Social Web Talk at LOHAS Forum - June 2010
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Social Web Talk at LOHAS Forum - June 2010






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  • (2 m) <br /> Who am I? <br /> What&#x2019;s my connection to the social web? <br /> A day in my life, in 1 minute: wake up, drink tea, set intentions, check all my inboxes and at replies, respond, take it offline, check email once a day, set strong boundaries between tech and in person interactions, twitter parties replace real life parties, tweetups like the LOHAS event (which blend offline/online), kung fu body (exercise in real life, share on blogs), meditate, sleepHow I got to LOHAS today (via Ted Ning, founder of LOHAS, who was on the cover, too) <br /> Via Experience Life (Pilar Gerasimo, another speaker at the conf) <br /> Via Zaadz (bought by) Gaiam via Japan (and the yoga studio) <br /> First social network for world changers (ambassador, contract, meeting folks IRL) <br /> <br />
  • (I will slot in some case study screen captured images, like of Whole Foods&#x2019; Twitter page and Samovar Life&#x2019;s menu) <br /> <br /> (5m) <br /> Why the social web? <br /> Connect to your core customers <br /> Reach out to your outliers <br /> Generate positive WOM <br /> Nip problems in the bud (customer service a la Comcast) <br /> Tell true stories <br /> You can&#x2019;t not be in SM. If you&#x2019;re a public-facing company, you&#x2019;re part of the social web. <br /> <br />
  • (3m) <br /> &#x201C;If you have the best intentions of the brand and the company, you understand that social media is the biggest marathon we&#x2019;ve ever run. This is a marathon, not a sprint. If you want to build a brand, it&#x2019;s a marathon. It&#x2019;s not trackable.&#x201D; - Gary Vaynerchuk, vlogger, seven-figure, ten book deal with Harper Collins thanks to social media <br /> What&#x2019;s the social web? <br /> <br /> What&#x2019;s social media (and why social web) <br /> What is social currency (and why we didn&#x2019;t call session social ROI) <br /> <br /> <br />
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Social Web Talk at LOHAS Forum - June 2010 Social Web Talk at LOHAS Forum - June 2010 Presentation Transcript

  • Be Social. @gwenbell
  • This is a marathon, not a sprint. If you want to build a brand, itʼs a marathon. Itʼs not trackable. -Gary Vaynerchuk
  • Companies that develop effective social strategies are usually able to squelch online criticism before it erupts into a fully fledged social-media firestorm. - Joshua Karpf, Pepsi Co
  • ...the situation is less about the presence of BPA and more about the way the company has handled the situation. - Elaine Shannon, Environmental Working Group
  • It has to be a level playing field where consumers feel that they are opting in and that there is a sharing of information. - Howard Schultz, Starbucks
  • Take tea, enjoy the practice. * 1209 pearl | boulder * slide design <3 to paul salamone * photo <3 to sheri at today is pretty