drought knowledge base and to establish a mechanism for sharing knowledge and providing services to stakeholders across sectors at all levels; 4. To build capacity of various stakeholders at different levels.
  15. 15. WMO OMM WMO/GWP IDMP Governance Structure Management Bodies Management Committee Advisory Committee Technical Support Unit & Partners HelpDesk Regional Activities GWP Regional Partnerships WMO Regional Associations Global Activities National Authorities 1st Workshop Integrated Drought Management Programme in CEE – 15-16 Oct 2013, Hodrusa Hamre, Slovakia 15
  16. 16. WMO OMM Engaging Partners • High interest at the global level IDMP Advisory Committee attended by 15 organizations • Interested Organizations can develop Expression of Interest Letter between WMO, GWP to define areas of cooperation on IDM. • On development of IDMP Help Desk, IDMP will engage Support Based Partners (SBP) • SBPs will Focus on technical area of mutual interest
  17. 17. WMO OMM Outcomes WMO/GWP IDMP The IDMP aims to add value and close the gaps with regard to: •Better scientific understanding of, and inputs for, drought management; •Improved knowledge base, with better access to information and products; •Capacity for drought risk assessment, monitoring, prediction and early warning; •Improved policy and planning for drought preparedness and mitigation across sectors; and •Drought risk reduction and response.
  18. 18. WMO OMM 1) 2) 3) 4) WMO/GWP IDMP Areas of Work Development of Tools Capacity Building Demonstration Projects Responding to Regional and National Needs 5) Development of Drought HelpDesk
  19. 19. Development of Tools WMO OMM - Tools and guidelines to support the integrated management of droughts - Currently development of National Drought Management Policy Guidelines - Early Warning Systems and Drought Indicators envisioned
  20. 20. Demonstration projects WMO OMM - Innovative projects to support national and regional needs - First projects envisioned on Early Warning and applying drought indices
  21. 21. WMO OMM Responding to Regional and National Needs Regional programmes of the IDMP in - Implementation of regional IDMP in Central and Eastern Europe (here we are) - Funding for regional programmes in the Horn of Africa and West Africa approved - Designing programme in South Asia - Support to work in the Mediterranean
  22. 22. Drought Help Desk WMO OMM - Modelled on APFM HelpDesk - Entry point to contact IDMP - Get existing information on Integrated Drought Management - Request support on Integrated Drought Management - To be launched at World Water Week 2014 - Will be web based and respond to specific requests
  23. 23. WMO OMM Drought Help Desk Two function areas Help Yourself - Drought Management Tools Questions and Answers bank Reference Centre databases Discussion group using social media Get Help - Personal assitance for Drought Management (policies, laws, strategies) - Capacity building - A rapid guidance to the tools of the Help Yourself
  24. 24. WMO OMM
  25. 25. Current Actions - IDMP WMO OMM • • • • • Established at HMNDP – March 2013 Donor funding to IDMP (GWP-Canada- …..) Technical Support Unit created Jul-Aug 2013 in Geneva (WMO HQ – Climate and Water Department) Seconded GWP expert to WMO – July 2013 WMO Project Officer – Aug 2013 • Advisory Committee Meeting to implement work plan – October 2013 • 1st IDMP regional project - Central and Eastern Europe • IDMP webpage: 25
  26. 26. WMO OMM • Guidelines for National Drought Management Policies and Preparedness Plans Prepared by Donald A. Wilhite, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, U.S.A. Step 1: Appoint a national drought management policy commission Step 2: State or define the goals and objectives of a risk-based national drought management policy Step 3: Seek stakeholder participation; define and resolve conflicts between key water use sectors Step 4: Inventory data and financial resources available and identify groups at risk Step 5: Prepare/write the key tenets of a national drought management policy and preparedness plans, which would include the following elements:Monitoring, early warning and prediction, Risk and impact assessment, Mitigation and response Step 6: Identify research needs and fill institutional gaps Step 7: Integrate science and policy aspects of drought management Step 8: Publicize the national drought management policy and preparedness plans and build public awareness Step 9: Develop educational programs for all age and stakeholder groups Step 10: Evaluate and revise national drought management policy and supporting preparedness plans 26
  27. 27. World Meteorological Organization WMO OMM Working together in weather, climate and water Thank You-Ďakujem contacts: Frederik Pischke - Robert Stefanski - WMO