Film poster codes and conventions

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  • 1. Film posters are very important when advertising a film. They are part of the promotion package that is usually used to advertise the film before its released. They are also have an artistic value and many people collect film posters and put them up in there house as décor. The “A Clockwork Orange” poster is one that is well known and commonly collected.
  • 2. Teaser Posters Teaser posters are used as early on in a promotion process. They are a poster that is simple and doesn't’t reveal a lot of information. They usually include a picture and not much else and this is purely not to give the game away and to get the audience hooked. Plus if a film features exclusive actors/ actresses, they are usually shown off on the teaser posters, without revealing the name of the film, which engrosses the fans of those celebrities to want to wait and find out the name of the film and when it will be released.
  • 3. Harry Potter 7 – Teaser Posters Stars used to engage fans Rough release date. Doesn’t give exact. Minimal info on posters
  • 4. This is what is on a film poster always makes clear what type of genre the film belongs to, for example, if the film poster includes a weapon, dark lighting and so on, target audiences will be able to recognize the horror genre straight away whereas if there is lipstick and shoes then they would associate the film as a Chick Flick.
  • 5. Typical chick flick poster. You can tell by the iconography, girly colours an shopping bags.
  • 6. Typical horror film poster. You can tell by the iconography, weapon and dark lighting.
  • 7. CAST Cast is usually listed on a film poster to let people know who the stars are and this encouraged the stars fans to watch the movie. DIRECTOR Important so the audience know who the director is. TITLE A title is always key as if the audience don’t know what the films called they wont go and watch it and the promotion of the poster would be pointless. TAGLINE A tagline is a short sentence describing the film. This tagline is describing the film as edgy and exciting as it is saying it is new. STARS/PICTURE A picture or photo from the film is important as this is what a poster is advertising and trying to draw people into watching.
  • 8. It is important that the poster: 0 Is eye catching and relate to the film. 0 Makes people want to watch the film. 0 Theres a focal picture that draws in the audience/ 0 The title is displayed clearly and its large and readable. 0 Defines the films genre. 0 Designed to attract a large of audience as possible. 0 Reviews or titles of other films the company has made. 0 Information of cast, directors and production company.