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    London project Yara Clara Ayelen London project Yara Clara Ayelen Presentation Transcript

    • Trip to London
    • Planning the journey
      • Our flight:
      • We’re going to fly with Ryanair.
      • we will go to London on September 12th
      • and we will return on the 15th. To go there, the flight number is FR9805, and we must take the plane at 6:15 am at Girona’s Airport. Then, we will land at Stansted Airport (London) at 7:25am.
      • When the four days are over we will come back by plane, also. The flight number is FR9804, and we must take it at 7:55. The plane will land in Girona at 10:55am.
      • The most important thing! The price! It costs a total of 150,52 €. This price will be divided between four people.
      • Track 2 :
      • - Flight number: Cg186 - Destination: Vancouver. - Boarding time: 2:30
      • -Seat number: 29 C.
      • Track 5 :
      • - Flight number: AA251
      • -Gate Number: 9
      • -Seat number: 15 E
      • -Boarding Time: 3:00 p.m.
      • Track 6 :
      • 1) Passengers with small children and passengers with difficulties.
      • 2) All the passengers in rows 39 to 56.
      • 3) All the passengers between rows 20 and 38.
      • 4) Business class passengers seated in rows 6 to 19.
      • 5) First class passengers between rows 1 to 5.
      • There are 4 main door exits, two at front, one left one, two at rear left, one right and 4 over wing exits in the centre of the cabin, two left and two right. Please take a moment now to notice your nearest exits. To fasten your seatbelts insert the metal endings into the buckle. To secure pull on the lose ending strap. To open leave the button covered. In the event of a sudden loss of cabin pressure and individual oxygen mask like this will drop automatically from the panel just above your head . Should this happen pull out fully on the mask to start to flow the oxygen. Place the mask above your nose and breathe out normally secure the mask with the strap provided. If you are traveling with children put their masks first. Your life jacket is situated in a pocket underneath your seats or the panel above your heads to use it remove it from the package and place it above your heads. Cross the black strap around your back and click in to the buckle shut. Secured by pulling on the strap to release your life jacket pull out sharply on the red toggle. There is a mouth piece for deflation and inflation and your life jacket in fatted with the red light to attract further attention do not inflate your life jacket in cabin as it will impede your exit. Instructions are found in the safety card which is in the area where you are sited. Please read this carefully before departure make sure your seat belt is safely fasten sit back on the right position fold the table and hare the window blind fully opened. Portable computer and other battery operated equipment, may now be used on board however when the aircraft is fully air bore and the seat belt light is switched off may we remain you the cellular phones are prohibited and cellular phones including all personal electronic devices must be switched off on flight direction. And remind off until the terminal building. Ladies and gentlemen we would like to thank you for your attention and wish you a pleasant flight today.
      Safety Information.
      • The example which is in the blog is this:
      • Good evening, ma'am Where are you arriving from? From London.
      • What's the purpose of your visit? Business. I’m here for a conference. How long are you staying in the U.S.? A week.
      • W here are you staying? In San Francisco at the Pacific View Hotel.
      • Do you know anybody here? Yes. Mark Grider. Is he a family or friend? Is a colleague and a friend.
      • Do you have his phone number? Yes, my mobile is 4056557182. Is this your first visit to the US? Yes it is. Enjoy your stay in San Francisco .
      • - Now you’re going to listen our immigration’s speaking activity!
      • 1) At the airport.
      • We will arrive at Stansted airport. After we get off the plane, we will go to the border control. Later, on, we'll get our bags back at the Baggage Claim Area.
      • The best option to get to the centre of London is the bus!
      • The price is cheaper than the taxi or the train.
      • One day ticket costs £ 2!
      Airport Transfer.
      • The Generator London.
      • It is in the centre of London, near Russell Square underground's station
      • It has rooms for 4 persons…with a bathroom, each of them. Also the continental’s breakfast is included.
      • There are shows, a happy hour, karaoke on Thursday and more interesting things.
      • Three nights cost £ 70 per person.
      OUR HOTEL.
      • Normally in a typical English breakfast you can find: 2 fried eggs, 2 pieces of toast, 3 small English sausages and of course the most important: bacon."
    • Getting Around!
      • We have seen that the bus is the best way of public transportation for its price.
      • One day ticket costs £3. In total we have bought three passes for each of us, because the last day we’ll be leaving in the morning.
      • - KEEP IN MIND THIS VOCABULARY! One way- a ticket for one journey only.
      • Round trip - allows holder to travel back to original starting point.
    • What will I do and what will I visit to make the most of our time ?
      • First, when we’ll arrive in London we’re going to visit the Kingston Palace . After that, we will visit the Madame Tussaud‘s museum . In it, there is the biggest wax collections in the world.
      • The second day we will visit the Green Park . It’s the best place for rent a chair and relax. The name of the park is this because it is a green extension and it hasn’t got flowers. After that, we will visit St James Park (east of Green Park). Later, we will go directly to the Tower of London . It’s a touristic attraction.
      • The last day, we will visit the Big Ben . Finally, we will visit the Globe Theatre that can accommodate 3350 people. It is associated with Shakespeare and was destroyed by a fire. Then, it was reconstructed.
      • The first day we will eat at the renamed Restaurant Fifteen, located on Westland Tackle, London, N1 7LP. There we’ll eat fish and chips. At 7 o’clock we will have a hot dog for dinner out on the street.
      • The second day, we will eat in a restaurant called Vasco & Piero' s Pavilion. There we’ll eat roast beef. It is an English typical dish. At night we’ll have dinner at the Cafe of Paris. It is on 4th Coventry Street, Soho, London, W1D 6BL. There we'll eat chicken and salad.
      • On the third day we’ll go to have lunch at Café Baroque on 33 Southampton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2E 7HE and we’ll eat macaroni and something else. And at half past seven we’ll have dinner at Wilton’s, we’ll have a hamburger.
      • (speaking).
      IN THE RESTAURANT. (speaking).
    • Shopping.
      • The best tube station to go to Oxford street is Oxford Circus.
      • In Hamleys you can find the perfect toy for a boy, girl or both. Here, you can buy toys for less than £ 10 up £500. Also, it is the largest toy shop in the world. It is located on 188-196 Regent Street, London, W1B 5BT. You can always buy at that store because you can also buy online.
      • Visitting Harrods looks like visiting a museum. Each room has got a different decoration. Right now it belongs to Mohammed Al Fayet.
      • Here, you can buy very expensive and luxurious things.
      • Harrods is located on 87-135, Brompton Road. The opening hours during the week are:
      • from 10:00 to 20:00. And on Sundays is since at 12:00 until 18:00. You can get there stopping at Knightsbridge's tube station.
      • MARKETS
      • Coven Garden Market is located at the West End, was originally a flower market, now relocated to New Coven Garden Market, Vauxhall in south London. The original building is now a shopping and touristic area with some shops, and there is an indoor market with stalls selling jewelry, specialty soaps, touristic souvenirs, etc. You can go there by bus. It’s always opened.
      • Portobello Road Market sells antiques, and is located in the Notting Hill area of West London. Hours: Saturday. You can go there by bus.
      • After the musical, we will go to 101 Bar. It is on 101 New Oxford Street Holborn WC1A 1DB. It is an easy place to find, with good cocktails. For a night out is nice and people there are always up for a good time. Also, It has got music and the price is good.
      • Good!
      • Today is the second day in London. We have thought that we’ll spend tonight at the West End musical, to watch the “We Will Rock You” show. It starts at 7:30pm and the price is between £ 60.00 and £ 27.00. Until the 3rd of October, the tickets are reduced to £ 32,50. The musical is at the Dominion Theatre. It is on Tottenham Court Road, near to New Oxford Street. The show lasts for 2:40 hours.
      What’s on?
      • We can buy some souvenirs like a reproduction of a typical London bus made out of felt, the Big Ben in crystal and a phone booth’s pencil case.
      • Before leaving the hotel, at 5 o’clock in the morning, more or less, we must prepare the bags and pay.
      • Our flight is at 7:55am and we must be at the airport two hours before the departure.
      • Rules :
      • - You can’t carry liquids in your carry on bag.
      • (only this)
      • To extract the portable computers and other big electrical devices out of your carry on bag.
      • It is possible to check in 1 or 2 suitcases without overweight per person.
      • You must keep an eye on your suitcases while at the Airport.
      • Ayelén.
      • Yara.
      • Clara.