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This presentation describes my High Performance Leadership Project for Toastmasters. I presented it to my club, Poway Black Mountain Toastmasters, at our meeting on Thursday May 30, 2013.

It describes what an HPL project is, how I came to choose this particular project and gives a sketch of what the project will accomplish. The next step for me is to do the project planning, then execute the project. I'll have another presentation at the end of the project to present the results and Lessons Learned.

The audio for the first slide is my first-person version of the introduction given by the Toastmaster of the evening, James Black.

I won a ribbon for Best Speaker that evening in a vote which included two DTMs (Distinguished Toastmasters).

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High performance leadership project.nextdoor neighborhoods.slideshare

  1. 1. HIGH PERFORMANCE LEADERSHIPPROJECT by Wayne HolleyNextdoor Neighborhoods
  2. 2. …Out the Front Door
  3. 3. …to the End of the Driveway
  4. 4. …Look to Your Right
  5. 5. …Look to Your Left
  6. 6. …Picture the Homes a Block or Two Away
  7. 7. …Look Down, at Your Feet, A Lost Puppy
  9. 9. A LOT OF GOOD PRESS I investigated further and found that it hadsome good press from several sources: Time – one of “50 Best Websites” New York Times – called it “a comfortable placefor even a borderline recluse” ABC News – said Nextdoor “ReinventsNeighborhood Watch” San Diego UT – Nextdoor is ” the next thing incrimefighting”
  10. 10. NEXTDOOR.COM… is a social networking platform specifically forlocal neighborhoods currently covers more than 50 major cities andspreading fast is endorsed by and used by police departmentsfor safety and security alerts
  12. 12. HIGH PERFORMANCE LEADERSHIP PROJECT A High Performance Leadership Project involves: Completing five study assignments in the HPL Manual Choosing a Guidance Committee to monitor and guide methrough the project Selecting a project Choosing the project objective and communicating it Vision Mission Core Values Winning the commitment of others to the project Developing a plan Working the plan And finally, analyzing and presenting the results
  13. 13. HPL GUIDANCE COMMITTEE My HPL Guidance Committee consists of: Rhonda Walthall Mark Kramer Susan Waynelovich
  14. 14. VISION STATEMENT The vision of Nextdoor Central Rancho BernardoNeighborhood Project is: A neighborhood with neighbors able to easily reach out to othersin the neighborhood in order to exchange ideas and have ongoingconversations. A neighborhood with neighbors who know each other well enoughthat they will feel encouraged to pay a personal visit. A neighborhood with neighbors who can see important noticesregarding lost and found items, garage sales and other localevents. A neighborhood with neighbors who are alerted to local specialsposted by nearby merchants just for our neighborhood. A neighborhood with neighbors who receive late breaking safetyand security bulletins from the local police and fire departments. A neighborhood with neighbors who immediately post noticesabout security and safety issues and other issues of importanceto neighbors.
  15. 15. MISSION STATEMENTThe mission of theNextdoor Central Rancho BernardoNeighborhood Project is to build up themembership of Nextdoor Central Rancho BernardoNeighborhood so that it becomes a well establishedpart of the community. This will provide neighborsan easily available means to get to know theirneighbors better and to stay in touch with them.Bulletins from the local police and fire departmentwill help improve the safety and security of theneighborhood.
  16. 16. CORE VALUES The core values for the Nextdoor CentralRancho Bernardo Neighborhood Project are: Each neighbor will be treated with respect. Each neighbor’s desire to communicate or not willbe honored. All posts will be courteous and will not containobjectionable material. We will depend upon collaboration within the projectteam and with all members of the community inorder to make this project successful. Project team members will be knowledgeable andenthusiastic about Nextdoor Central RanchoBernardo Neighborhood. Community members and local merchants will berecognized for making positive contributions to theneighborhood.
  17. 17. CALL TO ACTIONMe + You + Nextdoor.com = (maybe)$
  18. 18. CHECK IT OUTNextdoor.comcentralranchobernardo@gmail.comwayne@wayneholley.com