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Ypsilanti Public Schools


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Ypsilanti Public Schools

  1. 1. Yourself in the big picture So Many Ways to Help! in your estate planning allows you to postpone your donation until such time that your estate is Donations to the Ypsilanti Public Schools settled. For donors who contribute regularly to Foundation come in all shapes and sizes! Here are the foundation, consider applying that donation some of the ways you can lend a hand: to the premium on a life insurance policy naming the foundation as the beneficiary. It is an excellent n Support classroom work through project grants way to plan for the establishment of an endowed scholarship that will recognize your donation and n Encourage and support students in their provide funding for students in perpetuity. quest for education after high school Lastly, please do not undermine the value of n Provide support to the YPSF for the work donating your time and/or talent to the foundation. it conducts daily on behalf of students The foundation is always looking for volunteers to serve on ad hoc committees, to assist with events, or Creative Ways to Give to help with large mailings, database management When upgrading your vehicle, please consider and other office tasks. Friends and partners are donating your used vehicle to Charity Motors, in always welcome to join in the daily activities in the Detroit, rather than trading in your vehicle to the foundation office. dealership. This option will benefit the foundation Please think about how you may help to and will give you a wonderful tax deduction. Cars advance the Mission of the Ypsilanti Public Schools are not the only items you can donate for cash. Foundation! Family heirlooms including jewelry, silverware and land can be donated to the foundation. Contact YPSF and we’ll help you turn your treasures into a tax deductible charity! Bequests are gifts that provide posthumous recognition of the donor through wills, trusts, or life insurance. Remembering the foundation the possibilities…
  2. 2. x Now help to Home to over 21,700 residents, mentorship program; current YHS The Ypsilanti Public Schools Ypsilanti is a racial and cultural students are participating in the Foundation holds fast to one create the diverse community. The city Early College Alliance program basic truth – that given the is historically rich in homes at Eastern Michigan University; future you opportunity, anything is possible. dating back to the 1800s. These middle school students are The Foundation has a vision, a architectural wonders were built weekly visiting WCC through the imagine! dream, that every student in the District by prominent citizens of the era, “College is My Future” initiative will achieve their goals through superior including the Hutchinson mansion and YPS elementary and middle academic opportunity, respect for self and The graduates of today are the future, (former S&H Green Stamp school students are exclusively others, and an interconnected support leading our communities and our country. magnate), the Preston Tucker home and the Samuel Barnes participating in summer science and system of family, friends, neighbors and In memory of a parent, or child, or home (Peninsular Paper). math academies through the U-M school. simply making the commitment to invest In 1849, the establishment of the Michigan State Normal College of Education. Professional in the future of one student each year, the School in Ypsilanti as the site for the new “teacher training” Learning Communities, to help The Mission of the Ypsilanti Public legacy never ends. school had a profound impact on the city. Bringing students teachers sharpen their techniques with the objective of improving Schools Foundation is to advance the from around the state and around the county to Ypsilanti, student achievement, are solidly in place and a district-wide promise of success for all students through the Michigan, the School – now Eastern Michigan University – writing initiative is garnering praise from teachers and parents. generation and distribution of resources to be continues to serve as the nation’s largest producer of educators Bolstered advanced placement classes are installed at the high used to enrich teaching, inspire learning, promote and boasts an enrollment of more than 22,900 students from school and a new Montessori program on the kindergarten level excellence in education, and reward dedication to around the world. A vital partner to Ypsilanti Public Schools, has drawn considerable attention because of stellar student these tenets through grants and scholarships. faculty from EMU provide opportunities for teacher education, achievement. A Michigan Blue Ribbon School, award winning placement of expertly-trained student teachers, and programs staff, students and programs, coupled with a robust curriculum for students in math, sciences, reading, history, academic service are just some of the amenities the district offers to students. This To achieve our Mission, learning, and citizenship. is a proven educational program to build on and philanthropic the Foundation is committed to Supported entirely through donations, the Foundation efforts can sculpt the district into a world class environment. Four Objectives: provides classroom grants, postsecondary scholarships and Talented YHS graduates head off to college and then step support of extracurricular academic programs to advance the into successful careers. This reality materializes because you n The Recognition of students who mission. There are many ways that individuals, businesses and have given the gift of a scholarship, removing personal and work to their highest potential foundations may become partners. Please, consider how financial challenges that might otherwise hinder their academic n The Recognition of faculty for you may join in the quest to advance the academic pursuits. exemplary, innovative teaching success of all students who attend Ypsilanti Public Schools! n The Engagement of Ypsilanti Public Schools Administrators and Staff as Enhancing a dynamic So how does the future… partners in this Mission educational experience this work? n The Engagement of Community Ypsilanti Public Schools has been educating students for over Partners for help in achieving this For the student who sees barriers instead of opportunity, the 150 years and has evolved into an urban district that is gaining Mission Scholarship Funds are “restricted, promise of help and support, rewards for remarkable effort, and recognition. Progressive partnerships with local universities have endowed” funds that may be used only the belief demonstrated by the recognition of a scholarship can resulted in students and staff from the University of Michigan, for the purpose identified by the donor, make all the difference between success and failure. During the auto industry’s boom years, Eastern Michigan University and Washtenaw Community and for which the principle remains Ypsilanti was the base for Apex Motors College actively participating in the education of YPS students. intact while using only the interest earned and Preston Tucker’s “Torpedo.” Once Look beyond the dollars to Ypsilanti High School graduates are being admitted to the to annually award scholarships. a thriving auto hub, Ypsilanti has been what your scholarship gives University of Michigan’s College of Engineering through a A donation of $2,000 restricts and hard-hit by the recent downturn in the to a young student: “names” the fund. Ongoing contributions economy and has suffered from plant from family, friends, and/or bequests will closings, resulting in a loss of jobs that grow the Fund to $10,000, at which time has severely impacted local families. n A gift of hope – to believe in something he or she it becomes endowed. Based on interest Consequently, there has been a greater never thought possible earnings, scholarship awards are made than 3% drop in the population since every year, while the principle fund 2000. Still, Ypsilanti remains a community n A gift of dreams – permission to take the top off balance remains intact forever. that takes pride in its history, looks toward and make the sky the limit! Contributions to a 501c3 scholarship a brighter future, and fund are tax-deductible. n A gift of pride – to be someone special who can For more information regarding make a difference in the world establishing a “Named Scholarship Fund,” please call the Foundation Office Now imagine providing these gifts to deserving young men at: (734) 714-1080 and women for years to come, leaving behind your legacy for the possibilities… the future.
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