Digital workplace - presentation at Intralife 2012
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Digital workplace - presentation at Intralife 2012






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Digital workplace - presentation at Intralife 2012 Digital workplace - presentation at Intralife 2012 Presentation Transcript

  • Intralife 2012 Oslo, May 24th, 2012The road to the digital workplace Guy Van Leemput
  • Content 1. Introduction: a brief history of intranets 2. Models for the Digital Workplace 3. Deep dive: social, mobile, governance 4. A glimpse of the future… 5. How to get there from here? Digital workplace - Intralife 2012 2
  • 1. Introduction: a brief history ofintranets Digital workplace - Intralife 2012 3
  • Once upon a time, the intranet wassimple...• Intranet 1.0 was all about: – Top-down communication – Employee productivity• Features: – Home page – Corporate news – Employee directory (managed by HR) – Find forms, policies and procedures Digital workplace - Intralife 2012 4
  • In recent years, more & morecapabilities have been added ...Business processes and workflow tools Collaboration Social Mobile Digital workplace - Intralife 2012 5
  • In the meantime, the landscape ischanging rapidly... Digital workplace - Intralife 2012 6
  • People are changing...• Generation Y is growing rapidly in the workforce – Internet native – Mobile and social – Technology savvy – Expect flexibility from their employer Digital workplace - Intralife 2012 7
  • Technology is changing...• The firewall isn’t what it used to be• Cloud services hold many promises – Work from anywhere – With any device – At a lower total cost for the organization Digital workplace - Intralife 2012 8
  • Governance is changing (or breakingdown...) Who’s in charge of your intranet? Digital workplace - Intralife 2012 9
  • Even the word “intranet” is beingquestioned!• Is the intranet... – Dead? – Old-fashioned? – Evolving into something different? – Part of something bigger? Of a “digital workplace”? – Alive & kicking? Digital workplace - Intralife 2012 10
  • Your challenge:Making sense of it all• What do these trends mean for my organization?• What should be the priorities?• How can I build a roadmap that makes sense? Digital workplace - Intralife 2012 11
  • 2. Models for the digital workplace Digital workplace - Intralife 2012 12
  • Jane McConnell’s 4 models for the digital workplaceSource: Digital workplace - Intralife 2012 13
  • Deloitte: The Digital Workplace – Think, Share, DoSource: Digital workplace - Intralife 2012 14
  • IBF digital workplace maturity modelSource: Intranet Benchmarking Forum Digital workplace Advanced Intranet E-mail CRM Traditional Intranet Twitter Corporate External feeds HR systems News information social Policies networks Document Phone book Internal social management Employee networks self-service Instant Collaboration tools messaging Web for internal teams conferencing Yammer Collaboration tools Telepresence for external partners PC desktop Digital workplace - Intralife 2012 15
  • 3. Deep dive: Social, mobile,governance Digital workplace - Intralife 2012 16
  • Building block 1: Social intranet Digital workplace - Intralife 2012 17
  • Adoption of social intranets is on the rise By end 2011, social media are in various stages of maturity and implementationSource: Digital Workplace Trends 2012, Jane McConnell, Digital workplace - Intralife 2012 18
  • Plenty of vendors offer rich social businesssoftware platforms Gartner Magic Quadrant for social business software, August 2011 Digital workplace - Intralife 2012 19
  • Benefits / challenges• Benefits: – Easier to locate expertise and skills – Reduced cycle time and higher quality of customer proposals – Improved onboarding of new hires• Challenges: – How to build a business case / convince senior management? – How to motivate employees to use and contribute? Digital workplace - Intralife 2012 20
  • Building block 2: Mobile intranet Digital workplace - Intralife 2012 21
  • Who needs a mobile workplace ? Modern nomads Working from home Fieldforce automation Digital workplace - Intralife 2012 22
  • Bring your own device (BYOD)More than 80% of employed adults use some kind ofpersonally-owned electronic device for work-related functions: Digital workplace - Intralife 2012 23
  • Benefits / challenges• Benefits: – (?) Work anytime, from anywhere, on any device – New applications (for instance, using QR codes or location-aware services) – Increased productivity• Challenges: – How to identify the ‘top tasks’ for mobile usage? – Make the right technical choices Digital workplace - Intralife 2012 24
  • Building block 3: Governance Digital workplace - Intralife 2012 25
  • Governance is about making decisions• Decisions about: – Strategy / long-term objectives – Priorities for enhancements – Budget and how it is allocated – Technical platforms – Day-to-day management of the intranet content Digital workplace - Intralife 2012 26
  • Often structured at 2 levels• Day-to-day decisions: by department that “owns” the intranet – Most common: Internal communications, HR, IT – Role of an “intranet manager” – Manage the budget (within an agreed envelope)• Bigger decsions: by intranet ‘board’ or ‘steering committee’ – Group of senior managers – Most important stakeholders are represented (Internal comms, HR, IT, Marketing & Sales, Business Units, ...) Digital workplace - Intralife 2012 27
  • Models: RACI / Responsibility Matrix• RACI: Responsible – Accountable – Consulted – Informed• Build a Responsibility Matrix Role Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Intranet Manager Responsible Consulted Informed Departmental Content Accountable & Accountable & N/A – Propose Owners Responsible Responsible Intranet Board Accountable Informed N/A Level 1: Home page and top-level navigation Level 2: First-level landing pages & 2nd-level navigation Level 3: All lower-level content pages and navigation items Digital workplace - Intralife 2012 28
  • 4. A glimpse into the future… Digital workplace - Intralife 2012 29
  • Some examples that will show us:• The Digital Workplace is not science fiction!• Many companies have implemented pieces of the puzzle• No single company has built (yet) the full solution Digital workplace - Intralife 2012 30
  • Mobile (UK Houses of Parliament) Digital workplace - Intralife 2012 31
  • Mobile (Sprint) Digital workplace - Intralife 2012 32
  • Home page of social intranet of ABN AMRO Idea management area Knowledgemanagement Discussion groups ‘Rooms’ =communities Blog Digital workplace - Intralife 2012 33
  • Collaboration home page of Omron All collaboration-related information and links on a single page Omron Netherlands Digital workplace - Intralife 2012 34
  • Extended profiles and collaboration (1/2) Digital workplace - Intralife 2012 35
  • Extended profiles and collaboration (2/2) Digital workplace - Intralife 2012 36
  • Integration and usability are key presence locator Integrated with Outlook calendar Integrated with HR holidays application Digital workplace - Intralife 2012 37
  • Integrated applications increase productivity Productivity applications linked to your user profile: Find prospects along your route (Omron Netherlands) Digital workplace - Intralife 2012 38
  • Integrated applications increase productivity Business intelligence integrated with the intranet Digital workplace - Intralife 2012 39
  • 5. How to get there from here? Digital workplace - Intralife 2012 40
  • Step 1: How can the intranet help toachieve certain business objectives?Business objective Role for the intranet - Intranet as platform for communicating the messageStrengthen the culture of the organization: “One - Single intranet for all subsidiaries, newly acquiredcompany, one mission” companies, ... User-friendly intranet to minimize time required for newExpand through acquisition staff to get fully operational Social intranet that supportsGrowth through product innovation - Idea generation - Cross-silo collaboration and project teams Many ways to save costs and improve employeeCost control / efficiency productivity… Digital workplace - Intralife 2012 41
  • Step 2: Who are the stakeholders and whatdo they expect of the digital workplace? Stakeholder Expectation - Promote ‘one company’ CEO - Platform for major announcements - Platform for employee self-service Human Resources - Intranet to support flexible working hours, work-life balance program, … Access to customer data at any time (at airport, Sales teams during client meeting, …) Intranet to promote single corporate identity Internal communications department Avoid proliferation of platforms; keep the intranet IT infrastructure manageable and secure ... Digital workplace - Intralife 2012 42
  • Step 3: Prioritize your actions and put them on a timeline – your roadmap is ready! Put proper governance Agree on Integrate existing Introduce model in place intranet strategy SharePoint environment social intranet with rest of intranetWhy? - Current - Current strategy governance has no company- ... ... structure is broken wide support down - Different - Many initiatives departments have are being taken different views on without proper priorities management Digital workplace - Intralife 2012 43
  • What have we learned today?1. The intranet is evolving from a traditional intranet 1.0 into a digital workplace2. The surrounding landscape is also evolving: people, technology, governance3. Align with organizational objectives and with your stakeholders to build your roadmap Digital workplace - Intralife 2012 44
  • Want to learn more?From J. Boye – Join one of the many J. Boye groups of web and intranet professionals – Check out the J. Boye blog – Benchmark your intranet against our 400+ membersFrom other sources – NetJMC: Yearly ‘Digital Workplace Trends’ report (Jane McConnell) – Step Two Designs: A Week in the Digital Workplace (James Robertson) – Intranet Focus: Digital Workplace Implementation Checklist (Martin White) – Infocentric Research: White Paper on the digital workplace (Stephan Schillerwein) Digital workplace - Intralife 2012 45
  • The international community for web and intranet professionals Thank you!Contact:Guy Van