Leverage Faster Internet Connections and Grow Your Business With Cloud Computing


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Maine's new fiber optic network, the Three Ring Binder, will make faster broadband connections available to everyone. This will enable businesses to access applications such as IP telephony, videoconferencing, and cloud computing with greater quality and better performance than ever before. This presentation discusses the benefits of cloud computing applications such as hosted PBX, hosted file storage, hosted backup and recovery, hosted Exchange, server virtualization, and data centers to businesses trying to reduce costs and grow. For more information on fiber based internet connectivity and cloud computing in Maine, visit http://www.gwi.net.

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Leverage Faster Internet Connections and Grow Your Business With Cloud Computing

  1. 1. Leverage Faster Internet to Grow Your Business with Cloud Computing March 30, 2012
  2. 2. Greater Bandwidth Creates Opportunity• Fiber optic connectivity is a competitive advantage for businesses. – Applications – not speed. – Future proofing the connection – Beyond faster downloads and email• Business Applications – Better quality IP telephony – Video conferencing – Cloud computing
  3. 3. What is Cloud Computing?• IT assets obtained as services – Monthly maintenance fee – Minimal up-front costs• Application/Software (SaaS)• Platform (PaaS) – Control Panel Web Hosting – Force.com, Google API• Hardware (IaaS) – Server virtualization, storage, etc.
  4. 4. Cloud Computing Benefits• Reduced Capital Costs – Hardware – Software• Reduced Overhead – Fewer IT staff – Lower power consumption• Scalability – Pay as you go per megabit or per seat• Flexible Access – VPN’s are not required to access apps.• Automatic Updates – Low Maintenance• Built in Disaster Recovery• Best in class services for small business budgets GWI Confidential 4
  5. 5. Mitigating Cloud Computing Risks• Control & Privacy – Understanding where copies are stored – Careful review of privacy policies• Data Security – Ensure stored data is encrypted – Mistrust any partner who can decrypt your data for you – Data should be transmitted via a private network, SSH, or other encrypted tunnel• Responsiveness – Ensure that ample bandwidth is available – Ensure low latency to the cloud computing partner – Diverse IP connectivity is preferred• Service Level Management – Mean time to recover/restore – Maintenance schedule
  6. 6. Choosing a Cloud Partner• Nearby Data Centers (Low Latency)• Good data security and backup policies• Consider Carriers – Connectivity can be managed for performance and security – Possible savings through bundling with telecom services – One-call, one-bill convenience – Many have local support staff
  7. 7. A Few Examples of Cloud Computing Services• Hosted PBX• Hosted Storage (GWI G- Drive)• Hosted Backup (GWI G- Recovery)• Hosted Exchange• HAVEN - Server Virtualization• Data Center Services
  8. 8. Hosted PBX• Replaces the premise based phone switch and voice mail with a slice of the carrier’s switch – Business pays a monthly per seat fee – Business may purchase phones, lease them, or they may be included in the monthly fee• Benefits – Significant avoided CAPX – Operating expense benefits • Updates, maintenance and backup are covered • Power consumption is reduced – Scalable – Mobile • Integration with cellular phones • Handsets work on almost any quality broadband connection – Disaster recovery• Requires significant symmetrical bandwidth from business to service provider – Call delivery and quality – All calls, internal and external, travel to the Internet for routing
  9. 9. Hosted Data Storage• Replaces NAS (Network Attached Storage) Devices – Save, copy, paste and share, just like a network drive – Web access via SSH or access via the GWI WAN• Benefits – Lower cost – Accessible • No VPN’s needed – Secure • Government grade 256-bit or better encryption • Only client has the decryption key – Reliable • Automatic back up • Geo-diverse sites – Scalable (Buy what you need, pay by the gigabit.)
  10. 10. Hosted Backup and Recovery• Managed backup of your server environment – Automatic off-site storage – Fully encrypted – Option to stand up a virtual server in a DR situation – Optional compression of data reduces cost• Benefits – Automated – less human error than manual tape processes – Secure – less chance that a backup tape will be stolen, lost, or copied – Flexible - Recovery available at the mailbox level
  11. 11. Hosted Exchange• Web based system for Email, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and shared folders – Eliminates the need for an in house exchange environment• Exchange Benefits – Shared calendar makes scheduling easier – Central task assignments and tracking – Permissions based sharing of mail and contacts folders• Cloud Benefits vs. In-House – Significant CAPX savings in hardware and licensing – Reduced obsolescence risk – Reduced Operating Expenses • Smaller IT skill set required • Reduced power consumption – Accessible • Outlook client or web access • No VPN required
  12. 12. High Availability VirtualEnterprise Network (HAVEN) • Virtual servers to house business applications and data – Starting at 2GHz Processor 20Gb RAM 20Gb Storage – Easy incremental growth in processors, RAM and Storage • Benefits – Reduced CAPX – Reduce obsolescence risk – Reduced Operating Expenses • Fewer In-House IT staff required • Reduced power consumption – High availability – Scalable – Monitored 24-7-365
  13. 13. Data Center• Off-site home for your servers – Build your own Cloud – Specialized applications – Sensitive data• Benefits – High availability • Diverse internet connectivity • Backup power systems – Secure and safe • Keycard access • Video surveillance • Gaseous fire suppression • Redundant cooling – Nearby • Low latency • Easy access – On the GWI Core • Nationwide private network connectivity.
  14. 14. Your questions are welcome and encouraged! To ask a question, please raise your hand using the GoToWebinar control panel. THANK YOU!