gWave Consulting Internet Marketing Presentation: Cornerstone Wealth Mgt Presentation

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May 14th, 2008 Cornerstone Wealth Management lunch presentation

May 14th, 2008 Cornerstone Wealth Management lunch presentation

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  • Leah intro: I’d being doing you disservice w/out, state of the union, law firm example Feel free to take notes. However if you provide me with your business card I will personally email you today'


  • 1. Internet Marketing Best Practices for Driving Targeted Web Visitors & Growing Your Business With Melani Gordon CEO/Founder Leah Swearingen, APR Swearingen Communications
  • 2. Contents
    • Introduction
    • Who is gWave?
    • What is Internet Marketing?
    • The Basics
    • The Principles and Process
    • Take Away
  • 3. Introduction
    • Is Internet marketing for every type of business & client we have?
      • Yes, the Internet is the marketing and business operations tool from the Gods!
  • 4. Who is gWave?
    • We are a multifaceted, driven and highly motivated online marketing team.
    • 10+ years of industry experience
    • gWave will produce results for you and your customers.
    • What services & solutions do we provide?
  • 5. Who is gWave?
    • PPC Pay Per Click Advertising
    • Online Media Buying
    • Social Media Marketing
    • SEO Search Engine Optimization
    • Email Marketing
    • Web Design & Development
    • Marketing Analytics
    • Lead Management & Distribution
  • 6. What is Internet Marketing?
    • SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING (SEM): The entire set of techniques and strategies used to direct more visitors from search engines to marketing web sites, including all of the tactics and strategies defined below.
    • 2. PAID PLACEMENT: Text ads targeted to keyword search results on search engines, through programs such as Google AdWords and Yahoo Search "Precision Match," also sometimes referred to as "Paid Placement," "Pay-per-Click" (PPC) advertising and Cost-per-Click (CPC) advertising.
  • 7. What is Internet Marketing?
    • 3. PAID INCLUSION: The practice of paying a fee (fee structures may vary) to search engines and similar types of sites (e.g., directories, shopping comparison sites) so that a given web site or web pages may be included in the service's directory, although not necessarily in exchange for a particular position in search listings.
    • 4. ORGANIC SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO): The practice of using a range of techniques, including augmenting HTML code, web-page copy editing, site navigation, linking campaigns and more, in order to improve how well a site or page gets listed in search engines for particular search topics.
    • 5. CONTEXTUALLY TARGETED TEXT ADS: Text ads targeted to the subject of writings on web pages, such as news articles and weblogs, using programs such as Google's AdSense and Yahoo Search’s Content Match programs.
  • 8. Your Opportunity
    • 3 in 5 adults 55 years and older, known to be the heaviest consumers of offline media such as newspapers and TV network news, say they use the Internet more today than they did a year ago
    • What are they doing online? Researching information
      • 66% of online boomers have looked up health information online, compared with 54 percent for younger users.
      • Half of online boomers have used the Internet for financial information, compared with 28 percent for the younger group
    • Wegert, Tessa, “Baby Boomers Burst Online”, The ClickZ Network , January 5, 2006
  • 9. Your Opportunity
    • Print/Yellow Page advertising budgets are being reallocated to online marketing at dramatic rates.
    • Online advertising can boost brand impact at 60% less cost than piling on more offline ads.
    • 50% of SMB firms attributed some portion
    • of their annual sales to their online presence.
    • 40% of consumers cite search engines such as Google and Yahoo as the chief way they research services/products.
    Source: Jupiter Research, Forrester Research
  • 10. Your Opportunity
    • BONUS SLIDE : How to win during a down market?
    • 2009 10% of all US ad dollars will go online
    • Internet is 20% of overall media consumption in the US
    • US advertisers invest only 7.5% of their budget online
    • Tremendous potential for marketplace growth
  • 11. Your Opportunity
    • Search engine marketing has advantages over traditional advertising
    • No interruption – they’re looking for you
    • Warmest, most qualified leads
    • Measurable, transparency
    • Average cost of a lead is lower than that
    • of other media (Piper Jaffray & Co.)
  • 12. Your Opportunity Cost per lead across direct marketing methods (Piper Jaffray & Co.)
  • 13. Out Market Your Competition
    • Website Best Practices
    • Local Search
    • E-mail Marketing
    • E-metrics
  • 14. Your Website
    • More than brochure ware
    • Video goes viral
    • Integrate offline with online
      • Monthly newsletter
      • Event
  • 15. Your Website
    • Top 5 Features of a Well Built Site
    • FAST. Pages must load quickly to keep visitors interested.
    • 2. RELIABLE. Visitors expect everything on your site to always
    • load, to always function, and to always be there. Let them down
    • and they will move on to a site that works.
    • 3. COMPATIBLE. Websites need to work in different browsers
    • (Internet Explorer, Firefox, AOL, etc), load quickly at different
    • connection speeds (dial-up, DSL, Cable, etc), and must work on
    • different platforms (pc, mac, etc).
  • 16. Your Website
    • Top 5 Features of a Well Built Site
    • 4. BUILT TO LAST. A website is an investment in your company’s
    • future. You will want to keep it running for a long time to come.
    • Sites need routine maintenance and updating. By building your
    • site using industry standards you can ensure future upgrade
    • capabilities.
    • 5. ACCESSIBLE. Sites receive many different types of visitors,
    • some with vision or hearing impairments. Keep this in mind
    • when building your website. For instance, fonts should be easily
    • seen by all, or adjustable in size by the viewer.
  • 17. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • 18. Search Engine Marketing
  • 19. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Tools
  • 20. Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising
    • Bidding on “keywords”
    • PPC ads with Yahoo!, Google, and others
    • Results within 72 hours
  • 21. PPC
  • 22. E-Mail Marketing
    • Convert prospects to clients
    • Enhance relationships
    • Customer loyalty and repeat business
    • Automated e-mail marketing systems
  • 23. E-Mail Marketing Return Path recently released their Third Annual Email Consumer Survey ( ). It was conducted in late December 2006 with 2,413 respondents, ages 18-54, in the U.S. and Canada. It found that these factors influenced consumers to open and read e-mail.
  • 24. E-Mail Marketing Email Evaluation Scorecard -
    • How easy is it to subscribe at the company web site?
    • Does the ‘from’ line contain a recognizable company name and sender?
    • How clear and complete is the footer?
    • Does the subject line communicate value?
    • Is the message self-explanatory without the graphics?
    6. How much content is above the fold? 7. Are there quick ways to read the email? 8. Does the email message meet the expectations set by its subject line or original registration? 9. Can the recipient easily control their email subscription? 10. Is the process for submitting personal data transparent to the end user?
  • 25.
    • Ask the expert
    • Upcoming webinar
    • Educational
    • Forward on
  • 26. E-Metrics
    • Testing and tracking ad performance
    • Analyzing traffic patterns and click-through rates
    • Conversion rates
    • Cost per sale
    • ROI
    • FREE
  • 27. Five Internet Myths
    • It all starts with a great website
      • (it actually all starts with great service)
    • More traffic = More profit
      • (increased client touches equals increased sales pipeline)
    • Do whatever it takes to build database
      • (quality > quantity, promos are just that)
    • Killer copy is key
      • (and is exactly how you will be perceived, bonus, bonus)
    • Follow the winning formula, you will get rich
      • (great service equals prosperity)
  • 28. Thank you
    • Melani Gordon
    • Principal
    • gWave Consulting, Inc.
    • 121 Broadway Ste. 327
    • San Diego, CA 92101
    • p: 619-224-2455 ext 7
    • f: 619-330-1977
    • LinkedIn:
    • Accelerated Internet Marketing. Profitable Results.