Fuel Efficient Acceleration of Your Content Strategy


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Content marketing and one cost effective way to outsource content creation for low cost. Presented by Trevor Jones at the HubSpot Users Group Maine, November, 2011.

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Fuel Efficient Acceleration of Your Content Strategy

  1. 1. Fuel Efficient Acceleration of Your Content Strategy Share the love using the Twitter Hashtag #HUGME Content is King! Build your Internet Marketing Assets quickly and affordably.Brought to you by:
  2. 2. Nice to Meet You! Trevor Jones Twitter: @trevorjones71, @gwimaine LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/trevordjones
  3. 3. Content is the Fuel that Drives Inbound Marketing• SEO – Content is King – Links are Queen – Likes are the New Links• Conversions – CTA’s need a UVP – Whitepapers, Presentations, N ewsletters, eBooks, spreadshe et tools. Cash is the fuel that drives your business; fill your inbound marketing gas tank efficiently.
  4. 4. The Balanced Blogging Diet: The right mix of fuel • Hot sauce – Very infrequent content that lights fires • Chocolate cake – Fun, includes video, images, cartoons • Roasts – Substantial, requires research or analysis infrequent • Spinach – Thought leadership, in-depth, less frequent • Raisin Bran – 250-400 words, educational, keyword optimized, frequentWith limited time and limited resources, how do you get them all done?
  5. 5. GWI’s Content Challenge• Need to ramp up business traffic – especially tied to new products – Lots of raisin bran to expand our keyword rankings – Current staff lacked time for these posts & had difficulty writing raisin bran posts• Need to accelerate conversions – More UVP’s required• Fuel efficiency is a must! – Limited budget – Limited time GWI’s Goal: Be #1 or #2 in Google for the geo-targeted long-tail phrases “(Product) in Maine”
  6. 6. Tuning & Augmenting the Team• Pull in additional internal resources to generate content• Outsource the content we had difficulty with internally – Raisin bran (at least two per week) – White papers• Use cost effective tools – No additional budget allocation• Focus use of internal resources – Spinach, roasts, chocolate cake (at least one per week) – Webinars, spreadsheet tools, etc for conversions – Social media listening and interaction Thanks to our HubSpot IMC – We found Zerys
  7. 7. What is Zerys?• HubSpot App of the Year – Available through the community tab in HubSpot• Marketplace of 7,800 writers – Writers are customer rated on five star basis – “Smart Post” reverse-auction style assignment – Direct assignment to favorite writers• Web tools to manage content creation – Keyword selection – Title suggestions – Project management – Communications – Plagiarism checking• Extremely affordable – satisfaction guaranteed – Pay what you want to pay • 400 word posts for as little as $4.00 from a 4 star writer – Pay only when you are satisfied with the post Next: A Tour of the Zerys App
  8. 8. Getting Started• Add funds – Major credit cards, PayPal – Promotional credits (ask your IMC or agency!)• One-time order – Fast, easy way to try it out – Content type, keyword, headline, instructions – Best for jobs that are unlikely to be repeated – Deadlines modified after the order is placed – Cancellations automatically returned to• Project management dashboard – Project status – One time order status• Follow up during project – Monitor status & communications with writer – Review content, request revisions, approve, reject• Follow up when project completes – Post content (copy-paste or auto export to HubSpot, WordPress, Word) – May want to take notes on writer, add to favorites, or block
  9. 9. Using Projects• Projects are groups of similar assignments – Similar content type, length, tone, target market, and general instructions – Different keywords, titles, and page specific instructions – Flexible writer assignment• Advantages – Reduces duplicated effort – Organizes content grouping and editorial calendar – SEO settings & easier up-front deadline setting – More control over job re-posting after cancellations• Disadvantages – Takes longer to set up – Must place an order for one title to complete setup• Process – Project settings and writer Instructions – Keywords and stage titles – SEO Settings – Writer assignment and ordering
  10. 10. SmartPost vs. Direct Assign• Smart Post – Name the price you want to pay, describe the project, post on job board • Starts with best writers at lowest price • Works skills down, then price up – Advantages • Great for trying new writers • Usually lower overall cost • Can target by expertise – Disadvatages • Cancellations, rewrites, delays • Uncertainty• Direct Assign – Assign directly to a favorite writer or another in house writer – Advantages • Predictable quality • Rates can be negotiated • Build relationship with writers – Disadvantages • Usually higher overall cost
  11. 11. Useful Zerys Tools• Writer management – Favorites – Blocked – Notes• Communications – General messages – Page specific messages• Plagiarism – Automatic checking via Copyscape• Automatic Keyword Density Check• Support – Library of Video Tutorials – Forums – Chat• Reports
  12. 12. Maintaining Engine Efficiency (A few lessons learned)• Think of Smart Post as a way of sampling writers – You do pay less for smart post – but have no idea what you will get until it’s submitted – Over the long term, it’s inefficient for you and doesn’t pay a living wage to the writer• Move quickly to direct assignments with favorite writers – Build relationships = improved results with less effort – Negotiate rates you can both live with long-term – Fewer cancellations, less headaches, more consistent work• Give good direction – “Ice cream in, ice cream out” – Saves frustration, hurt feelings, and time• Communicate! – Job specific messages – Direct messages to writers Tips for effective use of Zerys
  13. 13. Results So Far • Zerys Blog Posts= About 10% of GWI Blog blog content Posts by Content Source – Average Cost: $8.73 – Avg. words: 447 – Average time from posting to completion: about one weekMarketing – One requiring major- PR Staff revisions, two minor revisionsOther Staff • WhitepapersZerys – Average Cost $93.72 – Average words: 3162 – One requiring significant revision • Posting frequency up to 2.5 times per week Wish a tank of gas was that cheap?
  14. 14. Blogging Works: Results for GWIKeyword Google Ranking Google Ranking 1/17/2011 12/31/2010High Speed Internet in Maine 2 1Broadband in Maine 3 1Internet access in Maine 1 1Business phone service in Maine 5 1Internet providers in Maine 2 1Phone and Internet Services in Maine 5 1The Fastest Broadband in Maine 1 1Hosted PBX in Maine 2 1Cloud Computing in Maine Not Ranked 2Three Ring Binder Fiber Not Ranked 4Ethernet over Copper in Maine Not Ranked 4Fiber optic Internet in Maine Not Ranked 5Three Ring Binder Fiber 9 5Data Centers in Maine Not Ranked 7Hosted Fileshare Not Ranked 17Phone Systems in Maine Not Ranked 13 Getting there, but still a work in process.
  15. 15. Summing Up• Content outsourcing can be “fuel” ($$$) efficient – Need to monitor time spent in direction, review, and revision – You can outsource education, but not thought leadership• Zerys is a good tool, but like any tool, it’s in how you use it – SmartPost all the time is too much of a time drain• The secret to SEO success is hard work – There’s no easy way out – even outsourcing takes time, effort, and thought – Blogging and link building do work Thanks for listening! Any Questions?