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  • 1. Welcome to a Life on a Whole Different Level There’s something different about New Earth. •Part of it is our unique product line, based on the most ancient and powerful foods on the planet. •Part of it is our business plan, which reflects the most innovative practices in our industry. •Partly our people, a community of passionate entrepreneurs, business leaders, and pioneers in whole health. But there’s more. THERE’S A “SOMETHING” TO NEW EARTH THAT ADDS UP TO MORE THAN “THE SUM” OF ITS PARTS. Just say it this way: Something BIG.
  • 2. Plenty of companies toss around the phrase "state of the art." At New Earth, it's simply what we do every day. Our vision is to empower and enrich people's lives by bringing the most powerful nutrition on earth to every body and soul on the planet. IF YOU WANTED TO PUT WHAT WE DO INTO A SINGLE WORD! THE WORD MISSION.
  • 3. OUR CULTURE Because of New Earth’s three pillars Live • Give • Grow WE ATTRACT •People who are passionate about living in the fullness of whole health. •People who are driven by a desire to empower others and make a difference in the world. •People who are serious about growing rich lives, both personally and financially.
  • 4. To live fully means to be healthy first—healthy in body, mind, and spirit. The New Earth experience is anchored in exceptional products that help each person to live in the vibrant fullness of whole health. It’s no accident that give is our central pillar. In fact, giving is such a core part of who we are that we’ve even created a product line around it. For many of our Associates, the GIVE line is the core of Their Business. To us the only kind of business that makes sense is the kind that allows us to grow both financially and personally. To have a powerfully positive impact on our world and become better human beings in the process.
  • 5. OUR STANDARDS A company’s strength rests ultimately on the value and power of its products. ABSOLUTE EXCELLENCE Gwen J. Abitz ID #1113212