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FURNISH India - Procurement Services Feb2010
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FURNISH India - Procurement Services Feb2010


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Hospitality procurement solutions by FURNISH in India and logistics solutions by Schenker India.

Hospitality procurement solutions by FURNISH in India and logistics solutions by Schenker India.

Published in: Business
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  • 1.
  • 2. why procurement?
    FURNISH provide service-driven procurement solutions to the service industry.
    We provide a full spectrum of hospitality furnishing and equipment services; from design review to installation. We offer the most pragmatic, client-oriented approach to hospitality FF&E and OS&E consulting and supply, with an emphasis on system generated analysis, reporting and product quality.
    What is Hospitality Procurement?
    Procurement can be defined as the purchase of merchandise or services, at the optimum possible total cost, in the correct amount and optimum quality.
    Hospitality procurement applies this principle to the purchasing of contract quality Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E) and Operating Supplies and Equipment (OS&E) for the hospitality industry, summarized by the following steps:
    Step 1 – Review project requirements and establish budgets
    Step 2 – Identify suitable sources
    Step 3 – Obtain competitive prices and adjudicate
    Step 4 – Place orders, track production and deliveries
    Step 5 – Manage installation & delivery
    Step 6 – Reconcile accounts & manage asset registry
  • 3. why procurement?
    Like many industries, it takes a combination of various skills to realize a project.
    A procurement team with the right knowledge and know-how should add the following essential components to the process:
    • Preparation of preliminary budgets for FF&E and OS&E based on project specific information
    • 4. Preparation of detailed procurement schedules in line with the master program
    • 5. Issuance of detailed product listings for operator guidance and selection if necessary (OS&E)
    • 6. Receipt and management of specifications for FF&E and OS&E
    • 7. Experienced review of FF&E specifications and drawings for quantity verification
    • 8. Virtual and final mock-up rooms (if necessary)
    • 9. Table top presentations
    • 10. Vendor pre-qualification
    • 11. Tender process
    • 12. Negotiation of better prices through established vendor relationships, extended vendor database and bulk buying
    • 13. Cost adjudication and recommendation
    • 14. Purchasing using a purpose built procurement management system
    • 15. Accounts management
    • 16. Production and quality management
    • 17. Logistics management
    • 18. Installation management
    • 19. Labelling and location management
    • 20. Collation of fire certificates, warranties & product data after installation
    • 21. Asset report creation and handover
    • 22. Transparency throughout
  • advisory services
    If you are an owner, developer or hotel operator, we can help answer questions in the early stages of development, such as:
    • Who should design the interior?
    • 23. Are the specs complete?
    • 24. How much will/should the FF&E cost?
    • 25. Where can cost savings be made and do we buy as specified?
    • 26. Who should supply the custom-built furniture?
    • 27. What operating supplies must be bought and at what par levels?
    • 28. Will the hotel operator’s minimum standards be met?
    • 29. What is a realistic time-line?
    • 30. What are optimum payment and freight terms?
    • 31. How should goods be coded for installation and asset management?
    The earlier these questions are answered in the project life-cycle, the easier it becomes to merge and meet the expectations of owner, designer, developer and operator – and ultimately, the end-user.
  • 32. FF&E
    Sourcing of furniture, fixtures & equipment (FF&E)
    FURNISH source and supply all of the following typical hotel contract furniture, fixtures & equipment (FF&E), custom made to suit all hotel segments. We manage the process from interior design specification to shop-drawing and from production to installation; ensuring that the right item is delivered on time and within budget:
    • Timber and veneer case-goods
    • 33. Fully and semi-upholstered seating
    • 34. Rattan, woven, and mixed material furniture
    • 35. Outdoor furniture
    • 36. Heritage & replica furniture
    • 37. Art and accessories
    • 38. Mirrors
    • 39. Decorative fixed and free-standing lighting
    • 40. Drapery and soft-goods
    • 41. Fabrics, trims, tassels and tie-backs
    • 42. Carpets & Rugs
    • 43. Leathers
    • 44. Wall-coverings
  • OS&E
    Sourcing of operating supplies & equipment (OS&E)
    FURNISH source and supply the following typical hotel operating supplies and equipment (OS&E). We can develop the list of required OS&E for the hotel or purchase precisely what is specified by the hotel management. Furthermore, FURNISH are in a position to negotiate competitive rates from all of the leading brands as well as custom-manufacture items such as linens, toweling or chinaware to suit any project requirements:
    • Glassware, Chinaware, Flatware, Hollowware
    • 45. Electronics and AV Equipment
    • 46. Linens & Toweling
    • 47. Uniforms (Design & Supply)
    • 48. F&B Equipment
    • 49. Gym and recreational equipment
    • 50. Kitchen Equipment
    • 51. Contract Mattresses
    • 52. Vehicles (Golf Buggies, Buses, Service)
    • 53. Conference & Banqueting Equipment
    • 54. White Goods
    • 55. Housekeeping, Security & Office Equipment
    • 56. Amenities
  • FURNISH Projects
  • 57. benefits by example
    Some examples to illustrate the benefits of a procurement agent:
    • ID Specification Review:
    Inlay detail, cable management & drawer detail missing
    No cross reference to finishes schedule
    This depth is questionable for use as a desk in a suite.
    Not suitable for commercial use
  • 58. benefits by example
    • Cost adjudication and recommendations of suitable alternatives:
    • 59. Project: Property Developer Sales Centre
    • 60. Item: 0630 Lounge Chair
    • 61. Specified Source: Vitra
    • 62. Reference: Jasper Morrison Park Armchair
    • 63. Country of Origin: Germany
    • 64. Quantity: 30
    • 65. Cost: €3,000 (ex-works) – in own Material
    • 66. Total Cost: €90,000 (ex-works)
    • 67. These items have been sent for pricing; for your reference please visit:
    • 68. Project: Property Developer Sales Centre
    • 69. Item: 0630 Lounge Chair
    • 70. Alternative Source: LigneRoset Contract
    • 71. Reference: Gaspard Armchair
    • 72. Country of Origin: France
    • 73. Quantity: 30
    • 74. Cost: €1,060 (ex-works) – in own Material
    • 75. Total Cost: €31,800 (ex-works)
    • 76. These items have been sent for pricing; for your reference a quotation is available
  • benefits by example
    • Cost adjudication and recommendations of suitable alternatives:
    • 77. Project: Property Developer Sales Centre
    • 78. Item: 0230 Desk Chair
    • 79. Specified Source: Vitra
    • 80. Reference: Eames Chair EA 119
    • 81. Country of Origin: Germany
    • 82. Quantity: 15
    • 83. Cost: €2,040 (ex-works)
    • 84. Total Cost: €30,600 (ex-works)
    • 85. These items have been sent for pricing; for your reference a quotation is available
    • 86. Project: Property Developer Sales Centre
    • 87. Item: 0230 Desk Chair
    • 88. Alternative Source: Viborg
    • 89. Reference: PA SM 01 (Black Leather)
    • 90. Country of Origin: Italy
    • 91. Quantity: 15
    • 92. Cost: €720 (DDP)
    • 93. Total Cost: €10,800 (DDP)
    • 94. These items have been sent for pricing; for your reference a quotation is available
  • benefits by example
    • Established vendor relationships and product customization
  • benefits by example
    • GLOBAL SOURCING – rendering & pricing services for hotel rooms of any standard
    FF&E: € 4,800
    Estimated DDU India.
    Products from China & the Philippines
  • 95. benefits by example
    • Global sourcing – examples of our newly refurbished room at the One& Only Dubai
    Fabric: INDIA
    Lighting: UK & CHINA
    Seating: INDONESIA
    Casegoods: VIETNAM & UAE
    Fabric: GERMANY
    Carpet: INDIA
  • 96. benefits by example
    • Respecting Design & Delivering Quality
    Sourcing the right product, from the right vendor, for the right property
  • 97. common procurement pitfalls
    It is a fact of life that everyone makes mistakes. Winston Churchill said: “All men make mistakes but only wise men learn from their mistakes”. We have identified the following pitfalls that occur on almost all projects; we have implemented procedures to mitigate these pitfalls:
    • Lack of uniform procedures and processes
    • 98. Working with incomplete specs
    • 99. Not tracking spec receipt and revisions
    • 100. Working without finish samples
    • 101. Not tracking sample receipt and revisions
    • 102. No time or process management/no planning
    • 103. Using inexperienced staff /no training offered
    • 104. Buying last minute at a higher price
    • 105. Buying expensive/no negotiation
    • 106. Not buying with suitability in mind
    • 107. Buying without consolidation in mind including multiple projects/budgets
    • 108. Using the same vendors too often without competitive bidding/shopping around
    • 109. Using troublesome vendors/no pre-qualification
    • 110. Incorrect COM calculations leading to incorrect quantities being ordered without being checked by experienced staff
    • 111. Lack of communication with the project team
    • 112. Lack of clear, concise status reporting
    • 113. Lack of meaningful management reporting
    • 114. Lack of overall efficiency
    • 115. Lack of overall procurement process from start to finish
    • 116. Lack of experienced/hands-on staff working on the project
    • 117. Manpower or resource overload
  • the FURNISH workflow
    1A. FF&E Specification Review, Budgeting and BOQ finalisation
    1B. Formulate OS&E Requirements List, Budgeting and BOQ finalisation
    2. Tendering and Cost Adjudication, Recommendations
    3. Mock-up room [prototypes] with approved FF&E and OS&E table-top presentations
    4. PO generation, Production, Freight Management and Delivery Scheduling
    5. Receipt of Goods & Inventory Management
    6. Installation & Hand-over, Final Accounts & Asset Register
    FURNISH Marketplace – proprietary e-procurement
    Purchase Order, Invoice & Delivery Reconciliation
    Detailed Project Scheduling by Commodity
  • 121. reporting
  • 122. reporting
  • 123. reporting
    Please contact us for a complete demonstration
  • 124. additional services
    At FURNISH we want to play a part in integrating the various design elements on a hotel project. Our involvement from the early stages of FF&E design, as well as being the purchasers of restaurant equipment and uniforms, puts FURNISH in an ideal position to manage and implement the various graphic design elements of a hospitality project, through a strategic partnership with a leading graphic design agency. Our partners offer complete design solutions in:
    Their clients include:
  • 131. additional services
    Through the formation of strategic partnerships with specialist freight forwarders and a provider of installation services, FURNISH can manage the order process and deliver total FF&E and OS&E solutions right up until the placement of the last item. Our freight and installation partners offer the following services:
  • 132. DB Schenker - Hotel Logistics Services
    A 5 Start Hotel Logistics Service
    DB Schenker India
    Gaurav Kapoor
    Head Marketing & Special Projects
    New Delhi / India
  • 133. DB Schenker in IndiaProfile
    • 31 office locations.
    • 134. 31 warehouses.
    • 135. 1300+ logistics experts.
    • 136. More than 62,000 TEUs handled by ocean in 2008.
    • 137. More than 60,000 Tons of cargo by air in 2008.
    • 138. More than 8,50,000 sq. ft. of warehousing space.
    Figures in Million Euro
  • 139. DB Schenker India Our Office Network
    Country : India
    Branches : 31Warehouses : 31
    No. of Staff - India : Over 1000
    Corp. Office Address : DLF Building No. – 8C 12th Floor, DLF Cyber City
    Phase II, Gurgaon 122002
    Haryana – India Tel : +91 124 4645000
    Fax : +91 124 4645100 / 200
    E-Mail :
    Website :
    Corporate office
    Regional office
    Branch office
  • 140. DB Schenker Hotel logistics Service for hotel openings and hotel refurbishments
    • Pre-opening Service
    • 141. Project management by dedicated project teams
    • 142. Survey of hotel site
    • 143. Set up of show rooms
    • 144. Worldwide freight collection and consolidation
    • 145. Organisation of transport via air/ocean freight and land transport
    • 146. Im- and export customs clearance
    • 147. Domestic delivery to individual site or to temporary storage location
    • 148. Unpacking, installation
    • 149. Recycling of packing material
  • DB Schenker India Case Study – Hotel Logistics
    Confirmation from suppliers
    Pickup by Schenker
    Hotel Site
    Consolidation at the Origin
    Port of Loading
    End to End Solution with Consolidation at the Origin and final delivery at the site.
    Services Offered
    • Purchase Order Coordination
    • 150. Pickup from Suppliers
    • 151. Consolidation at Origin / Destination
    • 152. Ocean /Air Freight
    • 153. Delivery at Site
    Custom Clearance @ Origin
    Ocean Freight
    Port of unloading
  • 154. FF&E and OS&E is the soul and character of your property.
    It's the heavenly bed, the sumptuous chandeliers, the exquisite fabrics and the finest furniture.
    It’s the fine crystal, the bone china, the silver candelabras and the softest linen.
    It's the best night's sleep, the perfect cocktail and that unforgettable meal.
    Ultimately, it's your guests' very first impression and most indelible memory.
    Thank you for considering