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Lisa Lisa Presentation Transcript

  •  
  • Description
    • This superhero is a young woman.
    • Her name is Sheena.
    • She´s precious.
    • She´s got long blond hair, beautiful blue eyes and she´s got two big white wings.
    • She allways wears a white silky dress.
    • She flies on the sky, looking for the devil .
  • She´s good
    • Sheena is a good superhero, she comes from heaven and she bewares the people from the devil.
    • She´s lovely, sweet and beautiful, but she´s sad, because she loves her enemie; the devil.
  • Her superpowers
    • She can fly with her wings.
    • She can create a hurricane and she can controle it.
    • She can listen very good. Sometimes she´s hearing the things that happen very far away.
    • When she looks into the eyes of somebody, this one falls in love with her and so she can fight him easier.
    • If she wants to, she can be invisible .
  • Her weakness
    • Her weakness is that she
    • loves her only enemie (the devil),
    • and she doesn´t wants to fight
    • with him.
    • Fire can hurt her very easy.
    • She can get tired of flying and
    • then she needs to rest.
    • She can´t see very good .
  • Origins
    • The origins of her powers are that her mother was an angel, and that´s why she got´s some of her superpowers.
  • Other characteristics
    • Her father was a normal man from earth.
    • Her grandfather is god.
    • She can bring dead people to life.
  • Enem i es
    • She only got´s one enem y : the devil.
    • The devil comes from hell.
    • He is very beautiful.
    • He got´s two big wings too.
    • He allways wears red silky
    • trousers.
    • His hair is black and a little
    • bit long.
    • His eyes are red.
    • His name is Jake.
  • Who is better
    • Sheena is more intelligent than Jake.
    • Jake is stronger than Sheena.
    • Sheena is faster than Jake, but he can breath underwater, and so he can hide from her.
    • Jake can see better than Sheena but she can listen very good.