Filipino        Place            Leader            Cause               EffectUprisings andyearThe Revolt of   Mayniladd   ...
Filipino         Place          Leader          Cause              EffectUprisings andyearRevolt of the    Northern Luzon ...
Filipino         Place        Leader          Cause               EffectUprisings andyearSumuroy 1649- Cavite          Sum...
Filipino          Place             Leader            Cause              EffectUprisings andyearDagohoy·s       Bohol     ...
Filipino        Place           Leader            Cause              EffectUprisings andyearThe Ambaristo   Ilocandia(Bado...
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34174875 filipino-uprisings


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34174875 filipino-uprisings

  1. 1. Filipino Place Leader Cause EffectUprisings andyearThe Revolt of Mayniladd Rajah Soliman Confiscation of Fray GeronimoSoliman and and Lakandula lands and Marin initiatedLakandula abuses to the conciliary talks1574 people but the leaders yielded and supported the Spaniards in their fight agains the Chinese pirate.The Pampanga Pampanga Pampangueños Abuses of the Failed becauseRevolt encomenderos a1585 Kapampangan wife of a Spanish soldier squeal the plot to the Spanish authorities.The Tondo Tondo Magat Salamat, Regaining lost Failed becauseConspiracy Don Agustin de freedom of Antonio1587-1588 Legazpi, Martin Surabao. He Panga was the one who informed the authorities.The Cagayan Cagayan Valley Cagayan and Abuses Due torevolt 1589 and nearby Ilocos natives committed by inadequate provinces the Spanish weapons and authorities lack of traning particularly to in warfare, the the collection of rebellion was tribute and easily taxes. suppressed by the Spanish authorities.Magalat·s Cagayan Two brothers Forced labor Failed becauseRevolt 1596 from Cagayn. Magalat was One of them killed by the was Magalat hired assassins.
  2. 2. Filipino Place Leader Cause EffectUprisings andyearRevolt of the Northern Luzon Religious Attempts to Many IgorotsIgorots 1601 Igorots convert them to were killed by Catholicism Capitan Mateo de Aranda·s expedition.Revolt of the Isabela and Gabriel Dayag Abuses and Persuaded byIrrayas 1621 Cagayan and Felix oppressions by Fray Pedro de Cutabay vicious Santo Tomas to Spanish lay down and officials surrender.Tamblot·s Bohol Tamblot Return to the Tamblot andRevolt 1621- faith of their his followers1622 ancestors. were defeated by the Cebuanos who helped the Spaniards. DatuBankaw·s Cebu Bankaw(old Return to Failed, becauseRevolt 1622 chief of religious belied they were Limasawa) of forebearers attacked the rebels, and after a bloody encounter almost all of the rebels including Bankaw perished.Ladia·s Revolt Malolos Pedro Ladia He wants to Ladia was1643 fight against captured and the Spaniards executed in and enthrone Manila. him as king of Tagalogs.
  3. 3. Filipino Place Leader Cause EffectUprisings andyearSumuroy 1649- Cavite Sumuroy Forced Labor The rebel1650 leader was presented to the alcalde mayor, who ordered hisManiago·s Pampanga Francisco Forced labor execution.Rebellion 1660 Maniago and Bandala Governor General Sabiniano Manrique de Lara agreed to meet tge demands of ManiagoMalong 1660- Pangasinan Andres Malong Repurcusions provided he lay1661 of Pampanga down his arms revolt which the latter has obeyed. Failed because of inadequate men to defend his kingdom. It led to his capture and eventual execution.Almazan Revolt Ilocos Pedro Almazan Oppressive and Almazan was1661 abusive captured and Spanish was hanged in authorities the town plaza. Failed, WhenTapar·s Panay Tapar Repercussion the SpaniardsUprising 1663 of religious cult knew about the uprising, they immediately mutilated the body of Tapar publicly.
  4. 4. Filipino Place Leader Cause EffectUprisings andyearDagohoy·s Bohol Francisco Revenge for the Defeated byRebellion 1744- Dagohoy death of his Capitan1829 brother Manuel Sanz·s Sagarino. expedition and surrenedered to Governor General Ricafort.Agrarian Revolt Bulacan, Native Farmers Abuses of The1745-1746 Batangas, religious friars investigation of Laguna, Cavite. and their acts the Spanish of confiscating King was the agricultural concluded in lands. favor of the mighty friars against the lowly Indios.Diego Silang·s Pangasinan, Diego Silang Denied demans Diego SilangUprising 1762- Ilocos and of Diego Silang was1763 Cagayan to the assassinated. Spaniards to ablish polo and tribute.Gabriela Silang Ilocos Gabriela Silang Assassination Failed because1763 of her husband she was Diego. captured and executed. Incidentally came to be known as ´Joan of Arc of the IlocandiaµJuan Palaris Pangasinan Juan de la Spanish Failed, DonRevolt 1762- Cruz imposition of Manuel de Arza1765 the tribute. suppressed the revolt.The Uprising of Cagayan and People of Emboldened by Latter wasthe Isabela Cagayan and the revolts of crushed andCagayanons Isabela Silang and their leaders1763 Palaris. were executed.
  5. 5. Filipino Place Leader Cause EffectUprisings andyearThe Ambaristo Ilocandia(Badoc Ilocanos Spanish The SpanishUprising 1807 and Sto. Authorities authorities Domingo) prohibited the sent more people of troops even Ilocandias from before the drinking and rebels can selling their carry out their wineto anyone plans which led except the govt. to the eventual stores. defeat of the Ilocano rebels.The Bayot Manila Bayot Brothers Discrimination Failed becauseResult 1822 (Joaquin, between all of them Manuel and Peninsulares were sentences Jose) and the to life Insulares or imprisonment. Creoles.The Novales Manila Captain Andres Discontentment Novales troopsMutiny 1823 Novales and abusive were slowly treatment of decimated and the Spanish eventually authorities. forced to surrender.The Revolt of Sariaya, Apolinario Dela Tayabas Due to theHermano Pule Tayabas Cruz or regiment superior1840-1841 Hermano Pule firepower of the Spanish troops aided by Filipinos who were loyal to the oppresors.